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well who said a video game has to be realistic to be fun?

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no chance. it was not their fault the glitch was there in the first place. i bought the game, if there is a glitch on it and 'i will get banned if i even did it accidently' that would be the most stupid thing in the game.

it would be cheating if someone hacked it, they will have an advantage etc, but anyone can do this glitch + you can kill the enemy inside it still from the back.

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why would someone get banned for doing a glitch? its not their fault its in the game and they didn't no sort of hack.

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you can't exactly say one game is better than another, its all opinion based.
however, in my opinion im probably going to enjoy mw3 more than i enjoyed bf3 because im still addicted to the whole cod concept. bf3 was a change that would have taken me time to move to. for bf players it would be easier and they would love it.
can't we just have information about stuff that we want to hear apart from about 20 articles about bf3 vs Cod...its really boring now.

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yeah i dont understand why people care so much about k/d. not much fun if you take it too serious.

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whats the mercury game mode?

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instead of mw3? its like your only getting a choice between the two. if so, fine but you cant compare skyrim with mw3, thats like comparing halo with gta. nothing alike. buy whatever you want to buy, cant tell people what to buy.

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wont, robert said they dont want to ban legal gamers.

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i rather have it the size of red dead redemption and have a lot more buildings in which i can go inside and do things rather than have it double the size of RDR and have just roads and roads of nothing but driving.

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since the u.k version comes out in feburary, if i buy the american version, can i still play it online? or is it region locked? thanks

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happens on both single and multiplayer :| doesn't give no damage what so ever. (until a few trys)

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has the beta even came out yet?

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im still waiting for my copy, do you just install the disk as you normally do with any other game or do you have to start the game and then install?

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hope it gets fixed soon, mine might arrive tommorrow.

and lol @ the bf3 fanboys that were saying that cod games have problems at launch.

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old news but the date has changed again from the 2nd feburary to the 3rd lol.

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its battlefield in modern times "its modern warfare 3" :P

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how about 12 people online in a zombie game where zombies can even drive. would be good in areas like the airport in gta4

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no falling damage isn't something new :P and yes if that happens then u wont get the kill. you probably get some points for it still.

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DAMMIT i wanted it to be in London.

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