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"the most interesting thing about gaming is not the console or the games but this website"


i am not going to lie,i want that so badly. #5
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will thats great for the ubisoft. i expect annual releases for far cry 4 now. great #11
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you know why, because there is NO fucking co-op games anymore. Call of Duty removed 4 player split screen. Evolve, Destiny Evolve, Killzone, Driveclub, Sunset. All these games deserve to be played with friends.

The controller might as well be free. This has honestly been the absolute worst generation of gaming. Its a shallow, sheltered experience and its only going to get worse. #4
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I say fuck preodering, that's how I treat 'em
We buy our way out of dlc, but we can't buy a full game
We'll buy a lot of vouchers when we don't really need em. #6
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The main problem with the game is that it is designed around DLC. If this game had the player in mind, it would of had split screen, it would of never had expansion passes. This game did not have the player in mind and that's pathetic considering the fact that bungie has a track record of being nothing but loyal to their fans. I'm sorry but i hope this game goes silent and follow's the route diablo 3 (meaning they create an ultimate evil edition). Even though i am pretty sure that... #1.1.5
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yeah bro. i get you #2.1
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i would rather have a battle between diablo 3 and destiny. Since the focus is on looting and upgrading your gear after every fight. I think it would be more than appropriate to compare to the games. #3
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well loyalty to a brand will probably never die. others might experiment, which i will do with the xbox one in November. I am not that excited since I feel like both machines are capable of satisfying my gaming needs. But last year it felt like a mistake to only own one console. #26
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"believe the hype" #8
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i couldnt finish it as well. its way too uncomfortable. but its amazing #12
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no son. like i have explained before. I own the pos, meaning i can be critical. I am not going to give it a pass, or be grateful that sony decided to throw me a bone every now and then. i am not going to blindly condone a practice that serves no purpose but to boost sony's ego. So after spending a lot of time with it, i can honestly say i am disappointed with it. #8.1.1
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no, as long as its lacking in the most basic of features. the ps 4 is far from being the on top. the only reason, and i mean the ONLY reason why the ps4 is such a great success, is because the competition fucked up so badly.

now before i get pm's about how i dont own a ps 4. i own it, i am far from impressed.the fact that it loses every time you compare it the features of a ps3, just screams disappointment. the only thing that blew me away was the destiny beta. #8
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even though i use it to play ps 4 games, i still regret buying this thing. i don't hate it as much anymore. but its still a pos. #6.2
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lol is this "bitch" still relevant? Last i checked he was making mobile games. #1.7
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Because the ps 4 is lacking in so many features. It's stripped down , bares to the bone. The fact that I can't change my background let alone play a damn song pisses me off. So yeah I look forward to the updates hoping that sony doesn't fuck up it up take more shit away. Btw. The ps 3 took forever to update. That's why nobody wanted to update it. #1.1.5
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wtf is this gay shit #12
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it has no future #1.3
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thank god. my ps 4 has a purpose again. thats all i ever wanted. #43
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was hoping for a tekken tag 2 announcement. specifically for the ps 4. my ps 4 needs a tekken presence. feels incomplete without it. #2
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to be honest i regret buying this thing. its a pos, a mistake, a failed attempt to be relevant in the handheld game. developers know about its futility, and sony has accepted this a long long time ago.

so fuck this thing and its retarded marketing (yeah i am referring to the stupid fucking storage cards, and the selling point that it can replicate ps 3 experiences on a vita). #1.5
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