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Iras, as soon as you start talking percentages you have lost the argument. What would you prefer, 40% of £100 or 40% of £10,000? But they're both 40% right?

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You don't even know what a shill is otherwise you would realise your sentence is dumb.

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You angry too bro? Seems a lot of people from the other camp hopeful Scorpio will be dead on arrival. Seems you got triggered

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Seems someone is worried about the power of Scorpio.

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Interestingly you normally talk about games, games, games. Xbox owners are not being left behind in the most important aspect of console ownership. Instead you pick on the niche areas of HDR and VR. Sure they should have made the XB1 more powerful so HDR and VR would work better, but the console was designed 5 years ago and simply doesn't have the power. It is right to criticise MS for this lack of foresight but it can't be changed. You are not fragmenting the player base because...

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Yeh, 'concrete possibility' is hilarious. Terrible writing but that's the crap we have to read these days.

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Xbox One and One S are the same console so if S is supported so is the original XB1

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Andrew, your naivety regarding hardware architecture is embarrassing. You are clearly obsessed with Scorpio as you troll every article. Scorpio has you totally triggered but don't worry, you only have 3 years before the next PS hardware release so get used to being second best buddy.

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It's still not a fact regardless of how you want to present it. SK constantly trolls Xbox articles yet doesn't care about it. Just calling it for what it is. Personally I couldn't give a shit about sales numbers for any console, doesn't effect my enjoyment of my Pro or One S in anyway.

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You don't care about Scorpio yet you post multiple negative comments about it every day. And you haven't posted any facts in this thread, you linked to an article that guessed the cost of building the console. Guessing is not facts. Stop being so childish.

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Interesting that you're the one trolling but I'm salty? Another embarrassment. Then you link to an article that is just guessing at the build cost, but that's true facts? More embarrassment. Scorpio has you so triggered it's hilarious.

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Shadownight making up 'true facts' to downplay Scorpio again.

If it's 'true facts' they are making loss can you please provide an exact cost breakdown of manufacturing the Scorpio as you're clearly in the know. If not STFU as you're making a regular habit of embarrassing yourself recently.

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@mikelemonade - so your excuse is we get 'the Playstations version of 4K'. In other words, not 4K, yet 'its just a racing game'. You have really embarrassed yourself again buddy

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@mikeslemonade - so when GT Sport isn't native 4k 60 as its 'just a racing game' on your favourite console what will the excuse be?

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tyasia0 - don't let libellous statements stop you from your trolling in every Xbox thread. You really have got your jimmies in a twist over Scorpio.

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I guess when you've been embarrassed thats the best response you can come up with. Troll on.

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Ju, you really have been suckered in. FP16 is your secret sauce isn't it. Just by mentioning the 8.4tf you have embarrassed yourself again because you have no idea what you are talking about. FP16 has been around since the 80's and is virtually useless for modern day gaming. That's why those stories disappeared almost immediately. And to suggest Scorpio uses brute force while the Pro uses 'clever tricks' means you haven't digested any of the technical specs of Sco...

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Ju, you say others falling for MS PR and yet here you are sucking up the whole CB PR spin to hide an underpowered console that promotes itself as 4K and yet will have very few AAA games running at that. That is PR at it's best and you're sucking it all up. Of course Pro games look good, but resist that spin buddy as you start to loose credibility.

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So you're not in every Scorpio thread trash talking every piece of positive news? Why not answer why you do that? You call others kids but what do you call someone who trashes someone else's choice of console at EVERY opportunity.

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So its a form of upscaling, unless anything that scales to 4K is a 4K format?

You have fallen for the PR to explain away the lack of proper 4K

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