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The game looks promising because the protagonist is "hot"?
Are you a basement dweller? #2.1
"Something like Metroid it's more AAA than Donkey Kong."

AAA implies how big the budget is for said game. Stop using that buzzword. Ya'll have no clue what it means. No such thing as " in AAA gaming."

"Retro was made for this kind of games, not side-scrollers, that's a waste of potential."

They did pretty fine with Donkey Kong. They made a solid game. So no potential wasted. They are game developers n... #1.1.4
If you want to have fun, go outside or something #11.1
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How about a story that makes sense? #7
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If that's so true then why is Microsoft actually participating in the development of OpenGL? #3.2.1
"since it is much more used, "

The problem though is that there is no standard and some companies have made adaptions and what not. They will probably fix this with OpenGL NG. #3.3
This is the bug girl from TP :

She looks nothing like Lana.

I wouldn't call Agitha cliché anime. #4.3
LOL you're getting things mixed up:
Lana is a new character, the one with blue hair. The bug girl is Agitha, she is from twilight princess.

But eh Lana was probably created by the Warriors team and not so much the zelda team. probably explains the cliche anime influence. #4.2
" I didn't play skyward sword (I assume she from that game)"

She isn't. Lana is from this game. And she looks perfectly fine and inline with how Twilight princess characters look.

Zelda always had an anime flair to it. Would you have said the same if she had dark brown hair? #4.1
Well they couldn't say Jean right. So there ya go. #1.2
Good god Japan. Chill your GUI.

There is already so much going on screen, what made them think a constant message right in the middle was a good idea? #3
Don't forget the orchestration of the SJW movement within the indie community. #1.2.3
What a load of crap. I hate it when people buy devices but do not educate themselves on the plusses and downsides. Don't give your phone to your kid, period. #5
Mo money mo money. Not having kids myself either. #3.2
Im very happy Nintendo is finally doing something like this. But they really pretend it's the new era for this kind of stuf...ugh #1
"This is hardly a shining example of unreal engine in use."

Yet you said "anyhoo kinda tired of unreal engine". UDK4 hasn't even been utilized properly. You probably barely touched it and you're saying you're tired of software that is just out .

I'm not buying your "10 years of development" nonsense. You're buying into Fox engine but already seem to be done with UDK4. LOL.

Both engines will lo... #1.8
Screenshots : The Game. #4
"less hassle".

There is no hassle with PC gaming. And on top of that you can do a lot more with it. #1.11

A lot of UDK users make use of assets they got with the engine. That's why a lot of materials look alike. However you can create your own shaders and materials. It's most likely they bought asset packs to boost their production.

Pretending this is all UDK can do is hilariously ignorant. Fox engine is fairly similar to UDK and any other engine because they all use modern techniques. Non of them use space magic. NON. They are all bound to the comp... #1.5.2
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