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Loving the other puns! I NEED MOAR #1.2
Agreed. But one of the things most annoying to me is that no matter how fun the gameplay is, we're still retreading the same stories over and over and over again for decades. I want new gameplay and a new narrative to enjoy. It might even make the combat mechanics easier to implement and tweak if they introduce some fresh ideas and concepts. #5.1
It could work. Like FlameWater said, it's worked for Gundam. Either a reboot, or just continue on into a new era that takes place after the series. Or, hell, before. Anything is possible.

Just don't center it super saiyan forms and blasting tug-o-wars. #4.2
I love the first idea for the idea of exploring an open world with the Nimbus. Awesome. And dropping in on certain towns where the RRA are causing trouble would be great.

The second idea would be awesome to be with Bardock. Like, if they expanded and tweaked the idea that he was starting to see holes in Frieza's leadership of the Saiyans, and little by little started investigating and exploring the planets and space ports they're hired to destroy. Then after he gets h... #3.1
Exactly. If they did a RPG, I'd probably want a new story, because the easy formula for milking the DB franchise is retelling the same stories over and over again, bit by bit. #2.1
I'm surprised they didn't do a Budokai Tenkaichi HD Collection like they did for Budokai. I was waiting for it. I guess there's still time! #1.2
That's exactly why I'm a proponent for moving onto a new story or an alternate verse. The world had some interesting ideas, but the formula became the same, and that was inherited by the games. Time to switch things up. #1.2.1
That's exactly what I meant with the reference to Tenchi Muyo. For better or worse, that series got to try different scenarios out while staying somewhat true to most of the characters personalities. #4.1
::shrugs:: I appreciate the apology! Simple mistake. #2.2.1
This is what surprised me the most when catching the news. Wondering how long the game is and the quality as well. #2.1.1
I never anticipated how much it would catch on with the general gamer! I thought it would only appeal as a niche title. Very cool. #1.1
My girlfriend loves Just Dance, You Don't Know Jack, and Mass Effect (a little: she enjoyed it until it started doing a gamebreaking glitch on her PS3). My youngest niece became a badass gamer at 11/12 with Gears of War. And my ex was in love with the Sims for the longest. #7
The cast is insane. Didn't know there were so many stars, and didn't know so many DC heroes would in the movie (for however long). #1.1
This is very true. The majority of this article's thoughts build firmly from the cliffhanger ending. Cage may be trying out something new, for once. And considering Quantic was working on an Omikron sequel for a while until they switched publishers and switched projects, it's not completely out of their minds, I think. Perhaps they just need the right project. #1.2
That would be pretty cool. With Cage's resume, I'd expect a combination of Bicentennial Man, A.I., and Beyond itself, making players go through the horror of being treated like an item, while exploring the idea of humanity. #1.1.1
He's one of those writers that tend to try too much at once, and I think gets lost in all his ideas. Pretty much each project, especially Omikron, had a slew of ideas, genres and plot twists that were crammed into one game.

Omikron tried an open world with a sci-fi setting but a mystical/demonic/supernatural injection with three different gameplay engines thrown in that weren't perfectly polished.

Indigo Prophecy I didn't get to play, but I know... #2.1
That's probably why he left open the chance for a new character to become the protagonist. But I definitely agree: Beyond was a piece with a lot of mixed reception, much like Omikron, Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain before it. But now that the industry is a little more money conscious, it may be harder to recover than it was in the 90s/2000s. #4.1
I definitely appreciate the compliment, and totally agree with how it ended. Really would love to see where Cage was going with this. I hope it wasn't just a cliffhanger for the sake of a cliffhanger. He seemed to have a lot of ideas about this project, and always seems to have a lot of ideas in past projects. He's also always tried connecting disparate ideas into one story, so I give him credit for attempting to do something new. #3.1
If you read the article, it's completely explained within. #4.1
Seriously agree. They did a hell of a lot in one month. Can't wait to see what comes next #1.2
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