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Isn't that right the guy who uses "Greatness Awaits 4>1" as his signature? Oh where art thou

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Xbox One includes HDMI


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well this is gonna make the purchase of One solely for Forza series easier now. Still not getting it day 1 as I'm getting PS4 day 1, but I will around Christmas maybe

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I wouldn't trade my PS3 until I see Gaikai in motion, and it better not cost an arm and a leg, and better be one time payment. I still love my yearly playtrough of Uncharted 2 and 3 as well as Last of Us and upcoming Beyond. And since I'm keeping PS3 and probably gonna trade in my 360 at a future point in time, I might as well get GTA5 on PS3. However I am still gonna wait to see a Eurogamer Faceoff between PS3 and 360 for GTA5. Seeing how GTA4 did better on 360, but LA Noire better o...

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oh like you you pstards state in every article about console specs that ps4 has 50% more power?? If i had a dollar for every time i read that comment i could afford to buy all my friends and acquaintances a ps4 and killzone each.
and you pity us pc enthusiasts??? AHHAHA
now I pitty YOU
and btw, us PC enthusiasts have at least one console for exclusives, generally p...

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wow the guy says GT6 looks better than DriveClub. In the article it says how he was surpirsed the DC didn't look much like a next gen title, and when he went back to the GT6 booth, he was surprised that GT6 looks better in comparison. Damn I guess no more day 1 buy for me, Ill wait for full review and gameplay.

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"Also, PC doesn't use "teh cloud" either, so their argument of it being due to the "power of the cloud" falls flat on it's face right there. They contradict themselves in the same sentence"
That's cos pc had enough power under the hood and needs not have things rendered for it by a more powerful cloud server. Xbone needs cloud support cos its weak

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whaaaa? the xbox live community then?? well maybe its gonna be a bigger hit on live then steam but i sure as hell wouldnt drop 560+tax bucks to play a game that isn't even exclusive.
to each their own i guess

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If its the only reason youll get xbone then i suggest you invest that money into a pc if its not good enough to run titan fall, but most likely it is. The game didnt look to impressive graphically. Im sure a gtx 400 series or amds 5000 are more than enough for 1080p 60fps with medium settings

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lol they should delay the xbox one version release date until xbox one officially releases in poland. that should teach ms that murica =\= world

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its basically a console or a system that takes a load of calculations off of the console or user terminal, processes it, and sends it back to the user via internet. so lets say 30% of the processing done is by the cloud, the console can now process more data locally. in the end, cloud + console = more data processed than console alone

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amen to that.
naughty dog has given me the best gaming experiences i've had to date with uncharted 2/3 and last of us. uc1 was meh for me

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@esemce, @limewax
Two words, Nvidia GRID. You're saying that the cloud can't even render 2 pixels and will give you input lag? LOL
Either blind and misinformed or ps sheep/employee
Or in denial, or too poor to afford both consoles.
Man how I would love for Microsoft yo just come out and say they have something that works exactly like Nvidia Grid and show us some BF4 or whatever on a microsoft surface and then switch to Xbone.
And no you ps emplo...

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"So are you saying that they cannot do what Sony did in GT6? with a hardware of 2006 and 256mb of video memory?"

YES, I completely agree with that argument. Why cant they do on 8x more powerful hardware when PD did.
But to compare to GT3 like the guy above said where rain would have no impact other than visual, or maybe the car would slide here and there. GT6 rain, I have no idea actually, but Im guessing will affect how the car/tires...

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because its easy to apply a night theme and slippery track. i hate it when people put it like that. "well a game 50 years ago had this crap why can't this one do it". because they can't just make the track look wet, they gotta make it feel wet too, which involves a whole lot of physics and probably days/weeks/months of testing on each type of car. also just making it night doesn't work like it did in your GT3, tho it's still relatively unadvanced. you gotta have diff...

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Lol sure sure its gonna have better graphics eith an underclocked 1.24tflops so more like 1tflop and slow as hell ddr3 ram of what 60 something gbps? Ps4 s gddr5 gives 176 gbps was it? Haha xbone is gonna have downscaled multiplats compared to ps4

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Doesnt best buy and amazon charge you cc on shipment? You dont need the money now

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