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Im definitely sure they are going to fix blighttown. Performance was absolute shit on PC as well.

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>Having a linear action game is no longer viable when considering what other games have done in their absence.

Speak for yourself.

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Which isn't part of DS3 engine, that's middleware.


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>But cross play doesn't mean it has to be with Xbox.

That isn't the point. Spencer was talking about cross play between consoles. And yet people seem to think this ins't a factor.

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>Wow and Nintendo talking about how easy it is to develop for,

Tooling is easy, cutting production time. It's still hard work though.

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> but since Nintendo mentality still lives in the past with the Switch well, they deserve to deal with the problems of the past! simple as that.

Holy cow mate.

"pirates wont do X because Y, Also Nintendo is BAD, because reasons"

You truly have made trolling an art form on this website.
Nothing you said is relevant to the other. You're saying Nintendo is the bad guy here because their cartridges are usually sma...

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It is about the long game. MS simply put this console out so it can keep the brand for a nother couple of years without losing the original base.

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You guys are comparing retail to bulk. Of course to the consumer it will cost 30 to 250 a piece ( whatever that means, no one is buying blank cards for switch) , but for factory production the prices are far lower because it's all done in house(the factory) and directly to the client.

There is also more benefit to doing business with chip makers as you usually sign a contract that will last a certain period of time, thus guaranteeing profit, also meaning that the factor...

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wear him out and then ditch him? yeah pretty neat prospect.

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once pokemon hits on switch it's gonna move units like hotcakes.

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>Still runs like crap.

Performance seems fine here.

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> Are we just going to pretend Bayonetta 1/2 aren't a thing?

It makes sense considering the WiiU didn't have much foothold compared to Switch. So now there is Bayonetta 3 coming up. How do you suppose some people play 1and 2?

Atleast MK8 was adjusted for switch.

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> your walking then your dead

That's the point. That's why people like it. It's about being very careful at how you move to the next point.

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yesterday there was an article about how it's the best version compared to the pc lol

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> I would like to see new compelling big budget exclusives such as action & action adventure titles & Bayonetta 3 is a start.

You're also the one to complain about there not being games because it takes too long to develop them.

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Well the excuse is that it's a mobile device. Had it been a pure home device, yeah.

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Mike hasn't even played bayonetta.

in other words


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It's a poop game all the same, lol.

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> Developers want to push tech as much as they can,

Uhh no they want to make money.
The reason they are pushing tech is because a good portion of the market demands it.
If they could simplify their games much more they would ( it's one of the reasons companies such as EA, Nintendo, etc also have a mobile division )

Pushing tech is limited to budgets and human sacrifices.

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Investors. Men in suits that don't understand the market though.

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