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lol you should really be more specific about which side you're talking about. The left one is from twilight princess. She is a bug catcher named Agitha.

But I think the right one is the witch in HW who went evil down the line. #3.2.2
whoops wrong reply.

Btw, one of them is Agitha. #4.1.1
How do you suggest the game to be then?
There are still so many things they could do in a prime setup, as well in the 2d setups.

"As long as it's developed with love and care, who cares?"

Other M was made with love and care, still convinced? #9.1
Eh I don't think other m was trying to portray her as a fragile damsel in distress. She still kicked ass. It was just very poor story writing which came off wrong in so many ways. #3.1.1
If you're playing trough SS how can you not know Fi?
I think the other girl is the antagonist before she turned evil. Can't be sure though. #3.2
"Sorry, but his spotlight kinda faded when he left the gears team."

He has years of experience within the industry. He is a veteran. I don't give a sh/t about him, but pretending there is no merit to what he says is ridiculous.

It's like dismissing a science major because he is retired. #2.3
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To have a good economy you have to buy/sell. In this case neither is happening. #3.1.2
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Ironic you should say that. Really. Thanks for the laugh. #1.2.5
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Yes let's! And meanwhile it would be cool if half of the library suddenly wouldn't work anymore because the gamepad is missing. BRILLIANT.

/s #29
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"There we go...I was waiting for that "

Previous statement:

"The gamepad is marmite "

Yeah no, your support for Nintendo sure is dandy. #3.1.8
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"will only go as far as the Hardware allow them "

without proper software you will never reach the full potential. So disregarding the SDK with new updates is rather nonsensical.

Whether the PS4 has more computing power or not doesn't interest me. I just need the good games. #1.1.39
Going to loose a bubble over this, but seriously? This is suppose to be impressive? #25
Eh I think it has more to with actually modifying the software than anything else. #1.1.4
That's definitely Tetra. #1
"without accidentally clicking on something"

Mate it sounds like you have fat fingers. #1.1.5
But -modern- feminist hate everything. #2.2
@Dmarc I specifically quoted the first reply to Sillicur. You wanna be SJW. #1.1.49
"LMFAO! You just tried to sugarcoat the fact that PC gaming is more expensive"

No, I said you get more in return. It's in no way more expensive. It's a better investment overall. Games are also cheap.

"And PC will never do God of War 3. What's your point?

It can easily do God of War 3. It's simply not developed for PC. Different issues. You're in fact ignoring all the exclusives on PC that wil... #1.2.12
"Well duh. Most people have standard PCs that are meant to do those things, gaming consoles are made to... oh you guessed, play games."

oh gee, why am I not surprised you missed the point here. #1.2.8
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