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Now you've completely changed the point from your original dumb statement. Corporate slaves like you are the cancer in gaming. Me, I'm happy owning all systems. Mug.

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Once again you're a mug for believing everything you read. Quote 'Kempin's revelations may make great headlines and gossip, but there are those who dismiss his claims as a cynical attempt to sell his book'

If he wasn't selling a book, nor a 'pissed off ex-employee', his claims may have some substance. Keep going though bro, the MS hate is strong in you and I feel your need to express it in every article on N4G

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iTechHeads, you're a mug. This was blatantly stolen from the Gaf where even on their thread the false outrage of something so dumb was derided. Now you peddle the same shit here, knowing the usual Sony subjects will lap it up further.

Good going bro, job well done /s

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Based on comments and logic used on this thread, as soon as Neo is launched the PS4 will no longer have a single exclusive either. Unless, of course, people start redefining what an exclusive is (again).

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So Sony going for annual updates to their hardware now? Dumb as rocks.

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To show off crossplay. You're one of the worst pro Sony trolls on N4G spouting FUD where possible.

To be that loyal you must be on the pay roll.

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You'll be marked for trolling as this article is about biggest selling new IP on Xbox One. Nothing to do with Alan Wake or The Order.

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Why does anyone still reply to @99problems. He trolls every Xbox article, yet never any action from the mods. Shame, as it ruins a perfectly good website by tolerating blatant trolls.

The game does look amazing, Xbox owners will no doubt be very happy.

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Cool trolling bro......

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Because of one persons opinion? Riiight.

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Microsoft is Windows PC
Microsoft is Xbox

Wild and funny things to support their own platforms? The fanboy is strong in this one.

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You don't have the game and haven't a clue what you're talking about. Typical over reaction.

Buying costumes add's nothing to the game and doesn't help you. I'm only level 5 and already have 8 jackets alone. Why would you want to buy more?

One guy blasted through the game in 15 hours to max level, that is not typical and you can guarantee the majority will take much longer.

And what do you know about PVP, you don...

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@die_fiend - you're trying to hard mate. Why not just enjoy your console of choice rather than the poor attempt at some stealth troll.

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Says the guy with user name of PS4. How much are they paying you??

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You say BC is half arsed and quote Halo Reach as an example, which you know has already been confirmed as coming soon. How does it feel for you to have to pay for your games again on PS Now, streamed and not local too. If you think it's preferable to have to pay again then you really do have your fanboy hat on today

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Halo 5 released October 27th, plus you have no idea on digital sale numbers, so your post is pure troll.

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One bubble troll strikes again. The new UI is so much better and faster.

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You talk absolutely tat, I'll have what you've been smoking please

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I don't know how people can be so naive. MS controllers give the option of both batteries AND rechargeable, at what point did options become a negative. I love my PS4 but by far the most annoying 'feature' is the crap internal battery on the DS4 that requires constant charging.

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