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"I could NOT care less!"


I own the PS3 physical copy, but used the online code on my friend's PS3, under my friends account. I hope I will still qualify for a discount. #18
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Have you considered quitting gaming? All this intense over-analysis of such trivial issues must surely be impacting adversely on your enjoyment of this hobby. #22
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It's totally reasonable to expect native 1080p from this gen of consoles. PC has done it for ages and is moving toward 4K. Most HDTV's are 1080p, and it just looks nicer when you're able to have the game's native resolution match the TV's resolution.
I'm sorry it's so hard for people to understand that gameplay quality is entirely up to the talent of the developer, not the resolution. #29
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Are you guys saying that Tropical Freeze is overall better than Returns? I haven't played either properly but it's hard to get a clear verdict from the reviews. #3.2.3
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I'd be more concerned about the missing SNES and N64 games from the Wii U's virtual console. #5
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It would be extra cool if there is some way of carrying over my progress from the PS3 version #44
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Why not just release the SNES version of Yoshi's Island, the way it was meant to be played?! #3
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Why not just release it right now? There's no development to be done on it, and the file is probably less than 1MB so what are the limitations? #5
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So while we won't be able to play the Final Fantasy X HD remaster on PS4, we will be able to play Final Fantasy X in HD on PS4. I...I think I'm okay with this. Especially if they can add widescreen support! #29
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Inb4 someone comments on how Capcom should take Resi Evil 'back to its roots', while completely disregarding the fact that The Evil Within exists. #13
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Hopefully this leads to the Rogue Squadron games being playable. #3
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Totally agreed! One of the main reasons for a HD remaster is to preserve a game that is otherwise unplayable on current consoles, therefore its release should not be limited to a console that is now 'last gen'. #1.2
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Point 1 is invalid until Nintendo actually makes their full NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube library available. Their efforts in this regard so far have been poor and frustrating.
Trickling releases at the rate they've been doing is ridiculous. The Wii still has more N64 games than Wii U. #4
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Id say this game deserves a proper HD version. They should bring it to Wii U, since the Wii version worked well with the wiimote. #1.3.1
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FFS an increase in resolution is an expected part of progressing to a new console generation. Every gen has brought with it a general increase in resolution. These topics are unbelievable. #34
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Yep, my first JRPG, and my favourite. The sequel is awesome too. #5.1
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Repeat; Respawn owns the Titanfall IP, not EA. EA only has publishing rights, unlike with COD, where Activision owns the IP and are free to ruin it.

In this case, EA appear to have misread the market and made a bad decision regarding exclusivity. I'm sure they regret it and PS4 will get some Titan action eventually. #4.2
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Missing the point. COD became the mess it is now because Activision owns the IP, and was able to make bad decisions like having annual releases and letting Treyarch, Sledghammer etc make main entries in the series.
Infinity Ward employees left and formed Respawn so they could have creative control over their IP, and the results (I hope) should be comparable to the magic that COD4:MW brought us. #4.1
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Respawn deserves success, I just hope PS4 gets some love from them soon. #5
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A million times THIS #9.1
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