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I've platinumed all Souls games but Dark Souls II was kind of disappointing tbh.

"The size and scope of the new areas are smaller than what was offered in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for the original game"

So, it's very small. I think I'll skip this and get Bloodborne.

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Looks pretty but will it be as generic as Crysis?

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They should at least support the logitech wheels tbh. I heard that the Thrustmaster T80 wheel sucks.

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Awesome! Finally I can download Red Alert Retaliation which worked on PSP but not on the PS Vita.

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They should make a HD remake of Red Alert 1.

I remember playing Red Alert Retaliation all the time on the PS1.

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Sony obviously also sponsors big football (soccer) events. The World Cup is arguably the biggest sports event in the world.

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I love Killzone.

But aren't those goggles kind of impractical? The goggles on the first soldier are quite small and the beehive goggles obstruct your vision.

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50 seconds of running through a dusty street is not gameplay

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If it's anything like Dark souls, I'm sold.

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This game looks better than some ps3 games. I can't wait to get my hands on this gem.

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I can read just fine. I don't understand why engineers were OP in bf3 though. Assault rifles are much better than carbines.

Why would you use a PDW in a huge map? The
"unique" primary weapon is therefore useless.

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All classes have carbines and engineers have PDW's. It seems like engineers are underpowered to me.

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When was the last time this guy made a decent game?

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I'll pitch a tent if I have to.

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Wow Messi looks ancient on this

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Those are a lot of cameras. Code Talker looked a bit fake in game compared to the other characters tbh.

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Amsterdam! Interesting indeed.

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Looks cool. What does the Y stand for?

Or is it a V for Vekta, maybe?

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Sony did the right thing. It's a much better approach than Microsoft's, that's for sure.

Publishers could always use DRM; it's not necessarily something console related.

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It uses the same engine as KZ3

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