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And I quote: "'One game has the power to change everything,' Mr. Iwata said, smiling often."

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It sold better on a console with a fraction of the install base. Now THAT's saying something.

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Yeah i read about all the multiplayer issues on Miiverse and was waiting for the patch to release as well. I'm actually picking this game up this week.

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I agree with what you're saying about 3rd party.. but

"Just relying on the their first party titles to sell the console ain't going to cut it, because they are far and few between releases."

IDK about that.. I feel like like all it takes is one or two blockbuster titles from Nintendo and the console will start flying off the shelves.

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just remake all of the console zeldas. bundle it with the wii u for 350 and watch the dollars roll in.

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i agree. that tech demo- that's the zelda game i want, the zelda game that would really appeal to the core gamer. But I've read multiple aunoma interviews where he's talking about how they're trying to appeal to newcomers and taking inspiration from both WW and link between worlds... which really leads me to expect a cartoonish art style with inane handholding throughout the game. here's hoping that's not the case.

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@RicardJulianti Well said.

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I think x2geex means the best console version..

The frame rate might not be as good as other versions, but the textures are better, and it has more features. Splitting the screen to the Gamepad and playing multiplayer off tv, for example.

That said, I'm sure PS4 and XOne will have the superior versions of this game in terms of graphics and stability. But if we're talking ps360 or Wii U.. I'd take the Wii U version all day long. The only caveat t...

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i hope they release this one digitally... blops2 disc never seems to leave my wii u...

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Ah, yes how will Pikmin 3 compete with all these unreleased consoles with those unreleased games that are currently FLOODING the market? Wait, it won't have to.. until "holiday 2013." By then, hopefully, the console will already see an upswing in sales due to the release of WW, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, and probably slightly better versions of big third party titles like watch dogs, splinter cell, and COD.

Nintendo will be just fine. Why wouldnt you want...

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@RavageX I agree. Gameplay is what really matters. It's hard to demonstrate great gameplay when there are no games, but alas... we'll get a taste of what the Wii U can offer in that regard when Pikmin is released in a few short weeks. For now I'll play BLOPS2 and Luigi U till my thumbs bleed.

The whole "Who cares if it's slightly more powerful than a 7 yr. old console" argument- I don't really get it. I honestly believe PS360 will stay relevant f...

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"it’s very clear what the Gamepad is best at offering: Streamlined menu navigation, off-TV play, cleaner TV-screen presentation, and proper splitscreen multiplayer. These are the pillars on which the Wii U’s merit stands– not on some one-off novel experience akin to the Wii’s Skyward Sword or Wii Sports. Here are four features that, when implemented, unequivocally and irrefutably improve a gameplay experience in the most basic of ways."
Well said!

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@Crillvirus yes! I was so surprised by how awesome it is to play COD online multiplayer on the gamepad, how little the graphics suffer, and how easy it is to identify enemies on a screen of that size. People who knock it clearly have never tried it! Plus, two player online multiplayer without splitting the tv screen?!! Great!

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Give it three days.

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You want a MILLION dollar Wii U idea? Put GUNBOUND on the Wii U.

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this game is only 30 bucks on origin for the physical wii u copy!! free shipping

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Well said. Some of the more recent criticism is warranted; but as a whole, the Game Media just has it out for Nintendo in a HUGE way. It's tiring to be a Nintendo fan.

Personally, I don't think that it's a huge leap from 6.4 percent of developers who intend to put their next game on Wii u to the 14 percent who are developing for X360, especially when you consider how well-established the other consoles are already. Higher install base = more profit.

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^^^^ this is exactly what I was looking for. (Yoshi's Island 2 U (<pointless character indicating nothing))

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