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"these people" didn't trigger anything for you, did it? #1.1.2
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And you're obviously forgetting that PC games come with tweaking options. Low settings run easily on the average pc. #1.3
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"For them investing in a Wii U makes no sense. You can't play some of the biggest titles"

You are insinuating that non of these people own a PC. #1.1
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While everyone is crying that the game looks awful the 3ds version looks pretty much close to the originals and the gba versions.

The games are geared towards kids to tie in with the show. Are you people seriously indulging yourself with your own BS? #8
"if you ask me"

Unless you work for Nintendo...
It's more than just sold figures. It's profit, long term plans, keeping third parties interested etc.

5 years and only 20 million sold is terrible.

" but Nintendo can't demand more, they should be aware that their name is not so popular like Xbox or PlayStation anymore."

Pretty much everyone knows what/who Nintendo is. It&... #1.2
"Why? Because you just don't like the idea? There's no "rule" or "lore" that states Link can't be female. "

Skyward sword establishes that very well actually.

Born of royal blood is blessed with the power of wisdom. #1.2.10
Actually the large world and its visual splendor wouldn't be possible if they were still working with the Wii like hardware. It isn't just about the second screen. It's the whole package. The screen is not the only thing that opens new doors, it's the horsepower which allows for such worlds to be possible.

If the Gamepad was just an add-on for the original Wii, they would have said the same thing. Well no sh/t Nintendo. New types of hardware allow you to do ne... #14.2.1
Yeah you know, I mean I love Nintendo games. But the statement makes it sound like they are "shocked" or surprised by it which makes me want to punch them in the face( obviously they are not ).

What were you expecting, Nintendo? Obviously you can do more. If I recall correctly in one old interview where Nintendo states that the Wii is enough for their games. It's like they are purposely denying themselves a flexible work environment. This statement of his is a g... #14
"or complex gameplay games"

Extrapolate. As far as I can tell the only developers trying "complex" gameplay are indie developers. Everything else is a sandbox game with half baked parkour mechanics on a triple A budget that screams "look at mah gfx". #10.1
" we all know how hard Nintendo tried to win them over again with the Wii U's first year and a half. "

No they didn't. Their marketing plan was pretty much non existing. They hoped the Wii would have carried it for them. If anything Nintendo completely botched it with the so called "casuals". #1.7

Comprehensive reading is not your strongest skill, or is it?

I said "not directly relevant". Last Air bender got games when it was still airing. Back when it was in its prime. That show is simply pushed back in favor of their NEW show. Obviously Nickelodeon wants to cash in on something recent rather something of the past. It's only the natural order of how trends are set.

It really isn't hard to grasp. And your &quo... #4.1.2
Korra is still in progress, so it's more recent.

Last air bender had its time. It's simply not directly relevant anymore. #4.1
"I don't know why people care anyway. So what if 48% of gamers are female. "

Children and women are the biggest markets. From a business perspective you should care. Otherwise, yeah not really. #1.1.3
"So they can do skins, this is what Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach should of been."

A color skin ( aka pallete swap or texture swap ) is not the same as a model swap.

I'm not saying the 2 additions are something to be praised but they are not the same thing as what you're implying. #2.9
"Is this a ps2 game that was accidentally released on ps4?"

Nah man, just Japan anno 2014. #1.1.9
In what way was it fake? There was even in game footage. #1.2.2
You know what's stupid? Shadow. You know what else is stupid? Every other damn character beside Knuckles and Tails. And yet sonic fans are crying about a scarf and "gloves" ( it's just white banding, he always had gloves ) which look both completely fine.

If anything you should be complaining about is the complete and utter lack of creativity when it comes to Sonic Team designing characters.

Sonic fans are the worst. #3.1
"The motion control in SS was poorly designed. The incorrect inputs were frustrating and too frequent."

Worked fine for me. And the design was fine. Most interesting bosses ever in zelda. #1.1
It isn't about Zoe or Phil. It's about what they represent. They are tarnishing the indie community by advocating complete and utter sh/t behavior.

If only it was about phils douchery and zoe's sex life. Then at least we could scoff it off. But those two people are a cancer, espexially Zoe who has been lying trough all of this to get where she is now. Depression Quest isn't even a game. And yet here we are. YAY for "journalism" #1.2.1
You act as if they are all working in assembly. They are all programming in C/C++. Then the compiler takes care of turning that into machine code. #13.1.1
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