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Region locking has to do with marketing/shareholders/legal stuff.

Most obvious reason is that Nintendo can maximize their marketing plans this way by controlling where goes what and when.

But eh, luckily I don't import games or hardware. But I can see why it stings. #8.2
> new features to make the long development time worth the wait.

LOL. As if all MK players are avid Nintendo fans.

Don't you get tired of talking so much nonsense?

Also what Concertoine said. #2.6
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> so please don't be offended.

what? LMAO #1.5
For anyone interested checkout openRa. It's a free Red alert game with online capabilities. #5
> WiiU Version Will Have To Be Remade From Scratch

Nah. NAH. Nonsense. Their game running on PS4 and Xbox indicates it's done in something akin to a language that runs on other platforms > C++ for example.

It will probably take more time as it's primarely mapping input/gpu/audio ( you know the base media layer ), but from "scratch" is laughable. Only non techies will believe this. #10
Ironically the blurriness on the wii sometimes actually adds to the gloominess. #5
> It's why people bought an old controller or the new ones made for Smash Bros.

Yes for smash bros. Because you know the hype started with Melee and transcended down to smash wiiu.

Im not entirely sure why you keep bringing back this argument. I like the controller but the only reason it's being sold out is exactly for that one reason: Smash. #12.2.3
Working on mobile games myself, yes. The whole point of making money with those games is to put anything in there that returns a profit.

So It's sensible that Nintendo doesn't want to devalue their brand. I think they rather release good games and have high value on their own. Let IAP items be additions to the game that actually make sense within the context of the game.

I ain't paying for a luigi mechanics applied to mario. Would I pay for Luigi... #4.5
"You are picking a silly Youtuber "

> SALT #2.1.10
DC sold over 10 years. DC games were still developed way beyond its failure. #28
pretty powerful minority then to let EA actually alter the ending then. #2.1.1
" Things like hit detection, saves and smart Ai couldn't be done properly."

You don't just slap sophisticated software in there and have no regard towards design.

It's called balancing. #1.1.1
It's not so much about power as it's about scalability. Even if Nintendo didn't make a console close to the Ps4/Xone but new games still ran on the system then there wouldn't be a problem.

WiiU simply doesn't fall under the scalability #18.1
The unreal "demos" are only the tip of the iceberg. The problem with those unofficial "Nintendo" character demos is that the art style is lacking dearly.

If Nintendo worked on a game ontop of Unreal you'd see some magical graphics. #13.1
Whether they deserve it, or not, people always overhype nintendo. The disappointment is on yourself if you go to that extend. #22.1.2
> ts irrelevant unless you only want indies plaguing your system of choice which has been seen during most of the WiiU's lifecycle ;)

Implying indie games are bad.

> Powerful system > gimmicks

What does this even mean?
You're implying weaker systems can't have good games.

You're hilariously ignorant. #23.1.1
They have always been on their roots. It's just the hardware that doesn't fit the "harcore gamers" idea of what a console should be. #2.4
All the hype.
All the hope.
All the disappointment again after E3.

I'm calling it. Everyone will shit on Nintendo again.

(Not saying im saying it's going to be shit) #22
"Minecraft itself is completely and utterly directionless"

I'm sorry can't hear you over this movie called something a long the lines of Lego Movie.

But seriously though how many deditated wham do i need for this game? #3.1
Isn't the whole point of not seeing his face because YOU are master chief? #2
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