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"Playing xbone or wii u every day "


yeah one of the developers from rare said he wanted it to be a must buy so they decided on $30 #1.3
Mafia 2 had such great immersive world and story! Can't wait to play 3! #27
Yeah man on gta 4 we got lost and damned and ballad of gay tony... What gives #8
If you are thinking about getting both you should get tomb raider first. You know your going to end up beating that first then sink your teeth into the many hours of fallout 4 #10
I'm actually going to get tomb raider first because I know I'll beat that way faster then I can move onto fallout 4 #69
Looks like I'm gonna be playing a lot of team death match #6
Hell yeah just got that sweet ass ryse helm for my Titan lol... First exotic piece, was stoked! #2
nintendo becoming sega more and more each day #81
So when will the beta finally let us in? still wont work for me #2
what about predator and tremor tho #4
jeff kissing ass again lmao #19
yeah it really blew us all away at e3 wtf ubi #33
This game could be be game of the year, theres no wonder sony has that sweet limited edition ps4 coming out #1
EA must feel like this game caters more to the ps4 audience #3
Enjoying this games as much as the telltale story driven games #4
It's not really like Sony is doing anything amazing, ms just messed their launch up #14
I had such fun with this game. I'll have to take some time to play this instead of MKX #8
I know they put everything they had into this last batman game, so they deserve my purchase day one! :^) #1
Everyone will have played this on another console by then and there should be a physical version so u can trade it in when it gets boring. The raid mode is what will keep the replayablity #3
Saw the 1tb seagates at best buy on sale for 59.99. Should've picked one up I bet the sale is over now #5
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