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I guess financial power means nothing to you then? Don't do business please. #1.2.2
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" There's a reason every other Android-based console has flopped."

Completely irrelevant.

Android is an operating system which you can dismantle and change as you like ( it's open source ) . It means absolutely nothing in the current context.

Beside that, it's Nintendo. They can market the hell out of it unlike the others who have tried. #1.2
"i have said time and time again that nintendo reduced all its great franchises to mini-games."

Could you just stop? You are thirsty for some drama.

", i will likely throw that game straight in the bin. or trade it in for a snickers bar"

2edgy4me. God forbids you might actually enjoy some of the mini games. #1.3.1
As all windows upgrades, your data will be preserved. In either case, backup your porn. #10.1
"Don't really need it"

It's easier on the eyes. So it's always welcome. #1.4
"DX12 will enable you to put in what ever mix of cards and they will run together."

That sounds terribad on a mad scientist level. lol. I wonder what complications it will give but that's pretty cool.

As of right now you can use GTX cards for physx and run the graphics on your AMD. Looks like DX12 and Vulkan are gonna be ace. #1.2.2
you mean GTX970? Are you using it for physX or something?

Or is there a 970x card? #1.2
" I want you to stop a second and just realize how damn insane that is"

It isn't insane. #1.2.1
Eh I meant not ready to go windows 10. lol That's why i hope devs will have vulkan support. With the new shader compiler they can probably convert DX12 shaders to Vulkan shaders. #3.1.1

Implying they need new IP's because they are making little money? Last i checked their business is doing fine. #2.3.2

The API have less bloat so less overhead.
The API ACTUALLY utilizes CPU's with multiple cores and multiple threading.

Currently GPU's can only do one task at a time. With the new API you can do a lot more parallel.

Hardware doesn't change, but that does not mean software has zero impact.

"The API makes it EASIER for programmers"

It's actually more "hardcore" th... #2.4.1
I'm not ready to go windows 7 yet. So I hope gamedevs will consider vulkan as well. #3
AMD probably needs some driver fixes though I wouldn't really be too down about it. #2.3.1
"it has its purpose"

such as being overpriced. #1.1.1
" And what I'm trying to say is that they shouldn't just aim their ads at kids."

Why wouldn't they? Kids are most likely to watch TV. You yourself are on a gaming website. So what do you care? You already get more in depth information than those commercials ever could.

"Like I said kids aren't dumb"

Nothing in these videos suggests that kids are "dumb".

"and not assume things y... #2.1
"if they want to sell their games Nintendo needs to pull its crap together and get a decent ad out here."

Cause obviously the only sources you have is your television. These ads are not aimed at you. Claim your tits.

", these ads are made as if they were geared towards toddlers."

No they are not. It's more like it's geared towards kids in their early teens. #1.3
Dear Technology,

If only we had something that would record to a sequence of images when played rapidly one after another we could see something called a "moving picture". #8.1
"I feel like these developers are working their ass off just to get their games where they could've been much earlier in the development cycle if Microsoft had made a more powerful console. "



CHOO CHOO!! #1.4
You sure you aren't being transphobic towards R.O.B. by using a pic like that, Polygon? #16
It's hilarious how they were reluctant.
"Holy shit look at that money"

Same will happen with smash bros. #3
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