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Yes because a developer giving a women big titties is harboring on peoples safety when playing games.

Other than that "white men" who develop games haven't offended anyone with their products. The tangent you're going off is nonsense.

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> justify it by placating to some altruistic moral code we like to believe we possess and exhibit.

It doesn't matter. Emulation software isn't illegal. The code isn't owned by Nintendo. End of.

> Or illegally one just has to download Dolphin & rip the files.

That's your moral choice.

> So please stop with the utopian pipedream cuz I know 99% of the people ain't doing it the right way. ...

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>I really wish that emulators were illegal

The software has no legal bearing on Nintendo. Unless you use something like a bios and distribute it, it's why pcsx2 is delivered as is and they discourage getting the bios and games trough illegal means.

Making software like emulators illegal is dangerous to other projects too. I think you're being a bit too anal about this.

Yes emulators can be used for illegal game time. But ofte...

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Hey man, that's like, your opinion, dude.

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The render techniques are pretty much normalized nowadays. Not sure why people want CryEngine specifically, you still need the artistic vision to make things look good.

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FF15 went trough a shitty development cycle. Their initial engine was terribad and couldn't handle most of what they wanted to do. It looked good but that was about it. So Im assuming they learned a lot during that time.

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> The more times it happens the more slow people begin to realize it isn't really something to ask for.

What? Portable gaming is the future. Switch is just a start. I'm not saying we will have it next generation. But give it a couple and you'll have some crazy mobile( as in mobility, doh ) hardware.

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>Stiffling competition is never a good thing for markets, consumers or manufatures.

I didn't say it was. I'm saying that in this situation it might pack out for AMD regardless. Nvidia is already regarded as the one being a shady company.

> Often the gaming label actually means the card is better for gaming

Their consumer GPU's are all marketed as "gaming"/"enter tainment" models. Even the low end ca...

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Am I the only one who sees this as a good thing for AMD? Because GPU's are no longer become gaming-centric but for general purpose too ( compute shading/OpenCL etc are important way forward for gpus and applications ).

Anyone building custom PC's knows about AMD hardware and knows how to do research. And anyone who wants to use GPUs for general computing stuff ( like bitcoin mining, Rendering, etc ) doesn't have to be held back by the "gaming" label wo...

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> allows a device to access the maximum available speeds without latency.

That's not relevant for online gaming tho. 52 megabits (6 megabytes) per second wireless speed is fast enough to carry the data needed play games online. Latency difference should be minimal. The biggest culprit are surrounding items/signals that interfere with the signal.
Wifi signals send up to 300+ megabits these days.

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> if you don't agree with them and love every single Nintendo product like there was no tomorrow

Man you're in every Nintendo article religiously putting everything down. How are you different?
Self awareness is either you're weakness or you get a kick out of trying to annoy people.

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Uh yeah they do.

I played tetris and now im a certified construction worker.

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It's botw link that you see. So I'm hoping it's not a port.

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There is no typo.

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Loot boxes aren't inherently wrong. It's more important how they affect gameplay ( like pay to win vs cosmetics ) and how it's presented to the player without false pretenses. Overwatch is doing loot boxes and i never purchased one.

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they say fully remastered and yet it looks like an old game run trough an emulator with a higher resolution and texture packs.

I really wish they would go back to the old format that was Revenge and Takedown.

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>Unfortunately we don't know that. We only know Sega didn't and Nintendo gave an offer.

With Sega still being the copyright owner Nintendo was the only one to share owner ship. It's very likely that Sony or any MS wouldn't even think about funding it because of that.

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Yeah, stay mad at the only company that wanted a healthy relationship with Planitum for the franchise.

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He hasn't disappointed with 1 and 2. His passion and vision is pretty clear.

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You haven't played the game have you?

Climax doesn't refer to sexuality, although it's a play on words. It's a description of her finishers.

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