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> if they actually put some good hardware in a Dock.

You'd lose that power when you undock so that's a BAD move.

They just need to keep improving the internal hardware. Vulcan support on that thing already makes it future proof. Their next "switch" will definitely play current switch games.

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> is an underpowered piece of rubbish

Seems fine for a portable device.

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Hats + rabid = magic hat.

The theme isn't difficult to spot.

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The concept of a magic hat + rabid escapes people it seems.

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Gh05t, it's the mobile aspect. Saving them batteries by reducing cpu cycles and bandwidth.

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Im assuming it's to take payload off the cpu and ram. yeah but still, eh.

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> Microsoft gave Nintendo Minecraft so I don't see why Nintendo can't give them Bayo 2.

Because minecraft thrives on a different business model and doesn't sell itself as xbox material.

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Your quantum break required 16gb because it takes resources from windows/your other applications into count. On console only a small portion of the ram is dedicated to OS.

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What kind of ram, Erik?

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All they have to do is disable KB/M on software level IN THEIR GAME. Blizzard..pls/

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mute that shit.

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> males need to re-learn the lost art of being a gentlemen.

That's assuming everyone behaves like that.
That's implying women can not be nasty towards others.

Technology is magical: Mute button. If you don't use it you have everything coming at you.

Also those two guys had no idea it was a girl until later into the video.

> I kid you not, she was the best random we've ever had on our tea...

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Don't english too hard my friend.

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so you want a MS surface pro?

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A you must be the developer of Super Salty 64. Don't be angry that Superman 64 was a better game.

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gamelogic/physics can be tied to a certain stepping. But it's a bit iffy that I don't believe the dev.

However micro transactions can be implemented separately from everything else. After all they only enable/unlock certain items/goodies.

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Thats why they added a co-processor that delegates to the GPU in only a few instructions.
The CPU will be fine actually.

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DX12 doesn't take the burden off the CPU, it actually puts more work into the CPU by multi threading most of the work. ( this is a good thing ).

The command chip is brilliant tho.

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"I paint my walls with poop, why does it smell so bad in my house!!!? "

Why are you here if you're sick of it?

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Ill give you Darksiders, but Bayonetta?


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