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Yeah, when you go back to your home and get that cutscene(won't spoil it for those not there yet, but SPOILERS), I immediately rushed to my controller when you realize who it was, and I just said to myself, "Here we go, the real battle, I've been waiting to meet you!"... and then it ends. There was so much buildup with their backstory, their motives, within the God Of Ware lore, and stuff and... I guess we have to wait for the next game.

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Kratos: "Boy what does this article say?"
Atreus: "I still can't read it. We'll need another cipher piece."

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Played the Splinter Cell mission/event that's going on in Ghost Recon Wildlands, and they made a reference to Snake and when you hear Michael Ironside's delivery on how "It's just him now?" ... that definitely just gave me this great sense of nostalgia about stealth games. MGS, Splinter Cell, Syphon Filter, Tenchu, etc. These were games I remember game magazines commenting who dominated the stealth genre back then, it was a fun rivalry. Comparing those games to what we h...

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We can hope that it catches FOXDIE, wakka wakka

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Nice, Teostra returns, hail to the king.

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Heartulitsu, YOSH!

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One reason to be glad is that's it's going to release, finally again, on a non-hand held device. We get to play a Monster Hunter game on much more powerful platforms. I had the chance to get into Monster Hunter, after seeing an awesome PS2 demo video of the first game and wanting to play it, way back when it hit the PSP as the Monster Hunter Freedom series, but I never played the recent Nintendo versions. The tight, cramp inducing controls of a hand held and small screen(if it's t...

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You mean Lao-Shan Lung?

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Critical? A majority of the titles in the series didn't have this feature though, with a few exceptions not counting Infinite Warfare, BO3 and Advanced Warfare which had it as an actual physical trait of your player. Someone already pointed it out, but MW2 and Ghost had the unlimited sprint feature, however it was at the cost of using a perk slot, so there was at least a trade off of not having the benefit of other perks in exchange for the benefit of unlimited sprinting. Glad to hear the...

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He's La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo?!

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I just hope they don't pull a Dynasty Warriors 6 with this one. I enjoyed it for what it was, but DW6 was the first game in a while that actually really changed some of the game mechanics, but the new mechanics, e.g., the Renbu system, just wasn't as fun as the old style button combinations we were doing. It looked stylish to look at, but it just wasn't as fun. And of course can't forget the absolutely unforgivable act of making a good number of the character roster clones of...

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That sucks. His performance and Solidus' character made him one of my favorite "anti-heroes" in not only the MGS series, but in games. I hope the best for his family.

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Sorry about that, I guess, I just got a on a roll with this one when writing it. This was a bit of a hard review to write because of how much there is to explain about the game.

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Here's a tip from my playthrough of the game so far, which I think will help you survive a bit longer, even though it is really an obvious known for shooters like this:

Be very conscious of your surroundings. If you ever get into a firefight , trust me you will at times when you're trying to stealth some of the more heavily fortified bases of Unidad and the cartels, having situational awareness is going to help you in terms of survivability and maneuverability. True...

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Good review as always Rob Cram, keep it up. One of the few sources that has a more balanced and honest view on their game enjoyment.

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Meh, I'd much rather have the Cheetahmen.

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Cuppu Noodle XV

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It amazes me that they messed up the HD remake THAT bad when it released, especially when compared to other HD remade games that Konami owned which were done well, Metal Gear and Z.O.E. are two that come to mind.

It's a different experience when comparing the HD remake to the original releases, and this isn't just about gameplay or anything, because it goes beyond that with games like Silent Hill. Not only the visual elements were messed up with terrible textures, s...

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