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'Recently Revealed Estimates', and yet here you all are arguing. You couldn't make this shit up.

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So what should he do? Release a sub par game like NMS and then let the gamers stew for a refund when the early promise turns out to be nothing but hype.

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Forza requires no skill? You really are clueless like all your other troll posts

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Show some stats and then make the usual stealth FUD about MS would swap Forza for GT. Absolute BS. Racing games are far better off for having both Forza and GT franchises.

You also only have to look at almost every positive Xbox article for your normal negative troll. But then you've done that on all your previous banned alt accounts too so it should be no surprise.

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Do you never tire of the anti-MS drivel you spin in almost every article? My favourite genre is racing and I much prefer the fun racing of Forza to the sterile experience offered by GT. They are both great franchises and I'll buy GT Sport on release, but your Xbox trolling is just a daily bore.

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@Keniki - Forza isn't an annual franchise. Forza and Forza Horizon are different games and only share the name. I'll happily take a new Forza racing game every two years than GT from Sony who have launched a new console before they've released the next GT.

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How awful someone has different tastes to you.

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Pointless console lol. Thanks for the laugh.

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If you game share like most of my mates the digital purchases, especially in the sales, are dirt cheap.

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Of course you would say that @Razrye2, your comment history shows your anti-MS stance. Why not just enjoy your Pro rather than trolling MS articles?

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Lacking sales? You clearly missed all the top games being on sale a few weeks ago. Dumb as rocks.

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Sony's 3D sound is a virtual 7.1 system that you have to buy an expensive pair of headphones to hear. Completely different to Atmos and DTS:X formats which bitstream, just like DTSHD and TrueHD if you have the right equipment.

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Amazing game, amazing expansion.

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To play devils advocate, DR4 sold more than TLG in the UK. Not exactly a colossal success, in sales at least.

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Really? The Dead Rising email that was blown out of proportion by those with an agenda. No-one else cared. The dashboard I feel is better than my Pro's, but the store is a mess and needs work. As soon as the Pro was released MS fans would be waiting for their own mid term upgrade so the pain would be the same. More games though, always agree with that one.

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LOL, Overload is now Sony's chief data analyst. You have no idea of Xbox's worldwide sales so why not save us the amateur accounting and just enjoy your gaming.

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There you go, another cancer.

I was simply pointing out that Sony had a big drop in sales between PS2 and PS3, which wasn't part of your rose tinted reminiscing. You put your Sony tunnel vision glasses on and defend for your life.

I'm a Pro and XB1S owner, I know Xbox will never have global appeal and will never outsell Playstation so you're wasting your breath. Equally I don't feel the need to defend either as they are both great machin...

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A completely skewed view with made up figures to support an old argument.

Both camps have their fans. Xbox is not a global brand, it appeals to western gamers and thats where it sells best. Playstation is a global brand and will always sell more units.

You fail to mention that MS made a huge dent in Playstation sales as PS2 ownership reduced from 157m to 86m for the PS3. In reality though, who cares? You buy a console based on your preferences, whethe...

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What has this got to do with Microsoft?

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