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First Reddit, now Devils third? Ellen Pao wtf you doing? #10
" why force people to invest in technology and then not utilise it? it is offensive and insulting. "

Rendering 60fps on both screen with 2 different camera projections. "Not utilizing"<--- whut?

Im not saying it looks cash, but you have no clue what you're talking about. #1.1.6
Money opens a bazillion doors. He has the money to do whatever he wants and still claims to be dead inside?

I rather be shallow and have 2.5 billion bucks AND live my life doing whatever I never did before. Rather than cry about seeing my reflection in the mirror cause "I haz all this monnies".

He could get a private jet, fly to whatever country he wants. Fly back and see his friends and family in the same day. #14.1
Not just that he can do whatever he wants. If he is that dead inside he should really take a deeper look into that reflection of his. #12.2
You're confusing depth with what mechanics actually are.

All mechanics in this game are built around fast paced action. So that's the shooting and the close combat mechanic ( combo system included ). It's just poorly executed i guess. There just isn't much depth to them. #4.2
" that doesn't really have any specific game mechanics and simply relies on being "you're a guy that fights people" "


Define game mechanic please. #4.1
" so its like up-scaling? not much point to 1080p if the image resource quality is lowered"

If they are using deferred shading/lightning they are probably rendering shadow and lightning to a buffer that is half the size. They then scale that buffer to target size and apply it to the buffer that has rendered geometry/textures/shaders. #1.1.13
" . They believe that most people would try to "steal" digital games from them"

Or they make more money buy selling more copies. Put your tinfoil hat down. #1.4
Kronos tried before but developers were having non of it. It had to happen from a gamedev point of view. #1.2
Im getting a mix between extreme-g and (obviously ) f-zero vibe. But definitely extreme-g for some reason I can't explain. #2.2.1
What is lore.
How link get sword? #43
"Can't stop laughing, clearly you've never speedran the game. The top speedrunners in the world sorta disagree. "

you mean speed runners who exploit games glitches and bugs to finish games earlier?

Must be a real deal breaker if you cant skip little planets in each level..

"" Galaxy is a downgrade in complexity and controls and gameplay. "

It's pretty much the exact same game with improve... #1.2.3
How are you supporting kojima? He ain't seeing a dime. #1.5
"Sure! But you have to control it in the most awkward way possible." "

Gyro system is optional. Stop whining about that. #5.2
" if you want to survive another generation"

Yes we'd like to hire you mr Pachter. #1.2
NVM #3.2
Computers have build in safegaurds. If something overheats the computer will shut down automatically.

Overheating is caused by bad airflow, broken parts and room temps higher than usual. #2.2.2
Can you confirm that email? #2.1.1
" The demo they showed running on the wii-u a Year ago ran horrible,AA was terrible, FPS was terrible,draw distance was terrible,and full of pop in....."

What video did you watch? #1.2.5
In terms of SJW bullshit it is cliche.
However if it was the designers intent from his/her perspective alone then I don't see a problem with it. They should have that freedom. But they should definitely not do it because there is a wave of teenagers that are oppressed from their room while sipping privileges. #3.1
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