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"Well Fuck... GTA V has been delayed. Stop crying."


I respect the fact that GTA V doesn't top your wish-list. But I must disagree with you on another point; This is GTA. Whenever a new GTA-game comes out, no other game will receive more hype than R*'s new behemoth (within its release-year of course). Neither from the public (hardcore or casual gamers) nor from the media. But yes, I agree with you on this: I SHALL STAND IN THE COLDEST OF COLDS AND SOLDIER MY WAY THROUGH THE MOST EPIC MIDNIGHT-LAUNCH OF 2013. #3.1
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I'm sorry. Fixed the title! #2.1
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My stupid friends. One of them literally called my phone, woke me up from my sleep to tell me this... "oh! i'm soooo shocked" and whatnot.. #1.1
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