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Not a cats chance in hell. There is no way Rockstar will allow the PC version to be released alongside the console version. The PC version will be released 6 - 8 months after the console version regardless of what happens.

As for the 150,000 signature petition I agree that is not nearly enough people to make a port worth it. However most people with half a brain cell wouldn't bother wasting their time with a petition. So a petition is not a great way to judge whether ...

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Did you even bother to look at the games in the article ? Only THREE of the games in that list are actually "PC exclusives" and one of the games on the list hasn't even been confirmed as coming to the PC (GTA 5). So I wouldn't say this list is an example of the PC having exclusives.

I mean hey I am a PC fanboy as much as the next PC fanboy but this is a god awful list of generic multiplats.

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I take it I am the only one pretty astonished that a bunch of cut scenes and powerpoint slides are getting 9 and 10 scores ?

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Well for me personally EA are correct they are facebook. I have a facebook account and I never use the thing. I also apparently have an Origin account but have never used Origin so yeah just like facebook for me.

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It's usually the last week in June. So by all accounts it should start tomorrow. I remember last year it started around the 27th June if my memory serves me.

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Great to see they have smashed through the pledge target and are now trying for the stretch target of $600,000. I pledged and I am not sure which I am more excited for.

Whilst I can't wait to see a 21st century version of Carmageddon, I am looking forward to revisiting the original Carmageddon + Splat pack that is going to be "fixed" and given away free to all pledges about $25 (as well as being sold on GOG).

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Erm how about because PC's have had large install sizes for 2 decades ?. There is nothing unique or unusual about a large hard disc install with a PC game. However on the consoles it is different, firstly consoles have traditionally been "plonk in and play" ie you put the disc in and you play your game. An install is alien to that sort of "plonk in and play" philosophy that the consoles have had for decades.

Secondly hard disc storage on consoles is ...

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I really hope people jump on this, the game deserves all the support it can get. Looking through the pledge classes I can't help but drool over what you get if you pledge $1,000 you actually become a Pedestrian in the game.

However the $10,000 pledge group is even more awesome, you become an opponent in the game. Sadly my humble savings would never stretch that far so I will have to settle for a considerably smaller pledge figure :-(

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Totally different situations. If you were banned from an EA forum you lost access to all your games, with Steam your forum account was SEPARATE from your Steam account so if you got banned from the steam forums you didn't lose access to your games anyway.

This change in policy is to do with fraudulent activity on your steam account. Before if there were problems with game purchases your account was frozen and you couldn't play the games. Now your account still gets...

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Yes they did change the ending to Fallout 3. The original ending had you DYING at the end of Fallout 3. The ending was then CHANGED so that you were just "unconscious" and you were "rescued".

In other words the original "artistic vision" for Fallout 3 was for you to be dead at the end. They received significant feedback from gamers that basically said "the ending sucks change it" and they changed it.

Now my memory ma...

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Well firstly it does NOT set a precedent. This is NOT the first game to have an ending changed because of customer feedback. It will NOT lead to the collapse of the gaming industry and lack of "artistic creativity" (not that there is a hell of a lot of that in this industry anyway).

The ending of ME 3 is absolutely awful, it's gibberish, full of plotholes and craps all over the Mass Effect lore that was established in the last two games. The Mass Effect serie...

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Oh look another journalist hack that doesn't seem to have a clue what he is talking about. I find it kinda curious how this "journalist" can claim an ending is "fine" when they then have to spend nearly most of their article actually trying to figure out what the hell happened in that ending.

Yes any ending is going to have some "plot holes" but the ME 3 ending isn't just some plot holes it is nothing but plot holes, inconsistencies and ...

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If they stick to the gameplay that made the first such a fantastic game then they cannot go wrong. My worry is they won't, but we will see what happens. Right now this is my most anticipated game to date.

I loved approaching an Island in the Carrier and sending the Manta's in first to soften up the defenses, then bombarding the island with the Carriers massive gun. This all led up to invading and conquering the island with a couple of Walrus vehicles. Ah I wasted...

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"Some games are more suited for the intimacy of the PC, and others are best played from the couch in front of a larger TV screen,”

“We ultimately realised that the most compelling way to experience Alan Wake was on the Xbox 360 platform, so we focused on making it an Xbox 360 exclusive.

^ that is what Microsoft said about the reasons behind there being no PC version. So I take it now that Alan Wake is coming to the PC then the statements MS put up about...

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both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Kirkland will have to go through certification from Sony and Microsoft so it is likely there may be a delay in the console version. This is an extra step that the PC does not have.

I am not saying that the console versions won't be out at the same time as the PC version. I am just saying that it isn't guaranteed that the console version will come out at the same time as the PC version.

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No it is NOT needed, I did not need to install Origin for Mass Effect 1, nor did I need to install Origin for Mass Effect 2 so I see no reason why all of a sudden "it is needed" for me to play Mass Effect 3.

BTW Origin is NOT utilised on the consoles. What you saw in the leaked beta was the need to sign in with your EA account which has been renamed as an "origin" account.

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They still haven't answered the REAL question that PC gamers want answering though. That question is "will Origin be required for Mass Effect 3 ?". The fact Bioware keeps stalling and making excuses about not answering this question leads me to believe it will require Origin.

As for Co-op I couldn't care less about any aspect of the shoe horned in "herp derp we want the COD crowd to buy this game" multiplayer.

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I read it because A) I live in Europe and will have the game spoiled to me by the Americans long before I even get to play the game (the US gets the game earlier than the rest of the planet) and B) I am no longer buying Mass Effect 3 because EA is trying to force Origin into the game.

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Then you didn't read the document closely enough it clearly describes briefly all the different endings you can have. It describes the final showdown and what the endings will be and what the outcomes are.

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You might want to read it again instead of just copying and pasting the entire thing. There are several endings in it and it tells you exactly how the game ends.

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