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Although i disagree its very hard to buy a pc game when you can download it easily in about an hour.

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WOW thank god I saw this. Im gunna back up my fallout saves before I install the patch.

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Its a rumour so its pretty pointless. The guy basically says we'll think about it in 2 years time on killzone 3.

It would be brilliant though. Im guessing something similar to Far cry 2 level editor rather than the Halo forge.

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Oh look Another one.......It says Sony hasnt had a loss in 14 years, and theyve been making 5 billion in profit each year so 1 year of loss isnt going to kill them. Plus we are in a recession so its not surpising. All major electronics companies are in the same situation. And when the economy gets back on track in 1 - 2 years from now things will be all fine again for Sony and other companys. And lets not forget this is still all Speculation.

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Thanks +1

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Anyone know if this is being built into the xmb or is it through the web browser ??? If its the web browser it would be pretty pointless.

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If backwards compatibility is software based (except the American 20 and 60gb) i dont see how removing it is a cost cutting measure. Someone please explain...

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I got the PS3 version not knowing about this exclusive DLC, but i dont really care. Even if I had the 360 version I wouldnt pay the price of another game for some extra levels. Same if it was exclusive PS3 dlc.

DLC is pointless and who actually buys it anyway. I wish these developers would stop making DLC and start making new games. Especially Rockstar North.

But i do agree about the level cap. But then if they did remove it would people buy the DLC ? Probably not

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I hope the game has a story mode or it will be terrible. Same with lbp. If LBP never had a story mode it would be very boring. Not everyone wants to create a level.

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Noone gives a f*ck, this is getting boring. Oh look the 360 is outselling the PS3, who cares. Its common sense really considering its half the price. Does it even matter ? The PS3 has got some amazing games coming in 2009, so just play the games and stop shouting about sales.

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Do they honestly think anyone whos on the fence about buying killzone 2 will base their purchase on a crappy metacritic user score. The answer is no.

Most people who will be buying exclusives like Killzone, resistance, lbp, halo, gears, etc have probably never even heard of metacritic, so it wont make any difference to sales, so I dont really know what these fanboys are trying to achieve.

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Game rankings is a good average review site aswell.

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I have the PS3 version and i havent experience one crash...yet

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Haters ^^^^ I would buy this if it was the same price as an ipod touch.

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I said Game. "Game/Gamestation". Both owned by the same company.

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I would probably say there are only 4 big entertainment chains left and if one of them go we are all screwed.

Argos, Currys(PC WORLD, DIXONS, COMET all the same company), HMV and Game/Gamestation.

If one/all of these go then we could be in big trouble.

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1 update isnt going to fuel the SCEE hate fire. I still hate them for not adding street fighter hd remix and not giving us Home rooms like US and Japan have got.

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$10 ! Its £8 in UK. We are getting totally shafted on price conversions.

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My new xbox 360 scratched my Halo 3 but I did move the console lol Shouldnt happen though

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Tales of RROD? ( I remember seeing someone on the xbox forum who got a RROD from Tales of Vesperia lol)

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