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diego fuijin shinak kai better be in!

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Well bayonetta 2 is poor mans Dmc with an oversexualised main character and not many interesting bossfight ssb meele no2 and rehash no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 please nintendo new Ip 3d pokemon anything?

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xtra you know that this dlc is free right?

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more impact lel only few games had impact like cod you can hate it but cod always sells and every fps wants to be cod

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3-4-5 do you hate fun? gta 4 driving was sooo boring and the game meeeh

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wii u with their shitty online yea goodluck with friendcodes

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this has to be the most retarded comment ever made on n4g

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Wizard you forgot about cheapest consoles ever and best architecture (easy to make games for ever) etc

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yes activision hasn't oh wait... they alread did leaving out all the dlc season pass which is more than half of content from cod games

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1: overall running in batman is superior,+cape flying
2: enemies already do have weaknesses mordor copied most enemies and batman needs to learn from mordor LMAO
3:just no you mean exbatcalibur?
4:upgrades are already rewarding+shitton skins etc,
5: not needed
6:I rather have less well thought ones than mass villan thing like it was in arkham origins
7:progression is there in batman
8: this is retarded
9:it will be even better f...

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Even if this is true the game is amazing

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Mortal Kombat Tekken Batman gg

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batman ac hard mode + best combat system ever created

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Forza Horizon 2 easily has the best visuals I have ever seen in a video game. Absolutely breathtakingly realistic.
If its the best you have ever seen why not 10? Are you waiting for uncharted 4? :D

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as a sony fun i would wish to play this hopefully drive club doesn't dissapoint

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*Unholy more attachment you mean something like batteries?

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he was playable in challenge tower for a few levels

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since when is gta v real life? they bought this upon themselves with all these grindings and micro transactions

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hell no i love block button

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weapons random pickups hell fucking yeah i was hoping for it loved mk4

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