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> What is the point of Rockstar spending millions on bringing it to the switch to not only make that money back?

But it won't cost millions.

Ports are done by far smaller teams.
And with Switches features porting shouldn't take that long.

Also GTA5 on the way? why not?

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Year calling is petty. And yes it needs to be said, it's Nintendo. They crazy enough not to do it if they wanted to.

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> It also looks like a custom built OS based of android.

More likely some unix/linux thing than android. Android mostly encompasses a java environment,

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> Oh please if Nintendo shit on their hand and clapped right in your face you'd probably find a way to defend them

If Nintendo gave you everything you wanted you'd still find something to complain about.

I don't agree with the DLC and im not buying it, so there is that.

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>but nothing makes it a joke.

You don't own a monopoly on what is and isn't a joke.
Might be tasteless? Perhaps, but that's a subjective matter.

>. It's on the same level as if he wrote "All blacks are slaves" or "All Muslims are terrorists" or "All gays are mentally sick".

Context Context Context Context Context Context Context Context Context Context Context Context Contex...

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Thanks. I too come from a similar culture and I'm being labeled racist at the mere thought of criticizing the religion the majority of my family believes in.

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> He just did something idiotic and he got caught with his pants down

Insinuating he actually hates jews.

You people really just want to shame people, put them in boxes and sit on your mighty high horse.

>why the hell would he even get involved or when has he ever got involved with things that are non gaming.

He does more than gaming nowadays. It's his platform, he can do whatever he wants.

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> Racist

Everything is a race these days, a race to "How offended can I be today".

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> Bollocks, it wasn't a joke

Yes inject your emotions into it. Objectivity doesn't count nowadays.

>I may brutally murder your family later, but don't worry, it'll only be a joke.

Context and intent, mate. Words do not offend, you take offense. He doesn't hate jews.
Murdering someone on the other hand, you're not the brightest.

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> To core gamers who want high fidelity, cutting edge graphics play on PC.


Also "mobile gaming", Google Play and Apple Appstore = mobile gaming.

Nintendo 3DS has a mighty fine library.

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But you don't fact check what goes in there.

A good game is a good game in that same regard, a good meal is a good meal.

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Lol you praising the crap EA and Ubi are doing? Or the shopped up trailers sony and ms put out?

Why would you rejoice limitation of choice?

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Why is there KB/Mouse support in the first place? lol

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> we’ll make you a version for the Super Nintendo if you want

Well then...I'm waiting

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> that gives the right to Nintendo to do it?

Yes, they are a business. They have every right.

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Kissing is probably considered "sexual " in japan.

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It's still heavy on local multiplayer, which handhelds don't offer on one device.

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Not one game, plenty on the way.

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I'm just getting the system and zelda. No hidden costs for me.

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>stop supporting Nintendo all together with these backwards ass decisions.

Then do so. Vote with your wallet.

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