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So, getting a free game with your purchase is somehow a negative when your console brand of choice stuffs you with nothing because they are more popular and don't have to bother? Are you serious? For the Gamers eh?

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It's not essential, but it is desirable. Streaming is irrelevant to the point because if you have a 4K HDR TV, you already have the apps on your TV so the PS4 Pro add's nothing extra in this area.

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Dedication to the cause.....

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The demo is out, the reviews are in. I don't think there is any doubt about the quality of the game.

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Best line from the article - 'Forza Horizon 3 offers an incredible open world that’s well-suited for racing fans of all types'

An absolute monster of a game.

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The quote is talking about improvements over the last FH2. It doesn't say neither FM6 or FH3 are the first to do it.

We know you love your PS4 and you've stated Driveclub is a better game than FH3, but you are getting a little desperate and off topic now.

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With a Metacritic of 90, you believe it's receiving mixed scores? OK then.

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Why does the OG Xbox hold back Scorpio? All MS Xbox games are now play anywhere and are already being coded for PC. When Scorpio releases next year the assets, textures etc will already be available. Your statement makes no sense.

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As Mark Twain said, 'lies, damn lies and statistics'.

Percentages can be twisted to exaggerate or down play any piece of data. In round numbers, the Scorpio will be 400% more powerful than the original XB1 and the power difference is 400% more than between PS4 and XB1 (2tf vs 0.5tf). There is also a big difference between half a tf advantage and 2 tf flop advantage, so trying to down play with numbers via percentages is classic Mark Twain.

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Newmonday spreading FUD again. Because your beloved Sony didn't include the player they are now cheap and useless. You also make up fictitious values about the additional cost. You also will know that formats like Atmos are not exclusive to 4K and that bit streaming is likely to come to Xbox via a firmware update.

What a joke.

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Congrats on the new account Strangecolors, you copy pasted this trash on your old one until you were banned. What a plum

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You know you're trying too hard when you troll articles about better deals for consumers.

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2TB version?

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He wasn't let go because he signed a bad deal with MS, he quit to become Head of Development at Activision. The utter bullshit spread by fanboys sometimes is pathetic.

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Or not every one likes it? Just saying.

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Some weeks Xbox has been selling less than 100 units. Why would a developer, even a Japanese one, write software for a market of a few thousand when there are millions in other locations?

MS has never been big in Japan and Japanese games don't generally sell well on Xbox so why bother? I'd rather MS focus on western gamers and I'll play any Japanese games on PS4 if I fancy them (generally I don't)

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Money. These are profit making companies and will develop for a platform based on user numbers and nothing to do with local support

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We know less about the Neo than Scorpio at the moment, yet the Neo is 'real'. Loving the logic.

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And the point I made my trolling little friend, is that it wasn't available for pre-order all the way through July. If you can't pre-order it, it's not going to rank highly. You still can't buy it today = sold out.

You lost your credibility when you started whittering about 'the whole year' before realising it's only been available for 6 weeks. I won't waste any further time on this as once a troll, always a troll. If you still believe a ...

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Once again, if you couldn't pre-order one from Anazon. Or they were limited on pre-orders, then the sales rank is irrelevant. You can't get one from Amazon so they are sold out regardless of their position. If it's a flop because you can't buy it, then you win. Otherwise it's just pure trolling, which is clearly something you are poor at with stupid statements

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