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"Playing xbone or wii u every day "


Well written article. I completely agree. I wanted to play sf5 but sadly will
Will not but I will able to at rise of the tomb raider. I hope
Tek ken comes to the one! #2
It's a fun game to blow off steam in, now I won't have to turn my 360 back on if I wanna play this. Should have released all versions the same year instead of making people buy it twice. Greedy rockstar and 2k #10
I can't even play the game half the time. The framrate is so bad it slows down to a slideshow for me at some points. Gonna trafe it in for gta 5 today! Ubisoft other major release far cry 4 has been giving me bad frame rate issues too bad it's still playable so far. I think they have been rushing their games too much. Gamer don't derserve rushed games if they are paying $60 #9
I thought they were going bankrupt I'm glad they aren't but I swear there was an article about that #9
I knew it would only be a matter of time until Xbox one surpassed wii u. The securing of so many exclusives on the Xbox one is what will sell it, not to mention the cheaper price compared to ps4 and only $50 more than a wii u #8
Glad that everything is fixed now #10
Buy it fair and square if u want the true full experience. #6
It is pretty sad how poorly they made the game. Yesterday I was just climbing up the side of a building and the damn game turned into a slide show #11
It should be all playable terrain with all time and money spent on this game #8
Great value for the gamer in this bundle. #26
It's not even a true Zelda game that why it's not selling its dynasty warriors with Zelda characters lmao terrible idea. They will lose money. Not really like dynasty warriors ever sold well #3
Nothing wrong with microsoft making tomb raider a timed exclusive. Sony sold double what microsoft has and they need exclusives to sell consoles. Honestly I think rise of the tomb raider will appear on pc in a year but I don't think it will ever come to ps4 #28
The ds4 is just garbage compared to the x1 controller, but what to u expect microsoft put 100 million dollars into research for their controller. Sony never stated what they spent #33
Yeah vita is dead don't kid yourselves sony fanboys #18
Not gonna lie a got a boner from the god of war 3 sex scene. Dem graphics. Den perfect titties lmao #8
In sure part of the reasons it's on xbox one first is because sony sold all of its square enix shares earlier this year. That doesn't show faith in the company publishing tomb raider. On the other microsoft has sold none of its square enix shares and also invested in the game. Would surprise me if the game comes to pc after but it's never coming to ps4. Be nicer to third parties sony. They also called ea access a bad deal which didn't make ea happy at them. #1.5
Not like xbox fans want this anyway. On the other hand ps4 players want tomb raider but won't get it #16
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He said it will be similar to the dead rising 3 and ryse agreements so that means it come to pc in a year but never to ps4 lmao #1.18
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MS is investing in new ip but at the same time they need proven exclusives and that's why they made TR exclusive so that's why your number 1 is wrong. Making TR exclusives will sell many x1's just like when they persuaded imaomniac to make the amazing sunset overdrive an exclusives and remedy with quantum break #1.3
Looks good #20
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