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"Characters models have more detail now, JAPAN IS SO ICKY!!!" #2.3
I don't see how that is relevant. The argument here is that people are willing to pay for a service if it's worth their money.

"Now tell me digital piracy hasn't affected anyone? "

I find it funny you blame it on piracy instead of technology ( and the incompetents of the music business not growing with it ). It's also funny you neglect the fact artists are getting more exposure thanks to the internet. They make big buck from tours. I... #3.1.9
"That's a lie. People will always steal if there is no consequences. No one has any pride anymore."

LOL at being too dramatic.

"So what?
Would you rob a bank because of the service?

This is probably the dumbest thing I've read in 2014.
I'm not even going to dissect the sheer stupidity.

"Pirates pirate because they can get away with it... "

Pe... #3.1.5
If they just provide better services people wouldn't pirate shit. It's simple. Look at how well Netflix is doing. #3.1
I personally never really cared for the 3D overworld. Because I just went from A to B and there was not much exploring to do ( Windwaker doesn't exactly count cause I didnt care about treasure hunting ). But this game gives me hope. I'm eager to see how they will use weapons/items to backtrack many spots. #2.2
Fact is Nintendo is only showing off what is intended for the demo.
I can bet on it that you will see things like the post man running around. Random villagers traveling. The beedle shop. Etc.

All we have seen so far is a big giant world.
Horse mechanics. - Sword and Bow use as well as "smart" horse riding.
Slow-mo mechanics.

Other than that we know absolutely nothing about new items. Or other world mechanics. #8.1
I remember the Ps3 ;D #5.2
#Drama. #1.3
" gimmick "

You seem to say that a lot. #1.8
We know jackshit about this game. LOL people need to calm down.

Remember when Super Mario 3D World Wii U was shown just to have " clear pipes"? That was so imaginatively boring. And then when the game comes out it's nothing like their first teaser. #1.2.1
All Sail Hatan. #9.2.2
The whole video stuttered actually. Not just the tv screen. #9.2
> Second, go fuck yourself. I suppose you think I should allow my kids to watch porn too huh?

HAHAHAH. I actually said the opposite. You're in control, but don't ask for things to be removed because you don't want to explain something to your kids.

>Maybe do some drugs? Show them some nice autopsy photos?

LOL comprehensive reading is hard, isn't it?

>I hope you don't have children. They deserve be... #8.2
How am I over reacting?

" The word would not affect my kids the older ones understand and the younger ones wouldn't even notice. But I understand why they did it didn't hurt the game anyway. "

No he specifically said

" I don't want to explain suicide to my kids".

And I simply responded to that. It's clear he is in favor of censorship. It's lazy parenting if anything. They took it out be... #8.1.2
> I don't want to explain scuicide to my kids until they are older.

And this is why we have shitty regulations and people taking away games out of stores ( GTA V for example ).

If the game contains stuff you don't want to explain to your kids then don't let them play those games. If you think a game will make you feel uncomfortable, don't play it. It shouldn't be the other way around so they have to censor something that's actually... #8.1
If anything blame it on the financial and project managers. The actual developers work as hard as they can. They don't decide the deadlines. #7
Epic changed their subscription. You pay a monthly fee and there are royalty costs when you sell your game. About 20 bucks a month? Hell yes a lot of people are using it. Big games also need time.

Students get to use it for free. Meaning that they get used to the engine/system. Meaning UE will have more users.

Same way Unity is wildly used because of the free version.

Also the .6 denotes an update version. Do you even software bro? #2.2
IF they give you shit just punch em in the stomach. Works every time. #1.1.1
" It's a scientific question. "

And science also drives our politics and society. It's not so much the question " is the earth round?" that matters. But how we use this information to further our scientific studies. Which ultimately changes the way we build our society around it. You and I wouldn't be conversing right now if someone didn't question how we could send data over a current. Both our society would have looked completely differ... #1.1.7
" Politics really doesn't come with everything."

How does it not?

Everything we create or do affects our society. Society and Politics are intertwined. Just because it's not in the big headlines when you watch your favorite news channel doesn't mean it's free of political disputes.

"Culture, however, is by and large a channel for people to spread personal thoughts, experiences and political views."
... #1.1.5
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