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"I could NOT care less!"


I'd be more interested in The Evil Within than Resi Evil if I were you, since it's being made by the man responsible for the good Resi Evil games. #2
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Secret Of Mana
Secret Of Mana 2
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy X
Xenoblade Chronicles
Chrono Cross
Ni No Kuni
Super Mario RPG

Honourable mentions: EarthBound, FFIV, DBZ: Legend Of The Super Saiyan

Not sure if relevant: Pokemon Blue, Dark Souls

Backlog: FFVII/VIII/IX, Golden Sun, Suikoden II, Dark Chronicle, Dragon Quest VIII, Tales Of Symphonia, L... #8
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If they could somehow get a new TimeSplitters game to exist, the way they got a new Bayonetta game to exist... #15
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I'm just happy that we're past the era of devs struggling to get 720p/30fps/vsync on consoles. #10
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If it's a 3rd person shooter then it should play like a 3rd person shooter. Often the ones that try to set themselves apart just end up adding too many cinematics and QTE's until they are barely a game anymore.
If the shooting mechanics are good, and the level design is good, then it's fine.

Judging from comments on this site, I think some people don't even know what they want anymore. #10
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You're assuming I want a 3D upgrade. No. I want a HD upgrade in 2D.
I also want the franchise to get more recognition, particularly Seiken Densetsu 3.

That said, there should be ways to do it in 3D whilst preserving the art style, so I'm open to anything really. #9.1.1
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Without even looking at this list I know that neither Secret Of Mana nor its sequel will be on it, even though they should be.

Edit: XtraTrstrL beat me to it ^ #9
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"...but that seems like something everyone would agree with, if the ps3 version was really that bad then why buy that version? That would still happen today, just common sense"

Exactly. And it does. Just replace 'PS3' with 'X1', and 'no grass' with 'lower resolution'. #4.2
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Far Cry Vengeance 2 confirmed #26
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I share your acronym frustration, but really, in this day and age, why wouldn't you just google it instead of asking in a comment section and waiting for a reply? #2.2
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Interesting title, but I'm not going to click on 21 pages #6
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A collection like the old Mario All-Stars would be cool; both Galaxy games, Sunshine, SM64, maybe also SM3DW for good measure.

Okami collection which includes Okamiden would be amazing. Give options for standard, motion, or gamepad controls, but actually advertise how the gamepad would make it better.

I'd also like to see HD remakes of 2D games, e.g. Chrono Trigger in 1080p with the same art, along the lines of Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
... #1.1
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Reminds me of this gif
Both games are amazing anyway. GTAV had more raw gameplay and variety etc. TLOU stays in your mind longer after completing it. #4
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I remember seeing the CG trailers for this game with Malgus, Kao Cen Darach, Satele etc, they were amazing! Then I learned that the game was nothing like that :( #6
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I never got to fully play San Andreas since my PS2 broke shortly after I bought it. If people still think SA is better than V, I'd be interested to know why. Maybe I'll get it on Steam. #17
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This this this!!!
Even better if they could get Grezzo involved, since that studio is lead by Koichi Ishii, the main man behind the Mana series back in its glory days. Grezzo already did Ocarina of Time 3D for Nintendo, so the conditions are ripe for a spiritual successor. #13.1
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I'm convinced that Square Enix has something against my money. I mean I've been waiting to throw it at them for years and they keep finding ways to stop me! #19
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"Respawn and Activision"...? #1
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It must surely come to PS4/PC eventually. Don't Square Enix like money?

Not only does PS4 have a larger install base, but we've already seen PS4 handle a Tomb Raider game at 60fps when X1 only ran it at 30. Surely the devs are itching for that extra power. #9
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That's such a load of sh*t! #20
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