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The voice acting didn't bother me as much as other people. It's a game with quirky characters, so I kind of expected quirky voices. It was more the 25 year old bugs that have remained (presumably with notion of keeping it true to the original) that make it a poor experience by today's standards.

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4logpc - I agree with you, the 3DS version will sell like mad.

It's almost guaranteed to do well.

I was just exploring the impact this could have (and other things) on the Wii U version and the Wii U itself.

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Ck1x -Erm, not sure what you're getting at here. But the article clearly explores both sides of the argument.

I was merely challenging someone who asks a question of the author that is clearly answered in the article itself.

The fact that the question was asked was proof the article wasn't read.

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Comment on an article without reading it?

That makes zero sense.

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To be clear

N64 33m
GameCube 22m
Wii 100m
Wii U >6m

Smash Bros Software:
N64 5m
GameCube 7m
Wii 11m
Wii U ???

The impact the game COULD have on Wii U sales is interesting.

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Luckily me and the writer are the same person. The clue's in our name.

Yes if all you want from Nintendo in their Directs are updates on things you may already know, about consoles you've already bought, then they do work perfectly. Obviously Nintendo started them for a reason.

But is there any harm in looking at what they could be? What they could achieve? How they could be used as a powerful marketing tool to turn around Nintendo's fortunes? No,...

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Each to their own I guess, but can you honestly say that when you tune into Nintendo Directs you're left satisfied every time? Perhaps it's just me, and the people who I speak to about it, but there seems to be a feeling that most of the time they let themselves down for the reasons I describe.

It's not that I hate Nintendo or want them to fail - in fact quite the opposite. I want them to succeed, I want to be wowed, I too do not want more generic brown shooters. ...

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I wrote a review explaining my points here:

But in short it's just how it removed the sense of progression in the game. Having most of the items available to you at the start cheapens that feeling of discovery and achievement a bit. Plus I also noticed a flatter difficulty curve in dungeons a...

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What I like best about this article is that no one is going to get riled up about it...

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Completely agree with Neonridr.

But for me this discussion extends further than that. I completely agree with the OP that Link Between Worlds is not the best Zelda game, not by a country mile. It's probably quite average for a Zelda game - but average for a Zelda game is still way way up there unfortunately. And that's not me being a fanboy, that's me being a critic. The same could be said for a few other franchises as well.

I was let down by the ...

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Irrespective of your particular console loyalty or preferences, the best thing for industry as a whole is competition.

We as gamers need Nintendo to still be in the race to keep pushing things forward, while Sony and Microsoft do the same.

That way, we all benefit.

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Remember kids, don't feed the troll!

Nintendo seem to be making decent inroads in the indie scene, but there's still an untapped opportunity there for them to take. Especially so given that support for indie titles continues to grow.

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Exactly. Art by definition is 100% subjective. So to say something is or isn't art is subjective too.

Games can be "artistic" to some people, happy forms of entertainment to others.

Neither is the correct stance, and neither opinion is better than the other.

You should play games because you enjoy them. Simple as.

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ForROME - perhaps I wasn't clear, I was replying to this point above:

"Nintendo has really never gotten consoles right in the first place"

It was the NEVER that I was questioning. To suggest Nintendo have never made a good console, implies all there consoles were bad. Which simply isn't the case.

I'm not blinkered in thinking that Nintendo have had a perfect console gaming history, but similarly I completely disagree wit...

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Agree, especially the "Marketing, dammit!" section. We're starting to get dribs and drabs now but 2013 was a missed opportunity.

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"Open 7 days a week, serving you your own ass to you on a plate with a smile."

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Nice to see an upward trend in Wii U sales for once, makes a change to the usual articles about the beginning of the end for Ninty.

A good start but certainly not a victory.

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So the games are great they're just on bad consoles?


Interesting that said games can be considered great despite such calamitous constraints as having never been on a good console ever.

Not saying Nintendo have got the Wii U strategy completely right, but talk about wild negative generalisations!

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That who 3D Pre-Rendered piece on DKC is often forgotten, but it was amazing that that was achieved on the SNES!

Rare truly were innovators and obviously the relationship soured with Ninty towards the end for various reasons.

There is no denying though that the games of that generation were incredible - I owe a lot to Rare for my childhood!

It's just a shame that this seems to be dug up every now and then from a few Rare oldies.

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Yeah, very quickly those "humorous" one-liners make you want to throw your controller out the window in protest.

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