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I love how Xbots try to justify Microsoft adding advertisements to a service you already pay for while SEN and Nintendo don't.

Also as a reply to what orange-skittle said PSN+ is a service not advertising and it's optional. Unlike with the Xbox360 I don't have to jump through any loopholes to play online on my PS3 either.

And since the Mii update and dashboard change(trying to copy the XMB obviously) the UI is pretty laughable

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You're saying that used game buyers are on the same level as pirates? Are you fucking serious? Look you may not know this but shops buy the games from the publishers so the developers already made their money. Without places like GameStop publishers like say EA would be out of buisness.

Please grow a brain before writing your long texts of bullshit.

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I really hope this game sells like crap so we can move onto Versus already. Square is annoying me& FF13 was boring till the side missions which is like 5% of the whole game..

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So this makes #17 article about this mod? Wow.

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GTA4 was boring and unimpressing

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I didn't buy bf3 but I'm going to buy mw3. DICE failed me.

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How about go play BF3? Oh right you work for EA my bad.

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I don't see any problems with the complaints. It's one of the reasons why I didn't buy it in the first place(BF3.) My cousin told me that origin was scanning his tax returns, email information and what not. Not sure if that's even legal but EA thinks it is.

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I only usualy buy Sony products anyways. Quality products that never fail me. Still have my ps1, ps2 and my fat 80gb ps3 kicking around without any problems. Hell I still have my Sony CD walkman in my attic somewhere lol

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goty 2011 no other game can compare

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read some creepy pasta on /x/ then go play amnesia

Knock yourself out :P

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this is actually a minor spoiler but he is Obito(that kid that was supposed to be killed by bolders or w.e, Kakashi's friend) the reason why you can see his one eye is because kakashi took his other

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Content should of been free on game day 1 zzzz

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I don't think it will do anywheres near the amount sold as mgs4 on the ps3 since it's just a knock-off.

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psn hack is old news just as the rrod is old news give it up people

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EA as usual. Typical.

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there is no contender when gears of war 3 already won

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Sorry but after the disappointing Beta I'm not getting BF3. Maybe it's just worn off on me after buying all of DICE's games and maybe I just don't like the MoH feel to this game.

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Yes of course, current gen consoles are crap. You either get nice graphics but have to play in corridor maps or you get nice graphics crapp A.I and crappy physics so please bring on next-gen for better gameplay

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