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I really enjoyed Dawn of Dreams, it definitely had a lot of replayability and content, BUT... like you, I agree, it also did at times lose me. It definitely took a bit of different approach with gameplay with some very light RPG elements with co-op like gameplay thrown in, whereas the older games were more Resident Evil like, but with samurais. Maybe not completely like Resident Evil, but Dawn of Dreams was more forgiving with how you can keep revisiting areas and farm for items and buy items... #10.1
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Oh go fuck yourself, I'm part Native American and there's nothing worse than white liberals and Europeans telling me how I should feel about what happened YEARS AGO, trying to paint us as if we were some peaceful native utopia before the big bad white man came and stole our sacred land, way to study up on American history. It's a form of trying to keep a race of people victimized, acting like you're some kind of savior and you know better, fuck you.

"To... #1.2
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Yeah, the story is... I don't know what to say. I had to read other sources for this information, but I think the plot of it was that, "Player" aka you, is actually dead the whole time after that first level when he/she gets the shit beat out of them by the robot, so everything was just a simulation in your DNI and is essentially your final moments.

The campaign and plot could have been way more well thought out, I think, but it doesn't help that Treyarch... #3.1
I know Shinkawa most likely designed the new logo, but I like that there are some similarities in the design to some of the orbital frame artwork from ZOE. Let's hope Kojima and his team can get back to the third game that they had planned some time in the future. #16
"Foooooox!!!" #13
I hope it's Syphon Filter. That and Metal Gear Solid were the two major games that got me so interested into the whole stealth/military type games when growing up. #20
Don't worry, there are several ways actually on how to revert back to your "normal" states. There are few online guides that give numerical values to the actions that contribute to the "Demon Points". Here's one from gamefaqs:

These methods depend on how much you've been playing and the threshold of yo... #4.1
She's found on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the building next to Quiet's prison cell, on the Medical platform, 1st deck. Just look for an automatic door, which usually has a Mother Base recruit standing guard next to it. The side op missions involving you rescuing missing MSF recruits tie into the various interactions you have with Paz after first "meeting" her. #2.2
It's not really a spoiler when she was shown in the E3 2015 trailer very briefly, so it was already known she makes an appearance. The only real spoiler to worry about is how/why she appears in The Phantom Pain. #1.2
It's completely doable to continue without investing, almost nothing or very little time and resources, to FOBs. I had already maxed out my Mother Base before investing time into maxing out the FOB, which was after beating the game.

Yes, it'll take you a bit longer to develop your teams to higher levels if you want the higher end gear and weapons in a more reasonable and timely manner, but if you're fultoning a large majority of people on most main and side op mi... #7.1
You have no idea how disappointed I was when I heard there was a leather coat costume, only to find out it was... well, if you got the true ending, you know which leather coat it was. I was really hoping it was the Foxhound trench coat that Big Boss and Foxhound during the Shadow Moses Incident were wearing. #30.1
It was more of an unfinished chapter/mission, which unfortunately didn't make it into the final game. It's unfortunate because it's much more of an "appropriate" ending to finish a part of the plot line that involved Eli and his gang of child soldiers, Tretij Rebenok and the "weapon(s)" Skullface was planning to use; if you're a fan of series, you already know who Eli and Tretij are. Depending on where you and other players are in the plot, it's way bet... #28.1
Yeah, I looked through this article thinking there were real hidden items like an MGS 3 sneaking suit, Kerotan hat, a Foxhound leather coat or maybe The Patriot carbine The Boss used, but then saw that I already have all of those items listed in that image. Some you get from your previous Ground Zeroes save, but the rest are gotten through gameplay progression. You just have to put the time and effort into them.

From the article- "Some of the items that can be unlocked... #5.1
Ah, okay. You mean the side ops that are highlighted in yellow? There are 50 total main missions. Good luck. #11.1.2
Did you receive the Grand Master Certificate, both Standard and Elite? I've heard there is a glitch, but I haven't been able to really find much about it on whether what causes it, or how many people have been affected. #11.1
If it helps, go to PowerPyx, on Youtube. He has very good videos on how to S rank these type of missions. It'll take some time and effort to get the equipment ready, depending on how well you've managed your resources and GMP, but it's worth it. #9.1
Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about with this. I've already received an S rank all main missions, and they will always keep your highest rank that you have attained for that mission. So, if you got an S rank on a previous mission, but wanted to replay it for fun, gmp/resource farming, etc. and receive a lower rank, it will not overwrite that S rank. The missions tasks are a separate thing. I believe they simply add more points to the overall score, which can help towards getting... #8.3
It's more of a "tie-in" to side op missions. It will offer a bit of plot information, regarding only Paz though. It's one of the very first set of side op missions you get. It's the one that involves recovering MSF soldiers. Just play it, you'll receive an item and from there, you'll catch on to what to do next. #2.1
Here's one, one that I'm surprised is still in this game because you could do it in Peace Walker, which made some of those vehicle side ops much easier to do solo. If you want to conserve your tranquilizer pistol's ammo and suppressor early on in a mission, just hold up enemies and tell them to get down. They'll stay that way indefinitely, unless approached by another soldier telling them to get up or if you trigger an alert. #2
I'm not sure how far you have to be in main or side op missions, but when you're in the chopper, your aerial command to embark on missions, if you go to the "Missions" tab, and then to the "Return To Mother Base" option, there should be a button promp in the upper right to press triangle, to switch the drop off to the animal conservation platform. #9.1.1
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