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why is everyone agreeing with this? wtf is wrong with you guys , this is messed up on so many levels that bestbuy decided on doing this. first off whats the value of the beta? its free. how can they arbitrarily put a value on something thats a BETA test. if they do this now theyll do it with any other game that comes with 'preorder content'. they'll immediately send you the code and if the game gets bad reviews later on before launch too bad you already paid. plus what happens if ...

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aww yea, legend of legaia. i must've played that game for years growing up.

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i signed up for the 1 week trial, its a pretty good service , i see no noticeable input lag. my only problem with it is the 20$ a month , which is ridiculous for its offering of mostly crapware ps3 games. if theyre going to offer us old games via emulation they should at least bust out the ps2/ps1 classics on there aswell. I'd hapily pay for PS now as a 10$ a month service or maybe a rent by the hour or rent by the game type service where we pay 2-3$ for unlimited use of one game or pay 2...

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Why would you want to purchase this pos. R6 Vegas was way better than this garbage. I'll be waiting till it hits the bargain bin

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this overheating thing has been blown way out of proportion. ive been playing this game for hours on end and my ps4 has never overheated.

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yea... sony pretty much sucks when it comes to updates. just look at the ps3, its pretty much the same situation as now. get 5 stability updates spread over a year then get we finally get an update with like three worthwhile features while they still ignore tons of blatantly obvious features.

ehh but hey it could be worse i remember back when the ps3 didn't have in game xmb for like 3 years and we'd be getting stability update after stability update. id be furious every...

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look at what happened with ninja gaiden series after itagaki left, .. well ninja gaiden 3 happened. im sure same fate goes for MGS franchise.

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im extremely pissed off but i feel like this is the best expression for how i feel towards the devs and towards this game in general at this point. it got delayed last second in october and here we are almost 1 year later and they still cant get this game launched.

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that picture makes me miss playing megaman legends. :(

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what happened to agent? from rockstar

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LOL!!! first time ive ever heard these terms , lol.

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I wish they had made this on apple vs android. I can already imagine the apple numbers lol,

the amount of iPhone 6 owners who've owned a iPhone 5 or 5s =100%

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Oh noes... Get ready for a shitstorm in the comments

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does anyone honestly want killzone or knack? i dont.

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Where's Legend of legaia

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its already out. its 8gb

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when the hell is this going to PS+???

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lol guys , i used to own an original ps1 and i always thought the black dev kit was way more badass. id say the color doesnt matter much its just the fact that its "rare". if the only color for ps4 was gray and then a limited edition black one came out everyone would be drooling over it.

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how do we report this? is isnt even the black friday sale

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