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Every time I call the first thing they say is this is gamestop where we buy and sell used games. Pretty clear #9
My body is so ready #12
Microsoft has master chief and sony has drake #47
Well I wouldn't play killzone if you want to have fun #1.5
Of course they rely on mario just like xbox relies on halo and sony relies on drake. I want super mario sunshine 2 on my wii u! #9
My x1 and wii u look great on my 55 inch Westinghouse. The best looking games are mario kart and forza 5 #17
Microsoft can buy them #61
But I can't play dead rising 3 and sunset overdrive on a pc. #46
Ah I see. So ps4 is all about tv now and xbox one is all about games. Nice. #17
The funny thing is the ps4 versions of dead rising 3, titanfall, sunset overdrive are black. #1.1.4
He should be depressed that mgs 5 won't sell as many copies as gta 5 #9
It was already hd on xbox 360 and ps3 #19
Would be messed up if this and half life 3 come out on the same day but one is ps4 exclusive and the other is xbone exclusive so people can't play both that only have one system like me #14
Is Diablo 3 good? Thinking about getting it #44
At least sunset overdrive is still coming out in 2014 #17
Obviously watch dogs sold more it was on 5 consoles, mario kart is on 1 lol #6
Just hold x at the ATMs and it will give u money #17
Wil there be a wolf among us 2 on xb1/ ps4? #7
With all of the ram in the new consoles you don't have to make as many compromises #2
It took them 6 years to make absolution and their already going to have another game out in about three this time. If the game comes out in 2015 that means they have cut the development time for hitman games in half #1
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