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To me, he'll always look like that kid, Jake, from the Animorphs tv series. #8
... this is the same kind of disappointment when I learned that my beloved Tenchu got it's own pachinko game called CR Tenchu. #19
I used to live in a vault like you, until Tunnel Snakes Ruled. #17
Why is this being commented on now? This has been known for quite some time already. #8
I hope he doesn't address these complainers anymore. Just stop giving them attention.

Really? It's too dark? Were the previous games where threat of nuclear war and extinction, complete control over all the worlds' governments and technology by a single secret organization of AIs, becoming a biological weapon of mass destruction, losing your comrades, being duped into thinking you were on a legitimate mission when you were really part of a training program that re... #7
Any possibility we might recruit an ED-E type companion? #7
Here's one, setting down and arming all of the 60+ land mines you disarmed and collected since the beginning of your journey in both Fallout 3 and New Vegas. #5
I can't be the only one, but the engine reminds me a lot of the "look" of the older Fallout games, before 3 and New Vegas. And I'm talking about artistic look. It seems very fitting, given that the older games had this almost claymation look to them, but still maintain the dark humor, some depressing stories, and gore throughout all the main games in the series. #49.1
Very cool. Aside from some of the higher depth dungeon bosses, this was one of the most annoying side-quest bosses. You can either get unlucky where Ebrietas will almost not stop doing her charge attack or you get frenzied by her spit attack. Yes, it's easy to dodge, but you could also be stubborn like me at the time on your first playthrough, having not using up any insight because you thought it would be extremely important later in the story, make a mistake and pretty much die because... #7
I remember the Blood Starved Beast being very annoying on my first playthrough, the only thing I could remedy that at the time was by leveling(kill the werewolves) in the area to a higher level for more health, stamina and attack power. Try using the pungent blood cocktail as well. It should help you get a few hits in. #4.1
Yes. I spent hours with the exploration of New Vegas' "wilderness" with Fallout 3's connected metro tunnels and abandoned buildings, like I was trying to map out the areas. #2.1
Nice. I wonder if they'll explore with some of the covenants/factions even further. I would love to see some additional interaction with the Powder Kegs, since Djura was the only known one we've met. #27
Nice to see ZOE getting more love now. ZOE 3... well... I hope Kojima brings it back in some way in the future, if that's possible for him to do, even if he may not be able to officially call it ZOE 3. #4
Sucks that it's only a fan-made project, but they still did great on capturing the art style of MediEvil. To me, it really captures that nostalgic feeling when you first saw the CGI intro when Sir Daniel Fortesque was shot by the arrow. I still remember playing that PS1 demo I got from Pizza Hut, playing this and watching that and just immediately fell in love with the game. #6
Eh, I like it better than his Tekken 6 design. Even his extra costumes/body parts from the customization in Tekken 6 were way better than his T6 original design/costume. This one reminds me a bit of Gargant, the demon swordsman, for any Onimusha fans who remember him. But, personally, his Tekken 2 & 3 designs are my top favorite, with Tekken 4 and Tag Tournamnet 2 being my second. #5
Nice. I was thinking about this earlier today, since I downloaded it again after hearing about it going to be removed a few days prior, and I'm glad to see that it's still in your "list" of past downloaded games, so no worries for those looking to play through it again. #16
If I'm not mistaken, I believe even Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron(it was a PSP exclusive game), had this feature too, where land and space battles could happen at the same time in one of its game modes. Given the transition when entering land or space wasn't as smooth since it is a portable gaming system, but still, it was on the portable version of Battlefront. #15.2
Good looking trailer, but how about some actual in-game footage. Let's see someone actually playing the game instead of a cinematic with the game engine. #49
"Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye." #10
Well... you can start with any of them really, since it doesn't require that you play each game to understand the plot since they all aren't tied together in a major way, other than having the usual couple of shared character names of people and places and wild life/creatures.

But, with the exception of games like VII, which had a side game/prequel for PSP and a few other titles that made it to the PS2 and mobile, XIII which has a sequel and X which has a sequel, it&... #29
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