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You say BC is half arsed and quote Halo Reach as an example, which you know has already been confirmed as coming soon. How does it feel for you to have to pay for your games again on PS Now, streamed and not local too. If you think it's preferable to have to pay again then you really do have your fanboy hat on today #12.2
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Halo 5 released October 27th, plus you have no idea on digital sale numbers, so your post is pure troll. #9.1
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One bubble troll strikes again. The new UI is so much better and faster. #13.1
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You talk absolutely tat, I'll have what you've been smoking please #12.1
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I don't know how people can be so naive. MS controllers give the option of both batteries AND rechargeable, at what point did options become a negative. I love my PS4 but by far the most annoying 'feature' is the crap internal battery on the DS4 that requires constant charging. #14.1
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Or perhaps they like the game and don't agree the alternatives are better. #1.1
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. @yomfwee

I didn't say it was better, I simply stated it wasn't az clear cut as the Op had stated and gave an example based on the figures he provided. .

As for game sharing, no idea what you are talking about. When you game share on XB1 both people can play the game at the same time both offline and online. Better than 'that' video where you simply share a disc. #8.5.3
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Aaahh, so you're actually just trolling. 6 games filled your hard dive? BS.

You mentioned buying a game for 60 dollars and then selling it for 30 dollars 2 months later. In the UK games are normally £50 (75 dollars). I bought FIFA 16 on release Friday for £36 so £18 each on game share, that's 27 dollars each. So who got the better deal? We paid £15 each for Destiny on release. What's all this 10 months nonsense?

In summary... #8.5.1
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If you game share and shop wisely, you can buy digital for less than you paid by buying and selling, but then have the game permanently in your library. The other advantage is that eventually the DLC is often given away, so you can go back and play more of the game for free.

This isn't as cut and dried as you present. #8.2
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You can rely on Tyler to use his replies in every positive Xbox article to trash the system.

The technology now has some substance and its not on your system of choice buddy, deal with it. As a gamer any new tech that enhances an experience should be embraced. If its a success and comes to PS4 I'm damn sure you'll be loving it. #12.1.2
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Nobody is doing that except people like you spreading FUD. There is a big difference between an online game and an always online policy. There is no confusion between the two and not once has this been a suggested outcome of this type of technology.

Seems to many people have an agenda twisting one into another. #37.1.2
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What are you talking about? This is the multiplayer part of the game,the single player campaign is offline. No different to COD or any other shooter with an online element.

Unless you plan to now campaign against all online games your tin foil response is nonsense FUD. #37.1
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It was made clear at the announcement that the publishers permission is required. Nice attempt at a fake troll rant though. #5.6
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Perhaps check the definition of monopoly before making childish fanboy insults (par for the course in Xbox articles) #8.1.2
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Only a week ago MS announced quarterly Xbox profit up 27%. Steer clear of the guess work, it makes you look daft #1.4.1
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UK, been down for me too. Frustrating..... #1.2.2
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You're trying too hard in defence of your console choice (as per every other Xbox/ps4 article) #22.1
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Nowhere was I stating Indies as negative. You're so blindly biased you consider any reasonable question as an attack that must be defended at all costs. The reason I own both consoles is I can enjoy the games of my taste rather than defend my console of choice at the slightest hint of negativity. #20.2.3
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Interesting you don't list any. Do you have anything other than multiplats or indies to match your rant.

I own both consoles but there doesn't seem a lot to buy in 2015 compared to MS #20.2.1
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Is unfounded hate better or worse than unfounded love? #10.1
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