Playing xbone or wii u every day
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I wonder what these 2 would've created had they worked together

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That's pretty good size for just the base game

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Ryse son of Rome 2 to show off the engine

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U can get some decent 4K tvs for like $500 now. I saw 49 inch curve 4K tv at Walmart the other day for $500

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Shaping up to be the first good platformer in awhile on Xbox one

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I would love to see some m rated 1st party titles from nin. It would show that they can offer something for everyone because let's face it they have the kids all set already lol

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I have already pre ordered and paid for this game because I was such a fan of 3. I really hope I can enjoy this despite all these problems

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I think it's worth waiting for the switch version just for the fact that it will be in 1080p opposed to the weak 720p performance on the Wii U

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It would be nice to have a mobile platform from all the big 3. As it stands now the 3ds is the mobile platform worth getting

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If Xbox one didn't completely botch their Xbox one reveal the number would be a lot closer. Another thing that would have helped them would have been launch at the same price instead of $100 more originally

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Probably can be fixed via software update over the internet. Now they just have to wait for Nintendo to create the patch and release it :/

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I can't play either one I only have a X1 and a 2ds lmao. Mass effect tho yes!

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It's one of the cooler red and blue ones too, what a shame :(

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Until they start playing on the power game with the big boys they r just going to keep driving down the road to segas landfill. I want to see a powerful console from Nintendo that will blow me away and get the same 3rd party games as the others on day one. If they do turn into sega they probably will publish their ips on PlayStation and Xbox tho which would be good for a lot of us :)

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i really didn't care for State of decay 1 but I might give State of decay 2 a chance if mass effect gets boring. I mean there is zombies lol

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I really do have to agree with the people saying GTA 4 was groundbreaking. I remember playing it and just thinking I've never played anything this good and to this scale!

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Yes but what company could they have of worked with and not sold there soul? Lol I mean ms owned it before them

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I miss playing this game but when they lowered all of my skill levels after accusing me of cheating to level up one of my skills to 99 I'm done

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It says take two was a Wii U partner... ummm what game did they make for the Wii U?

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I don't get all these people saying they won't get this because it's always online. Destiny is always online and it's a great game, same with the division which is also always online and made by Ubisoft. I have a blast when I jump on with my friends. What is the negative of being always online?

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