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Exactly. Was I the only one who bought guides for some of the concept art, promotional images, trivia etc. that was included in the guides and occasionally an awesome looking poster? I guess those cool old gaming magazines like Tips & Tricks, OPM, GamePro and stuff were also bad for gaming according to the logic of the article's author. #8.1
If it wasn't for people like the Hamsteralliance, I would have never known about Metro 2033(thankfully which finally released on the Playstation 4 with the recent HD remake). He plays games that I will most likely never buy, hope they release on the platform that is available to me, or buy them because I saw him play it and went "Wow, that looks fun". I really enjoy watching them because I find them entertaining to watch and this hasn't ruined my experience with the games I... #13
Seeing Metal Gear Solid 1 being played at a FuncoLand. #41
Why the disagrees for a question? Anyway, for 99 cents, I think they're worth it. I played 1 and 2 way back when they first released, both were good games, but 2 was an improvement due to the fact that you get more characters to play as, I believe it had a multiplayer(offline of course), and more weapons, and no more shitty magic guards which made the first game's stealth not feel fair during a few levels. Controls get a bit of getting use to at first because you switch between manua... #8.1
If it helps, I highly recommend this. 3 really is an improvement over V2, and I enjoyed V2 for what it was. I still had fun, but it definitely needed more improvement. This game feels more like Sniper Elite 1.

Levels, take note, I'm only on Mission 3 or 4, are very open. There definitely are more opportunities to take position at several sniping locations(this includes sniper nests) as opposed to V2, where it was pretty clear where you were supposed to snipe from and coaxed... #4.1
I got it for PS4 today. I don't see why some dislike that much, but I love it. It feels way more like the first Sniper Elite that came out on PS2/Xbox/PC than V2 did. Oh well. #16.1
This game looks really cool. It almost has that Vampire Hunter D look and style to it. I hope more gameplay videos get released soon. #21
They actually made a sequel that came out for the PS3/Xbox and I think PC, but unfortunately, they put a humongous twist on it by making it an FPS with zombies, and it just wasn't the same. Be warned about the first though, it is a bit clunky with the controls and it definitely could use improvement with certain gameplay mechanics, but it was worth the $3 when I got it from Gamestop. I think it's only available on the EU PSN store though, unfortunately not the NA PSN store.
... #6.1.1
Wish they had done this, or at least had made more missions take place in Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia in Black Ops. I don't think that game really did justice to what MACV-SOG guys had to do or went through.
Another good Vietnam War game, if anyone is interested in wanting to play more of those types of games, was Shellshock Nam '67 for PS2 and Xbox. It did a good job of showing the brutality, it was dark, you had to worry about booby traps in the jungle on some missions, etc. It wa... #6
Nice, I can't wait. I've been waiting the longest time to play 2033 since it never released on PS3, so thanks to The Hamster Alliance for the let's play of that game. It's going to be interesting seeing the game with Last Light's mechanics. #6
Ah the memories. I still remember reading about Thrill Kill from my first issue of OPM magazine, the one with the Crash Bandicoot, December 1998 issue. #3
I hope we get to see more soon, this really looks cool. It almost reminds a bit of the old game, Darkwatch, if anyone remembers that from the PS2/Xbox era. #14
Sometimes, if you're lucky, you already get the pre order bonuses included with the game from some stores without actually having pre ordered the game. That's how I got Metro Last Light's Ranger Mode and bonus AKS-74u when it first released. #8.1
Awesome, I can't wait, it looks like you'll finally, once again, get to work with some Allies in this one(British troops, from one video I saw). Hopefully, you'll get to see them fight and clear out areas as you provide overwatch for them and counter-snipe any other Nazi snipers for them to advance. #4
I really hope we'll get to see some more awesome gameplay during the wait though. #10
I agree. Although, I wish the Authority had a little more, I don't know, just a bit more in-depth background and presence to them, like an actual face to them whether it be some advance AI or an old man from before the meteor stike in a giant mech/exoskeleton keeping him alive, or whatever. Even though we saw how they affected Subway Town, with more troops stationed there, people being kidnapped, etc. as you continued the story, it would have been great to have a more satisfying final bat... #13.1
I enjoyed it for what it was. I wish it was a bit more free roaming( like more scavenging, just a bit less linearity to the levels instead of relying on just the wasteland fighting Scorchers in vehicles). The races were pretty fun, the visuals were really good(except for the texture pop in when it released), weapons were neat like with the ammo types and the wingstick( especially when you chose what kind of "specialty" you wanted like with the engineer type of play or soldier type).... #17
Agreed, don't me wrong to those who also enjoyed the game also, I absolutely loved the game. But, it's like Monster Hunter in so many ways, another game I love. It's just the grinding and constant going back to the same area, same boss, it does start to wear on you after a while because you want to move on to other missions of the game, but you also want that badass weapon and gear. But hey, they're still enjoyable in the end. #9.1
"I'm trying to run an office here, go to lunch... WILL. YOU. GO. TO. LUNCH!?" #5
Yeah, it looks like they're setting this in a pseudo-modern-future type setting, but taking a lot of military weaponry concepts that we have now and perfecting them for the sake of the setting of this game. Like taking past failed weapon system concepts/projects and perfecting them. It looks they're wearing exoskeletons, something that's been tested a bit by the military, I think it was made by Raytheon, but not something that is in mass production or anything like other pieces of... #27.1
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