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A matter piece just got legend...wait for it...DARY #1.5
No respect in mma or ufc.hiting someone on the ground. #2.7
Sorry I live in the US, don't even have this feature. #7.1.1
I want cash not digital money #7
Lol he needs to save money? #12
Hope I can use it as a regular tv goggles as well. #16

What a lucky guy. #5.1.2
I can buy a lot of games for my PS4 with that money. #4.2
I can't just live off of rice. give me something else to eat. #10
What a tool #4.14
Does it come in all black or white? #1.1.5
lol the first picture looks like hes trying to pick his nose in the dark. #40
What ever happened to Onimusha? #1.2
Eating pizzas has around 400 billion eaters. making it one of the most popular segments. While in other news... #1.4
not just hardware ,software too #1.3.4
wheres dragon quest? they don't support it as much as before #1.7.1
Great memorable new games? No. Old classics? Yes. A lot of people are missing out on great old games. making them for new gen to enjoy is great idea. but they also need to release some great new games that uses these old formulas. #1.4

Sony always have it, but they know we are smart and know what it is cloud is. But MS just thinks their fans are dumb a$$es, so they make up $h!t and exaggerates everything, "Our cloud is like skynet it has 30000000000 servers(which turn out to be mostly digital servers). And it makes Matrix graphics. #1.1.8
The Shoe Salesmen in Africa

"Two shoe salesmen were sent to Africa to see if there was a market for their product."

MS: “This is a terrible business opportunity, no-one wears shoes.”

Sony: “This is a fantastic business opportunity, no-one wears shoes.” #2.1.1

Polyphony Digital are true car enthusiast. They are passionate about cars and constantly helping the auto community. While the forza guys are just trying to put money in their pockets, and creating stupid fanboys. Stop making fake imitations. Garbage? Nothing you make should be garbage only improvements... #3.2
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