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BS. His argument is "It's underpowered". The WiiU is stronger than the PS360. There should absolutely be no reason for them to struggle with the hardware.

GTFO #3.2.3
" The system is horribly under-powered"

Then why are a lot of these games still going to the PS360? #3.2
You do realize a lot of people were shut down. Entire threads on reddit deleted. #7.4
"I can make up numbers like that when I am observing the demographic around me to see what I think is going on. "


Statistics don't work like that. They are based on actual numbers. You're just throwing around a number as if you're stating facts.
Your experience of what? You keep saying in your experience. What exactly have you experienced that you came up with the number 5?

I also mentioned that it com... #12.2
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They actually are now. And the 3DS is still making them money. Try again. #7.1.2
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"what is a AAA title? S"

Triple A refers to the budget. It holds no bearing on the quality itself. Mostly used as a buzzword for people who need to feel special within the gaming community. #15.3
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"however id say these things probably affect about 5% of the userbase"

You can't just make up figures like that. Seriously don't. You're making stuff up to support your OWN point.
Besides when reviewers say it's better to get the game for 360/PS3 it's also not helping.

A good game is a good game. The solution is good marketing. And when you bring out a shoddy port, you're ruining your marketing. Simple as that. #12.1
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"Nintendo created this situation that drives third party publishers away. "

uhuh. Delay Rayman. Shoddy and incomplete ports when the 360/PS3 get the full treatment.

Yeah "Nintendo created this situation". I'm sorry but third party developers have put absolutely no effort in supporting the WiiU. Games were already out on other consoles for ages or they flip the fingers with a delay ( ironically it still sold more on the WiiU )
... #1.1.3
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"it's hard not to imagine going 3rd party a serious option("

They make money off hardware as well. It's like you people have absolutely no clue how business works. It's not rocket science on the surface. Hardware + Software > just software.

"if nintendo doesn't take this seriously nextgen and deliver a system with convincing and strong 3rd party support, convincing online and convincing specs......they will go 3rd party 100%... #7.1
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"home and in fear and ignorance of everything. "
I said no such thing or insinuated any of that.

"I repeat again, taking good parents in mind we are still human, parents can still make some mistakes and thus we depend on other humans many many times. It is not math.

Just because parenting is hard and kids will do whatever they can to slip out and discover things on their own, there is absolute no reason to blame the peop... #1.1.6
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Give Whoopy some slack, mate. She already has to deal with 3 borderline retards. #7.1.1
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"Parents cant control and check everything. "

Doesn't mean everyone else should take care of your kids. It's the parents responsibility to keep things in check.

"some things cross the line. "

No it's the parents not supervising the content of whatever they are giving to their children. A simple google search will do that for them.

"The point is the fault lies where it lies, its not fixed.&... #1.1.1
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The brown and Green were mostlikely to palette restrictions. Just like how links hair is pink in link to the past. Wouldn't hammer too much on it. #2.1.8
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Oh mate you should visit tumblr in action on reddit. There definitely was someone crying about it.

here we go : http://res-res-res.tumblr.c... #5.1.1
Roll in the SJW and their sharped edge of sexism and oppression. #5
".something the new fans brought in by FFVII were ticked off about despite the fact each game is a new story. "

No. No one cared that the previous installments were not prequels. So that doesn't make sense.

"I mean the guy even had a backstory to why he was selfish and a jerk, .... hell it even explains his "I don't care attitude" for the world. "

He was a whiny and bitchy trough out the WHOLE game. There... #2.1
Does not explain the shape of his nose. #1.8
"The developers immediately double up on the misogynist story tropes"

There are punk chicks beating she crap out of you...

" you're better off tracking down the far superior arcade version."

Never liked the arcade version. Actually think the music and visuals are worse ( regardless of it having a higher color depth, its art is just meh and the music is too noisy ) and feels more rigid.

Granted the cont... #1
"If we keep buying the same garbage, why do we deserve a four course meal?"

If he insists on being an asshole, why does he deserve respect? #14.2
People follow him to bash him at the first sign of a new post. #11.1
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