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"I must be here 'cause I'm not all there. :)"


Indeed. Unfortunately I did this just long enough ago that I was impatient enough to try. The data restoration was slow, but I have to say that the process was completely worth it. PS+ is a great little service, but that plus all the mandatory installs? Man that 500GB it comes with just vanishes way too quickly. #1.1
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I have to say that I agree - I've had some PDP headsets for 2+ years now. I've been pretty fortunate though. My only headset to break in under a year was a Triton. I had some internet conflicts with an older Turtle Beach set too. Rest have been kicking around for some time without issue. #4.1.1
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A different person on my team wrote this - but I'm right there with you. #1.1
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Right there with you, Septic, lol. #2.2
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Good article and a fair point - you always have to worry that censoring a game in some fashion may lessen the emotional impact in one way or the other. #1
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The main reason is the online worked great before the release. Fewer people, the servers were able to handle it. The embargos usually lift the day of the game's release - and if I recall correctly Master Chief actually was a day or two before that (unlike Ubisoft's "weaponized embargoes" [sorry, but I loved that term]) Ubisoft employed for Assassin's Creed Unity where the reviews came out a half day after the game released.

We just took a different appro... #11.1
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You know, that's a really good question. I don't believe they did. I thought it was great when Polygon did that for Driveclub because the exact same thing happened. Those of us playing the game before it released had a smooth online experience, but we are talking about dozens of people with review copies, not the droves of players trying to fire the game up day one.

One of the problems with this approach though is that sites like Metacritic only go by the first score.... #9.1
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Wh15ky - well, what we did was unusual. The game's online worked pre-release and the multiplayer was very smooth. There were scheduled groups of times where people who had pre-release access could log in and participate. So for those rushing to get the review out day one as soon as the embargo lifted, all seemed well.

The reason we held off on ours was a nagging concern Chris and I had. We saw the exact same thing happen with Driveclub when it released to the public. Ther... #1.2
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It was interesting, because while I agree that there are almost bound to be day one or two hiccups, we just had someone remark that we shouldn't have waited two weeks to release our Halo review here:

The thing was, Halo played great online before it released. There were match times set up, reviewers had... #3.1.2
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Definitely fair, Blastoise. Though, we were curious to see how it would be handled. We had a chance to play the game pre-release and the online worked flawlessly then. We wanted to see if this was a hiccup that was a day or three in the making or something more, given the dramatically different results after the release. #1.1.2
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Thanks - we wanted to rush out a review like everyone else, but Chris (our reviewer) wanted to make sure things work, and sadly Halo just hasn't to date. We actually had another article here on the topic of buggy game releases you might like/agree with: #1.1
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I'm not sure it nullifies the argument - if anything that first paragraph suggests pushing back if things look unstable. There's more moving parts, but development and QA teams are larger than ever (at least for non-indies) as well. Just because something is harder doesn't mean it shouldn't be done right, should it?

I do agree that it is harder for games with online focus but not impossible - not when so many games can get that component right and others can&... #3.1
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Great interview - I wish there were more like these out there. It's been nice seeing the point-and-click genre seeing some new life over the last year, with Telltale Games and Daedalic Entertainment's titles coming to mind. #7
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This was reviewed by a different member of the team than myself, but I have only had one Samsung personally - a 52" LCD television that has been flawless in nearly 8 years of ridiculously high use. I know Robert's got a few different Samsung devices, but hasn't had quite as much luck as I have. Good to know on Overclockers - nice share! #1.2
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Agreed - perfect for the Halloween season! :) #1.1
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Hope you enjoy it. I spent a good chunk of my weekend just running around doing side quests and killing captains. Good times. :) #1.1
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True - and it looks awesome. However, it's not here yet. :( #2.1.1
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Thanks. We enjoyed all of the DLC but this was my personal favorite of the three. :) #1.1
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So much I find myself agreeing with, from some of those great titles you listed to my overall impression. I understand that the devs wanted the game to be difficult, but I think you hit it on the head: it just feels like a log to get through. #3.1.1
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Haha - you're probably right. Thing is, we love Demon's Souls and Dark Souls at our site. I've been playing strategy titles since the Genesis era. It is clear that the devs wanted to make a challenging game, but somewhere along the way they forgot to make the fun readily accessible due to layers upon layers of rules. There is fun to be had there, but you do have to dig to find it. #2.1
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