I have both PS3 and XBOX 360 and yes, to all your suprise I like them both.....


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Racing games look all sleek and beautiful, but the real interest for me is how the game performs when I have it in my console. Driveclub is a good example. All the awesome gfx from the PS4 exclusive had PS4 racing game lover excited but it failed to deliver immensely.

I will just keep my expectation in check that's for sure!

There is a reason why GT and Forza are the best for their respective console, they deliver everytime on their own merits.

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@ MRMagoo123

Really? Because in Sydney, all the major stores (EB JB Hi Fi) dont have any Day One Xbox Ones, and most retail such as Big W and Target, you can't even order a X1, so i guess when you said 'all over Australia' you did not include Sydney.

Unless they ran out of the console within the last 1 hour.

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0.35-0.38 is the funniest.

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Hard to say 'hands down'. Both games had different backgrounds. Ryse had darker background therfore we could not see the light reflection on the face like Deep Down.

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When has R* failed to please? People might say GTA IV but I didnt think it was such a bad game.

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Have been waiting for this news ever since they announced the EU bundle.


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Not " just have the next Naughty Dog game"

But can we have the next Uncharted game.

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PC users only has graphics to argue about.

Games are getting console exclusives now-a-days.

Gonna brag about something.

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They say "Battlefield 4 Battlecorder not available at launch, DICE “reworking” rented servers,"

Than they keep gamers interested by saying "they won’t sacrifice destruction, vehicles, 60fps, etc. for it."

DICE sure know how to cover their mistakes.

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Rented servers? WTF!

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People had stop talking about GTAV recently becuase of Last of Us, Bioshock and Tomb Raider.

But the sleeping BEAST will soon awake.

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Doesn't matter what gamers say, BF series will become more and more similar to COD series. I mean in terms of gameplay.

COD has a HUGE fanbase and making the normal BF games wont chip away COD's fanbase. eg BF3 vs MW3, I play mostly COD to be honest, but I agree BF3 graphics are much better plus online is fun with HUGE maps and vehicles.

What I think is that BF will change because gamers wont change. For companies who spends sooo much money making a...

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LOL indeed, when did this franchise need saving?

I usually consider 'saving franchise' refer to a franchise which is having hard period of selling.

Last time I checked, COD was selling stronger then ever.

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You wont have any games to play. Look how big DLC's are now. Everyone does it.

Soon micro-transaction will be a mainstream thing for all devs. As it bring in huge amount of 'extra' money.

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Even tough this is a yearly release, what I like about this series is that depth of history they build the games on.

There is a vast depth of history and knowledge in each games. Which I find enticing.

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Top 1 thing: Release the game on it's release date this time around please.

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The screenshot in the forest where the sun is rising over the trees?

Mind blown!!


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We in Australia will have to pay $900 (EB games)

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I agree with solid_warlord.

Trailer gfx was great, hopefully something we can look forward to next gen. Shows better things to come.

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Cant wait.

Hopefully XBOX releases similar specs so they can stay competitive. Therefore better results for us.

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