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Only a troll could turn something good for consumers into a fanboy rant. Sad.

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Good old Godmars always here to give us a laugh.

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Elveter, you are so full of it. We all know the X runs multiplats better. Just accept it and move on.

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letsa_go - give it a rest, GB is trash and shits on both consoles regularly for clicks.

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Its not a good point at all as MS would never make the titles exclusive to Xbox. MS want to make money, not restrict it. They have already showed this with Minecraft and EA would be a far larger investment.

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2d racing games suck? LOL. VR will only be truly immersive when the headsets are better. Like I said, VR is fun but it's far too limited currently. 4K FH3 in a VR headset would be amazing but that's quite a few years away yet.

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In 4K? VR is fun but too limited and graphically poor, but you knew that anyway.

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They did, they told it as it is and DF have since apologised. They also have to defend their reputation, stuff like this can close a studio.

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Why? Its perfectly legal software.

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What are you talking about? I despair.....

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On top of gaming, of course it is. You can have both right?

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It isn't just a res bump though is it. Just like most/all of the enhanced games, there is a lot more going on than just res.

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It wouldn't be the same without you registering more troll accounts. Get some help buddy.

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Started again last night, it looks absolutely stunning. What a great dev.

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A trip to Specsavers for you then.....

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Poor old richyque, totally triggered today. You clearly have decided to ignore the hundreds of Gamingbolt articles slagging off MS in one way or another. It's OK though bro, you can still enjoy your soupy graphics.

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As there are no sales figures that's a very bold claim.

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Come on, we both know its not just about resolution, it's about textures. Does that not count now?

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At least the user name is correct.

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@Sono, you say 3-4 years for the next console? In that case I'm glad I've bought an X, 3-4 years of great gaming and then on to the next, that's a long time buddy. And whats this nonsense about being too powerful, you're now saying Sony were clever by releasing a half baked machine? I can't believe some of the things posted on N4G these days.

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