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The only reason it's delayed is because NBandai. That's it. #3.5
"DX11 is used or can be used on other platforms that support it."

No. What people don't seem to understand that's not "DX11" but features equivalent to DX11. These articles are ignorant as hell. #9.1
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Sega in Japan is making a buckload on arcades. Japan is literally filled with Sega arcades. Sega don't really give a crap about much else. #2.1.2
As a gay person I can confirm that I absolutely love the sex. So your point is invalid. #2.1.2
I don't see how "Wii U hasn't had it as bad as that". Nintendo was "doomed" since the original Wii ( hell even before that ). And to this day even with a good line up it's still getting flack from mostly everyone.

No matter how many good games Wii U will get it will always be bashed far worse than the PS4/X1. #1.1.1
Why did you even bother mention tlou? A moden CPU should be able to handle 5000-10000 enities, provided the code be written efficient.
Which btw still has nothing to do with mantle or directX. #4.2.1
"I agree with Foxtrot that people seem to be afraid of change"

It's not change people are afraid of, it's the fact it's most likely going to be complete trash. #3.1.2
"If Modern CPU's could match GPU's then why do the cpu tests in 3Dmark run like sh*t?"

What the bloody hell?
No one insinuated that.

If that's the test is CPU vs GPU then AMD people aren't making a case here. #4.1.6

1080p is not a bottleneck on mid/high-end GPU's these days. So a low level api still has its benefits there.

Without mantle the frame rates would probably be even lower. A lower API is always good. I just don't understand the extreme framedrop from the demo. It just seems like pure PR talk. #4.1.3
I know what mantle does. Modern CPU's don't have issues controlling thousands of ships. that's not what this is about.

GPUs can easily render that which you see. The extreme framedrops are just biased. You can't tell me they used proper software. That what they demonstrated shouldn't be hard to handle. #4.1.1
In all honesty, that demo did no look that complex. So what exactly caused DX to run so slow?

Seems like a biased move here. #4
"but they didn't even have a conference at all!"

Good thing they didn't. The Nintendo Treehouse format is perfect. MS and Sony are using too many gimmicks on stage and talk about business far too much.

No one cares about those business people that walk up stage. Seriously. #9.3
"Wii U needs to have more sales to help third party support."

Wii U needs more third party support to fell more games.

Vicious circle isn't it? #1.4
0-10 and 0-100 Are the same...

A 7.5 = 75. #1.3
To maintain a level of realism. It's not hard to understand.
EA sport games go for realistic settings.

You think an American Football fan wouldn't be detached from the immersion if his team is filled with female characters? #1.1.8

Same reason why every other gamer here defends "Uh look at mah photorealistic gfx!!! IMMERSIONS"

It's childish to make this into a sexist issue. It's not a problem in the real world. Why is it in games where the main selling point is to have a realistic setting as much as possible?

" and make gamers look bad"
No your mentality makes gamers look ignorant and unintelligent. Stop with the dramatic ham... #1.1.6
"Ok, you obviously did not understand, what I said."

No I did understand you.
You simply miss the point I'm trying to make.

" If they actually put all these things in, then they can do that, but as long as the woman (at least in most sports), is not programmed to be worse, then they should no differentiate. "

Again, it would remove realism even more so if you start changing the rules of something you're try... #1.1.4
" because it is not realistic enough, to do so."

We are talking sport games here. Based on actual sports. It's trying to be as realistic as possible. So mixing up gender would only remove the realism even more.

you're basically saying "men can jump, women can jump, so therefor they should be playing within the same ranks". There is a GOOD reason within sport why Genders are separated. As well as body class.

Like I... #1.1.2
Unless it's trying to emulate realism. And for that very reason you mentioned first there is still separation of gender.

It's not meant to take a stab at women ( or men for that matter ). It's simply how it is.

Now there are a gazillion games that mix up genders regardless of their body "class". So I honestly find this whole notion stupid that it's an issue in games where the main selling point is "realism". #1.1

It's a stupid argument. Yes you pay more, but you get more.

It runs a full OS with all kinds of bells and wistles. It doubles as a media center as well as a tool to study, create ( literature/art/music/software ) and allows you to run applications consoles will never run unless specifically designed for them.
Not to mention, games that go way back to 1990.

People seriously don't understand the major benefits a pc has. #1.1.44
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