Don't be a pretentious jerk


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Yey, I've been waiting for another design compo :) it's too late to start right now but I'm gonna dream up something for this tomorrow.

Just to clarify, can ANY greeting card can be used i.e 'get well soon' or a generic congratulations?

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aaaaaaaaand it's gone o_0

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Remote play is only available on Vita as of right now. The feature will come in a November (I believe) update to the Z3 devices.

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You're making wild assumptions, are you trying to get a job at Polygon?

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Lolygon strikes again. Joke of a site.

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It was always going to go in Sonys favour since PS4 is outselling Xb one ~2:1 worldwide right now but to have this much of the pie is really something. Just shows what a good marketing deal can do.

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Wow wth? Was this called for? Did I run over your cat on my bike or something?

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Oh yeah! My PSN wallet is ready.

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They still have PS4 at 9.8m total, even after Sony themselves have released sold through figures of over 10m. Never change chartzzzzzzz lol.

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Jim is spot on in this video and even calls out Kuchera and N4G lol.

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It's only disappointing if you were stupid enough to believe they would carry over in the first place.

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This is good news, I've heard a lot of people asking for this.

I'll be getting the Ghost edition myself because I cannot go on living without a talking robot that sounds like Peter Dinklage in my life :P

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Massive irony followed by dodgy math wrapped up with a tired argument and false hopes.

I do so love untangling the half-truths, misleading pr speak and twisted logic in your posts.

Gives the old noodle a work out.

Keep up the good fight lol.

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Hey you edited that part after I already began my reply ¬_¬

All I'm saying is don't jump to the conclusion that nothing will be revealed just because you seem to think there "is no hint of any new worthwhile games being anounced".

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E3 is just over 3 days away, hold off on the doom and gloom please.

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Over-hype is real!

I'm glad Sony are playing it cool, although I still have high expectations :/

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MMO deep inventory, crafting & loot mixed with Halo level gameplay really appeals to me. It's a shame Activision aren't hyping the game as well as they should.

Still can't wait for the beta, hopefully an E3 announcement for the exact date.

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If you replay the game on different difficulty settings a different bad guy pops out the water at the end each time :)

Edit: my bad, seems they are just random.

You can watch them all here...

Sorry about low res, only vid I could find.

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This got weird fast.

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Wow, no wonder MS tossed Kinect to the lions.

Good luck to everyone affected by this.

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