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Nice. I was thinking about this earlier today, since I downloaded it again after hearing about it going to be removed a few days prior, and I'm glad to see that it's still in your "list" of past downloaded games, so no worries for those looking to play through it again. #16
If I'm not mistaken, I believe even Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron(it was a PSP exclusive game), had this feature too, where land and space battles could happen at the same time in one of its game modes. Given the transition when entering land or space wasn't as smooth since it is a portable gaming system, but still, it was on the portable version of Battlefront. #15.2
Good looking trailer, but how about some actual in-game footage. Let's see someone actually playing the game instead of a cinematic with the game engine. #49
"Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye." #10
Well... you can start with any of them really, since it doesn't require that you play each game to understand the plot since they all aren't tied together in a major way, other than having the usual couple of shared character names of people and places and wild life/creatures.

But, with the exception of games like VII, which had a side game/prequel for PSP and a few other titles that made it to the PS2 and mobile, XIII which has a sequel and X which has a sequel, it&... #29
Here's one. Forbidden Woods, find the "beggar" on a roof on the windmill, next to a couple of dead bodies and barrels, you'll know it's him because he's all bandaged up. Ok... now ATTACK him and have fun. There's a caryll rune in it for you if you beat him. #7
My most hated enemy, by far(I already beat the game), is that singing fly brain wizard thing. I hate you only have to be within it's sights for it to massacre you with its invisible frenzy inducing swords... and for pushing me into the poison lake of squids in the Nightmare Frontier. #8.1.1
If you're going solo, take out the guy who shoots fireballs and the other one who uses his candle as a flamethrower. Those two are a priority. The last guy, who uses that long morphing sword, try to dodge to the sides when you seem getting ready to do a thrust type attack. Dodging backwards will sometimes get you hit because his sword extends out to reach you. #3
Yeah, the trade off for her gear is you can get it very early in the game if you kill her there in the sewers, but going through her quest line requires going to about halfway through the game and beating bosses to trigger when she'll be at an area.

I would suggest leveling up just a bit more around that bridge area with the werewolves, just to increase your survivability. For Father Gascoigne, before fighting him, find a little girl at a window. She'll be at the top... #2.2.3
Oh, you mean Eileen? Did you attack her on sight when you spotted her because she's actually a friendly NPC hunter, who hunts corrupted hunters, you could have started a quest line with.

If you're only concerned about getting her badge to unlock her gear and the blades of mercy, definitely level up a bit(trust me, there are some other hunter NPCs in the game who are even more annoying), and play around with some tactics like trying to open her up to visceral attacks o... #2.1
Hey, you have moon rocks in your soup...

ApRell FahWLLLLLZZs #10
Anyone else think of Silent Hill 4 when they found out about the umbilical cords in Bloodborne? #3
Interesting. I'll have to give online a go then and leave and rate messages for any newer players to help them learn early on. I already beat the game solo and got most of the equipment/items you can get, but I think I'll do some co op and help people on my next playthrough. #17
The Saw Spear has not failed me yet. It's helped me get through the Nightmare Frontier, Cainhurst, the Upper Cathedral Ward, and several dungeon chalices. #3
Tips for the boss at Cainhurst and joining the Vileblood covenant, try to master the gun parrying move to open him up to visceral attacks. Trust me, you'll save your resources and get some really good/awesome looking equipment after the battle.

Spoilers Spoilers just in case, this is only if you want to get certain items like clothing sets(Gold Ardeo, headgear that goes with the Executioner's set), weapons(Logarius' Wheel and Chikage) and caryll runes(Corruption... #2
Buy from the insight shop from the messengers, it's just above the messenger shop that uses blood echoes, it'll be right next to the house. Either buy all the armor sets or some of the items. #20.1
Ah ok. Thanks anyway. Here's are some tips: Bring Sedatives just in case, when she does this laser move, lock off her and start sprinting to avoid them and bring a good leveled weapon you're good with, preferably up to level 8-10. #18.1.2
Did you fight a particular side boss that lowered your insight or know if excessive deaths lower it? Spoiler Alert to those who aren't that far: It was the very last boss of the Upper Cathedral Ward, Ebrietas, Daughter of Cosmos(by far the most frustrating fight because she kept doing her BS rushing move most of the time). I noticed in between deaths during that fight, I went from 31 insight to 14. #18.1
You can stock up on Blood Vials(picking up from enemies or buying them from the Hunter's Dream). So, if you have 20 blood vials when on a level, any other additional blood vials you pick up from dead enemies will automatically be sent to your storage(maximum of 99 vials I think), which is back at the Hunter's Dream in the same house you fortify your weapons. At least, that's how I think it works when they're automatically restocked back into your inventory.

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