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It has to be pointed out this was arranged and paid for by Sony, so is great PR and not much else.

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Seems @Ahmed has nothing better to do than open new accounts when his old one gets banned. This has become a full time job and total commitment. The stupidity is amazing.

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Is that the best you got kid. Oh to be 12 again.

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How sad do you have to be UmerGul to keep registering new accounts to crap on Xbox? Has anyone ever been so obsessed by a console they don't like. Seriously, get some help.

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Seems you are in full troll mode with your contributions today. Good effort

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It's clear there are multi account owners voting down certain posts. So many new accounts starting with similar posting styles. Funny how demented some get over a console they don't like.

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Good to see you're back with another new account. Even in the first few hours of this one you're in every Xbox article trashing MS. Top marks for effort.

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If it's a 'fact' and 'not a good sign', can you tell us what the digital sales were too so we know the full picture? I'll wait.......

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Can you tell me the exact physical and digital sales for Forza 6 and 7 to prove your 'fact'. I'll wait.....

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Your downvotes are further evidence of the poison that currently resides here. There are a hand full of trolls with multiple accounts down voting everything Xbox. A very sad existence.

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We know physical sales are dropping and digital sales are increasing so the article is not relevant unless we know the digital numbers. Doesn't stop the normal PS crowd from jumping with glee at some faux bad news. Another day on N4G.

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You're glad a game dropped score on Metacritic, that is some sad life. I'm looking forward to Forza 7, I've always found GT too 'sterile', but I'm not in every GTS article trying to bat for the opposition.

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Well you seem to spend your day being 'concerned' about them and trolling all Xbox articles so you clearly are falling under their spell. Can't you just enjoy what you bought rather than being obsessed by the competition?

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Well that's what you've experienced with you PSVR, tell us what it's like?

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As desperate to compare the Pro to a standard Xbox. Why not show the base PS4 versus base Xbox? We all know XBX will outshine the Pro, which is a proper comparison. Lets hope you are as vocal then eh?

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So a new Xbox in less than 2 years? Never going to happen.

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@ UC Force - do you understand irony?

As for Ps4rulezz, that's exactly what I expected. How can you even judge a game that hasn't released (in GTS). so sad.

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Such as what? Actually don't bother. Your stupid user name and troll posts in just a few hours shows N4G has just picked up its latest troll account. You are clearly triggered by The Beast to make you waste your time trolling Xbox articles all day.

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