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@Jio that is true, I'm sure Nintendo will slowly faze out development for the DS but with so many casual gamers using the DS at the moment I think they won't completely abandon it straight away.

That is unless they bring out a new Brain Training or big casual title like that for the 3DS.

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Exactly DS has so much more hardware out there compared to the 3DS!

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Homefront was nothing but a mundane shooter that brought nothing new to the genre

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Surprised Crysis 2 hasn't been included!

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well at least he admits they are aiming for the casual market to start with

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haha you really did like Sports Champion didn't you! Good to meet you at the event guys

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woops changed! been writing too many kinect stories recently lol

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played Move yesterday and it was really good! Think with the titles they have like The Fight will sell it towards hardcore market

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dates are for EU and UK

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exactly that's what im trying to argue, why a clothes show?

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not at all i still think they havent got the market correct when they choose something like a clothes show. unless they truly are aiming it at the casual market which has been done to death by the Wii

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haha so what, loads of people and celebs attend festivals, it would make more sense to have Kinect on show there rather than some poncy clothes show which 99% of the people attending wont give a hoot about a computer game,

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A clothes show? Really Microsoft is that your intended market?

Haha PS3 going for the win by promoting their motion controller to correct market!

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i think they are rushing it out to work on F1 2011

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I disagree on the two analogue sticks, look at MGS: Peace Walker for example one of the GOTY candidates!

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sounds about right that something was going to cock up for such a big release

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too long ive waited for this day!

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cannot wait for this!

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Suppose they dont want to spoil it but then again they have released so many trailers in recent weeks its hard to not know

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