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Because the cars are equipped with tracking/motion devices. It's used for analytic's. #8.1
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I mean sure it looks fine, but eh I'm clearly seeing a huge difference. #9
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"prefer Nintendo to continue creating new games in the Zelda canon"

And they are. Ports are not done by the main teams, they are given to a smaller group or outsourced. WHATYALLTALKINGBOUT? #2.2
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Holy crap, don't forget to tip your fedora. Good god you're obnoxious. #1.35.1
"Why bring muslims into this story you racist . "

Islam is not a race. #1.1.15
" All I am pointing out is, look at the industry, be it videogame characters or real women working as staff."

Oh please.

Men in games are:
-Cannon fodder.

With this modern feminist logic you could very well say it sends out a wrong message to lil boys growing up.

Same... #1.30


/bloodeverywhere #8
"DX12 will improve games on Xbox one period. "

Eh, DX12 is meant for PC. #1.6
"If this was just a normal Dynasty Warriors game it wouldn't be getting the sales, reviews and reception it's been getting. "

And you're always bitching about how Nintendo is still making Mario games. Well there you go, you answered all of your questions. #3.2.2
"Swing sword once = take out 30+ enemies.....that just ruins the immersion or fun from the game. "

It might be someones cup of tea, so why not? #2.1.1
It's almost as if they never changed the models but only the textures. #1
" It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that these big games today are -infinitely- more complex"

And yet corporate greed tries to push them out sooner than they should. How can you not understand this point? #1.1.4
That's like calling WW a remake of OOT. #1.1.3
"an old PSN title?"

What's an "old" psn title?

It gets trickier with different hardware specs. If the hardware can't run it natively then there needs to be software emulating the missing CPU/GPU instructions. This IS complex. But on paper NOT impossible. But because it's software you can add additional features. This is exactly what Dolphin does or the PCSX2 emulator.

However since the WiiU basically supports a... #6.1.7
"An image is fed in at a certain resolution and converted to a higher resolution using the renderer. "

WTF, no it isn't. In my suggestion you don't "upconvert" anything. You natively render at said resolution and it fits the buffer. You don't convert to a higher resolution, there is a reason why there is "scale" in "upscale". It simply stretches it with some fancy post processing filter to ease out the pixels that are double... #6.1.5
They don't have to "redo"the game. They can simply force the buffer/rendertarget size and viewport. Dolphin emulator already does this, so why can't it on pretty much native hardware?

I really don't get why Nintendo neglects something like that.

"But a console can't just take an original game and on the fly convert it to native 1080p. "

It can actually. Wii graphics are barely that of Wii U games. I'm n... #6.1.3
Pretending you don't already own a wii-mote. How deliciously dishonest. #2.4
"upconverts "

That would be terrible. Games should be easily rendered at native 1080p resolution. #6.1.1
Yeah it's just the case with pacman, no one can do this unless you have 2 pacs and it's absolutely garbage. #2.1.1
"who doesn't want to play with a hot ass kicking Porn0star ?? :-D"

In fighting games im mostly superficial about the looks, i care more about the coolness of the movesets actually. But I doub't I'd pick her just because she is supposedly "hot". #1.1.3
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