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Finally, some more honest reviews. This game is fantastic -- who cares if it's short? I've paid $30 for an IMAX 3D movie and those are no more than two hours. #1
This game is looking better and better. I wonder if it could be a Dark Souls killer. #1
How so? #5.1
It seems like SEGA would want to get it out to avoid having an upcoming slate full of Soni games nobody cares about. #3.1
It is interesting that Mark Cerny was the translator/co-presenter.. #2.1
Announcement confirmed, just no details yet. #1.1
No contest. Infamous 2 was much better. #1
Ugh this is terrible. No Gears, no Unreal, No Cliffy.

What's the point anymore? #16
Yes, Metal Gear Solid 4 is like a friggin movie. #1
Oh man, now y'all HAVE to get this game. It's a strong contender for best Ouya game. #1
Fantastic article. I'm really stoked for EA Sports UFC. Can't wait to play as Rousey. #1
This was one of the best mobile games of all time. Imma pick it up on Steam. #1
I....must have that Adam Jensen jacket. #1
$500 for an Xbox One, Kinect and Titanfall isn't a good deal? #2.1.1
First California Condors and now this!? Shame on you, 'merica. #1
That'd be pretty awesome if XSEED decided to patch the game for free in the States instead of bothering with Gold. #3.1
That's true, but it still doesn't bode well for its future in North America =/ #2.1
Well it does help with items. achievements and the like. Plus this game is super hard #1.1.2
I'm so stoked for this. Ya'll better vote for the 12 inch mothership! #1
I wonder if the explicit content of the game led to this decision. It looks hyper-sexualized. #1
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