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"Playing xbone or wii u every day "


It's really short, at 69% completed after 3 hrs but for free awesome, I've become a huge fan of the forza racing games. Their so much more polished than other racers. Turn 10 and playground must eat, sleep, and breath cars lmao #19
halo 5 followed by the division in October and rise f the tomb raider in November. Xbox one will really own this holiday. The division isn't exclusive to Xbox one but it does have exclusive content on that platform that isn't on the other versions #6
if the order had multiplayer to it wouldn't be so bad. Even if the multiplayer in hardline is bad at least it has it, meaning that it has more replaybilty than the single player only order #22
So is this coming out before the division? Lol #7
thats about the same amount of loading u have to do in the fallout games, sometimes I would wait 40 seconds just to open a door... Lol #127
I would play this again on x1. This was one of the games that was different than the everyday shooter people associated with 360 #20
It's kind of sad the lack of games the vita has when compared to the 3 ds #11
The fact that they are having a big conference like m$ and Sony is a pretty good sign that something big is coming. I'm thinking they will announce fallout 4. No new evil within or wolfenstein yet. They might also bring some new I.p. Which would be nice to see in this world of remakes #1
Fallout 4... that is all #8
That's probably what they are going to do lol. I think you called it. That way every person on xbox one can play the first and so many more potential buyers for rise! Also i hope they have multiplayer is rise too. It was decent in the first game #2.2.1
The thing is ryse was a launch game for the Xbox one. It was used to show what the Xbox one is capable of. That's what people want to know if it can produce like that. People don't expect much in terms of gameplay from launch titles. On the other hand, the order 1886 has been hyped since the launch of the ps4 to be amazing and it's short and boring. Shooting repetitive humans and acouple QuickTime event werewolves Also no replaybilty much like ryse but ryse wasn't hyped it was... #16
Sniper elite only $12 with gold and lords of fallen only $9. Guys at least get those 2 out of that, $120 value going for $20 #2
Oh yeah ill try it now, but that sub model they had was rediculous #21
I predict a slim version being announced at e3 this year with it shipping in fall. They will prob get rid of the disc drive, reduce the price down to $299, and include a free game with each one #32
If they want to start making money again they should become a 3rd party developer and make their games for Xbox and ps #11
Well written article. I completely agree. I wanted to play sf5 but sadly will
Will not but I will able to at rise of the tomb raider. I hope
Tek ken comes to the one! #2
It's a fun game to blow off steam in, now I won't have to turn my 360 back on if I wanna play this. Should have released all versions the same year instead of making people buy it twice. Greedy rockstar and 2k #10
I can't even play the game half the time. The framrate is so bad it slows down to a slideshow for me at some points. Gonna trafe it in for gta 5 today! Ubisoft other major release far cry 4 has been giving me bad frame rate issues too bad it's still playable so far. I think they have been rushing their games too much. Gamer don't derserve rushed games if they are paying $60 #9
I thought they were going bankrupt I'm glad they aren't but I swear there was an article about that #9
I knew it would only be a matter of time until Xbox one surpassed wii u. The securing of so many exclusives on the Xbox one is what will sell it, not to mention the cheaper price compared to ps4 and only $50 more than a wii u #8
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