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"I could NOT care less!"


Sounds like if they improved the combat then the game would be just about perfect.

Maybe give pc version the option to use the original graphics #3
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What exactly do you think Ghost Recon is supposed to be? It's a tactical shooter - and they lend themselves well to open world. #1.4
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TBC 2011 #6
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In addition to 60fps, this should also mean Uncharted 1 without screen tearing #18
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The problem is that almost every hd remaster seems to get something wrong in the process;
Things like missing/different music, worse facial models, different lighting etc
It's like they try to change something for the sake of change when nobody asked for it, then fail to do any kind of quality check #13
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The RNG is broken. This is a deal breaker.
Until it is acknowledged and patched, this remaster does not exist as far as I'm concerned.
I'd buy it if it gets fixed though, but I still don't see why they had to remodel Tidus' face. #5
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I can't handle this #3
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It just seems so weird that they would edit the faces;
- They were fine to begin with
- Nobody was asking for them to be changed
- Tidus now looks worse
I like that the PS4 version gives you the option of soundtracks - I wish it gave you the option of faces too.
It seems that very very few remasters are able to just take the original game and improve it without making something worse in the process. #13.1
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will buy if they fix the RNG issue #6
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When they said it wouldn't replace the Wii U, I imagine they meant in the same way that the DS wouldn't replace the GBA, even though it eventually did. #2.4
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also they outsourced it to a chinese developer, so it wasn't an in-house job #6.1.1
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For what its worth, I read this on /v/;

"the PS2 and PS3 both have an internal clock used for their RNG algorithm that counts up from a combination of console boot time, game launch time, and the player's first input time.

This produces a fairly random seed number, so the RNG feels pretty random. It's very good RNG for a computer. (PS2 is MIPS, PS3 is PowerPC)

They both can then generate a seeded random number with a specific ins... #6.1
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Battlefield: 1942
Battlefield: Vietnam
Battlefield: A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away #2
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Well played :^) #5.1.5
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Please for the love of god give us battle arenas #2.1
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Secret of mana is still one of my all time favourites.
Still no western release of Seiken Densetsu 3 >:( #3
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Pretty sure The Evil Within was the result of Mikami doing what he wanted.

Spiritual successors are nothing new though;

TimeSplitters was a spiritual successor to GoldenEye/Perfect Dark. It would be cool to see a spiritual successor to this spiritual successor (disregarding Haze).

If Titanfall can get a good single player campaign and more fleshed out multiplayer, it could be a spiritual successor of sorts to the vintage Infinity Ward COD ga... #3.2
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"press x to trigger the next cinematic sequence"

^ great gameplay right there #14
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I don't think any reasonable person would deny that if there was no outrage, Steam users would still be getting asked to pay money for high res horse pussy textures.
Outrage and financial cost can't be completely de-coupled here. #4.4.6
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Are we distinguishing between Square Enix and Squaresoft?
Secret Of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV/VI/VII/IX/X, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Super Mario RPG #3
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