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> now a guy that could make a mini Nes that can run more than just 30 games.

You can do that with any device. Nintendo simply offers a small collection of their games. This is just a novelty for a nostalgia trip. Easy monies.

Also believe it or not a lot of nes games are still bound by ip owners and you need actual contracts with them if you intend to sell it. The nes was never intended to be an emulator hub.

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> hey look another mario!


> Really? Because their games tell a different story..regardless of quality their games don't change much. It's likle the main reason why their games are always so high in quality...because they hardly do anything new or risky to warrant more bugs and other problems.

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If only they zoomed out a bit when you go faster. It should be good to see what 's ahead of you

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Nintendo fans still got the games they wanted. What kind of delusional world do you live in?

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> beffy

Troll or not, you ain't the brightest.

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No it proofs that mobile games + micro transaction + ads = large income if done right. It's a completely different beast.

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more than half are students and hobbyists.

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He pretty much mimicked the character controller from his previous games. But I think later you get some ability that makes you dash or walk faster.

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> Who's to say that would PlayStation 5 or the next Xbox releases they don't use the same crap?

Because PS5 and NextBox aren't things they can just popup. The design of it takes effort and planning not to mention marketing.

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Reinhardt barely does damage to it when it's fully upgraded. Which makes no sense to me.

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> Tell me how what kurdishcurse said was wrong ?

The fact that Ganons character is tight to the lore of the franchise. Not only do some zelda games exclude him and is replaced with a different villains also makes his claim false.

You really are going for that ban eh?

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> I so would rather 1080p 60fps (or more) at ultra settings with fov sliders and full on AA.

Which is most likely the standard.

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> It looks great but that subtitle just doesn't quite sit well with me ;)

Pretty much translates to : I don't really like what Nintendo does so imma complain.

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He doesn't even have a devkit:

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Nintendo wouldn't be making the hardware. They would probably outsource it like they do with their AMD hardware.

Not that I believe nor care about the VR for nintendo.

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That....That looks...super boring. WALK SIMULATOR TEXTURE EDITION

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You need to do some color correction/calibration.

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But you don't add anything. It screws over early devs and messes with marketing.

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> The NX still needs to prove itself.

No one is disputing this.

>Remember all those WiiU rumors and how that console was supposed to be more powerful than the PS4?

Missed the point much?

>Also, according to Emily Rogers Sony and Microsoft have nothing to worry about there's no need to match what Nintendo's got. If anything the NEO and the new upgraded X1 will be overkill ;)

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> because they're nervous about competitors copying whatever

You dont turn your production overnight you know.

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