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why would someone like to see horse poop, or anyone poop.

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No boobs no zelda

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IGN interview Jimmy

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I got the new Wii U Mario and Luige bundle should arrive tomorrow, hope it doesn't take too long to download.

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Topical MS, using money to buy people off. Too bad Japanese Fans have honor.

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We want games not plastic gold

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The VR has more emotional feel then the motion control.

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Nintendo better re-brand it's name this E3, like what Sony did to it's PS3 from Spider-Man font to it's original font. Nintendo should name their system "Nintendo 2, or "Super Nintendo 2". Or something recognizable. At least stick to something people will remember by. People not going to know who made what if you keep changing to a different name. When you tell people Playstation 4 or Playstation 1000, they will say "oh thats Sony". Not Mii U. Who made Mii...

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Look at how small the PS4 is and look at how big your PC is. What intrigues me is not how big and powerful the PC is, It's how small but yet have so beautiful graphics. PC should have great graphics, if it didn't we would have a problem. Why are people not comparing real life or CG images to game play graphics. Consoles are catching up to PC graphics, just compare the past and the games now. Look at PS Vita, it has exact same console ports.
Consoles are close to PC graphics, a...

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Hitler never played video games. Jeffrey Dahmer,John Wayne Gacy, and Dean Corll they never played video games, but they were all serial killers.

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Going to wait it out for both when the prices go down.

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Better not be another HUGE box. I mean if they have this much time to think about a design, it should at least be cool looking and thought out.

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It can't be done in mass scale,too much environment,they can do it with just a face because all the graphical power is on the face only.

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I need me to get one of these.

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They might be indies, but great things come from small beginnings. A lot of indie came are top rated.

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lol, they were never the future, future consoles don't have brick power supplies outside, and a ugly a55 box, and who the hell uses AA batteries in the future. man the people working there are like 80 year olds, they really need to fire everyone and restart over by hiring younger people with fashion and new ideas. VR is the future, not a camera.

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This is what MS should of done. They should of fired all the designers who design this ugly looking thing,fired the people who came up with adding TV box, ditch the Kinect, hired better designers, and added in Dual GPUs.

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I had to fix more PC gaming error issues then relaxing playing a game, too much configurations. Console is connect few cables pop in a disk and play on my couch.
I have like 380 some games on steam and Some games on origins, most of the old games gave me more compatibility issues, can't even use controller with old games without controller mods. Another thing origin suck balls, cant even freakin install a game, without errors pop out. HDD broke had to download all games again.

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sprays fog and water out.

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