Playing xbone or wii u every day
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I miss playing this game but when they lowered all of my skill levels after accusing me of cheating to level up one of my skills to 99 I'm done

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It says take two was a Wii U partner... ummm what game did they make for the Wii U?

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I don't get all these people saying they won't get this because it's always online. Destiny is always online and it's a great game, same with the division which is also always online and made by Ubisoft. I have a blast when I jump on with my friends. What is the negative of being always online?

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Where do you go to change your clothes?

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Does anyone know what price the Wii and Wii u launched at? Just wanted to compare them all

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Nothing there I'll probably get

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Having a blast with this beta. Something to binge play until destiny 2 comes out!

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i think the face is a little too skinny tho, but u can definitely tell who its suppose to be

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i saw her nip lol... yes im childish

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i guess it would be similar to the force unleashed games?

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Sony said themselves that there are no more 1st party exclusives going to the handheld so no thanks. They already killed it. :(

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They need to show us more on scalebound and recore

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i hope its entertaining this year, its been quite boring in the past lol... i want big announcments! dead space 4 ea?? lmao

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You really can't blame Microsoft for wanting this huge game to be an exclusive. If your going blame anyone blame crystal dynamics because they would've taken the money if it was Sony too. Just look capcom took Sony's money to make street fighter a perm exclusive even tho the last game was on 360 and PS3. And the first street fighter was on both Xbox and ps2

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Its true it runs great on the one. I haven't set aside enough money for fallout 4 yet so I've been playing 3 again on my one and I'm hooked all over again. It froze one time for my friend but overall it runs so much faster. The loading times r triple and fast as they were on 360

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yeah one of the developers from rare said he wanted it to be a must buy so they decided on $30

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Mafia 2 had such great immersive world and story! Can't wait to play 3!

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Yeah man on gta 4 we got lost and damned and ballad of gay tony... What gives

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If you are thinking about getting both you should get tomb raider first. You know your going to end up beating that first then sink your teeth into the many hours of fallout 4

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I'm actually going to get tomb raider first because I know I'll beat that way faster then I can move onto fallout 4

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