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What would we do if you two geniuses weren't here to help us? Condescending trolls, you gotta love 'em

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@dreue - so we should have less Xbox news because you don't like it? I think you'd be better at a Playstation only site, you would be much happier.

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@wasimakram - you only have to view your comment history to see you dump on anything Microsoft. You are totally triggered by Xbox which, my friend, is the really pathetic thing here.

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Corroios in early with the defence. Have you even considered it may just not be a very good addition to the franchise that people have waited so long for? You admit yourself it has a low number of cars, tracks and game modes but will still sell millions. Who's then the fool for buying it?

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@corroios - evolution? What a crock. Since when has online play and earning licences been new. Then offer less tracks and cars and you really have a major disappointment incoming. Why waste my breath though, you defend anything Sony regardless.

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@gamerant - or the game would simply be shorter or easier rather slow or grinding. It's not as cut and dried as you would like to believe.

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It's always done this.

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Where to start with this stupidity? It's clearly a mid gen upgrade and if you think PS5 will be out in 18 months you'll be severely disappointed.....

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Of what?

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Because there are microtransactions that are not an integral part of your experience? I don't like them but as long as they don't hide content that can't be earned I'm not bothered and would never spend a penny on them. Some people are too thin skinned.

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Who are you kidding about differing opinions. Having a discussion about gaming is one thing, a bunch of trolls downplaying the console they don't own at every opportunity and belittling their owners is not. It's pathetic.

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@butchertroll - that is utter bullshit, as usual. Lets have a link to those words....

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You forgot the /s

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Good for you, but not for the majority I suspect and a small number of circuits potentially makes any career mode tedious.

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But it does need a decent amount of circuits to stop it becoming stale quickly.

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A video from a live stream. Seriously trying too hard if you think it's the game stuttering.

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Forza caters for all standards of drivers. Options -> No Options.

Turn it off if you don't want it but it's a dumb reason to diss a game.

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Well, if they grow the hardware side they will sell more GaaS, so your point makes no sense.

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@Godmars - another one trying too hard. I'm not concerned at stock price at all, my response was to someone who downplays all things Xbox, even when they're positive. Still, it gave you the opportunity to bring up your mantra of no new IP's so your work is done.

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@tyasia0 2when you're not downplaying Xbox or it's games, you're also downplaying some very respectable financial results. Ever think you're working too hard at this?

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