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I just hope they don't pull a Dynasty Warriors 6 with this one. I enjoyed it for what it was, but DW6 was the first game in a while that actually really changed some of the game mechanics, but the new mechanics, e.g., the Renbu system, just wasn't as fun as the old style button combinations we were doing. It looked stylish to look at, but it just wasn't as fun. And of course can't forget the absolutely unforgivable act of making a good number of the character roster clones of...

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That sucks. His performance and Solidus' character made him one of my favorite "anti-heroes" in not only the MGS series, but in games. I hope the best for his family.

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Sorry about that, I guess, I just got a on a roll with this one when writing it. This was a bit of a hard review to write because of how much there is to explain about the game.

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Here's a tip from my playthrough of the game so far, which I think will help you survive a bit longer, even though it is really an obvious known for shooters like this:

Be very conscious of your surroundings. If you ever get into a firefight , trust me you will at times when you're trying to stealth some of the more heavily fortified bases of Unidad and the cartels, having situational awareness is going to help you in terms of survivability and maneuverability. True...

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Good review as always Rob Cram, keep it up. One of the few sources that has a more balanced and honest view on their game enjoyment.

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Meh, I'd much rather have the Cheetahmen.

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Cuppu Noodle XV

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It amazes me that they messed up the HD remake THAT bad when it released, especially when compared to other HD remade games that Konami owned which were done well, Metal Gear and Z.O.E. are two that come to mind.

It's a different experience when comparing the HD remake to the original releases, and this isn't just about gameplay or anything, because it goes beyond that with games like Silent Hill. Not only the visual elements were messed up with terrible textures, s...

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I believe it's to verify that you legitimately purchased the game. But, everyone is right in that having the online connection severely limits how much of the game is available to you, which does affect the enjoyment of the game. Sure, you can play offline, it is possible. However, additional content you receive from missions such as weapon and gear will not be available to you. Contracts mode and challenges are also locked out for you, and challenges are the only way to unlock additional...

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So far, mine is when the majority of your squad are oblivious to when a few of their squad mates are capturing a flag that's behind enemy lines. It's especially infuriating when the other team has captured most of the flags too. Spawn on us and help us capture the flag, so the rest of our team can stop being spawn trapped.

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It's even worse when you finally do get a few battlepacks from the endgame and only to end up with... yep, an item/skin you already own... three times in a row too.

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Red Dead Resurgence
Red Dead Revengeance
Red Dead Repentance
Red Dead Recurrence
Red Dead Reinsurance

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Essentially, it's Umbrella Corps, but within the Metal Gear universe.

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"to have normal people face the horror not special forces guys who are trained to face anything & know how to wield knifes, weapons of any kind & explosions", I wouldn't consider members of S.T.A.R.S., the people you play as in Resident Evil 1, normal people who are incapable of handling any sort of weaponry or having no knowledge of tactical planning. I think you're confusing this with Silent Hill. Which is ironic, being the fact that the combat in Silent Hill 1, wh...

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I can't tell if you're trolling or I'm just not picking up the sarcasm being that we're communicating on an N4G forum. PC=Politically Correct.

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Anyone else getting a bit of a Silent Hill 4 vibe?

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I wonder, if you remember the ending in God of War 3, it was signifying his "freedom" from the Gods, and he gets his "second chance" at life where he makes his way up North, you can almost make out the imprints from the Blades of Chaos on his forearms. Obviously, I'm just speculating, but this definitely really caught my interest now. I'm really curious what the backstory for this will be, is it continuing from 3, is it an "alternate" timeline, etc. I hop...

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