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Well to be fair they could do full 4k but then bump down the graphics. I prefer this alternative. But yea it sucks that we won't have true 4k till next gen.

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Ive never played PSVR but from my experience with the mobile version on gearvr , id say that VR is still too early and too much of a hassle for it to be mainstream. when i play conventional games i want to sit back and relax while playing. its pretty much the complete opposite of when i'm playing VR games,usually i'm sitting upright in a swivel chair looking all over the room pointing at stuff. specially after 30 mins of playing it gets tiring and i dont feel the "VR" experi...

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i played this game years ago , you know its available online through roms. even star fox 2 , all of these games are.

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duke nukem all over again.

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i was looking at angryjoes live stream yesterday and it just looked so repetitive and all i could do i think of this review, i watched the stream for at least 3 hours all the game consists of it going to places and killing people , even AJ said himself it was repedative. then add to this the fact that they didnt send out review copies. that was enough to make me not buy it.

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side note, these install sizes are ridiculous. i have the 500gb ps4 and im constantly having to delete stuff when i download a new game. i still have to make space for this months ps plus games.

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Blackberry and Nokia also aren't dead.

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how do you turn this on

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i think i like the original ps4 better

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hey I agree, back on the ps3 PS+ was great, you had a ton of recent AAA free games month after month. On the ps4 its a whole diffrent story ,look i grew up on NES but damn, im sick and tired of all these 8 bit sidescrollers we keep getting.

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we've been saying this for at least years though , i have nothing against a good 8 bit sidescroller but after months and months of it you just feel like your getting ripped off , specially since ps+ free games selection really went downhill ever since the ps4 launched.

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sorry but this is some BS. ps3 was the worst of all Sony consoles and I'd even go as far as to say its the worst console I've ever owned. In game XMB took 2 1/2 years to be implemented and even to this date is barely usable while in game. Forget about checking trophies while in game , takes like 10 second wait times every time you click on anything, no in game music, no cross game party chat, having to manually install downloads which on large files can take over 10 mins, extremely sl...

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yea.. today i was about to buy assasins creed but i saw the reviews and all the negative info and ill be passing on it this year. i remember when i bought assasins creed 3 it was full of damn glitches. ill wait till they patch the game or when it drops in price

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i havent bought a COD game since black ops 1 and im buying this :) next week with the target b2g1 free

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ive owned all sony consoles exept the vita and i must say , sony fanboys are fucking retarded. well, any fanboy really.

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target isnt doing that deal till 11-9 through 11-15

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4k lol our shitty ass "next gen" consoles are struggling to do even 1080p.

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anyone remember the exact time FW updates go live in the US?

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looks like MS won this generation. according to don matrick first to 10 million wins.

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yea , right. if he wasnt ashamed he wouldnt be paying ubisoft to downgrade the ps4 version to match the res on x1.

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