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We definitely felt this title got overlooked too often. Sure, it had some issues, but it got a lot of things right too. I was personally quite happy to hear there would be a sequel. #4
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Right? I think the word 'catchy' applies and then some. The whole soundtrack was awesome, but the theme was really great. #1.1
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Thank you, it was a fun one to write. Others on the team are going to share similar experiences over the next week in additional articles. #1.1
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I have played both, and frankly I like both, but I would agree with Intranquill that Bloodbowl 2 is more likely to wind up on sale sooner than Wasteland due to popularity/having released sooner, if sale prices are a potential factor. Admittedly both have something of a learning curve behind them, but neither one is terribly difficult to grasp. If you want to see our review of Bloodbowl 2 on the site, just do a quick search (not sure I am allowed to post links in the comments and see). If I wa... #2.2
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Based on my conversations with our reviewer Robert, those feelings are similar to his own. He felt that this could be his game of the year, but major bugs that prevented him from being able to complete the game just killed his momentum - multiple times. #6.1
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Guessing you suspect that the review is just trolling for clicks - however, if you do happen to read it, you will see that the reviewer ran into more than one game-breaking bug that prevented him from completing not one, but two separate playthroughs. Robert does acknowledge that the core game itself is a lot of fun, but it is hard to score a game favorably that crashes repeatedly or prevents you from progressing the primary storyline. #3.1
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Not April Fool's - I'm not sure if you read the article or not, but Robert ran into at least two different bugs on two different playthroughs that kept him from being able to advance the game any further. There's no denying that it is a great game - but the inability to complete it is not an insignificant problem. #2.2
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Different people, different review experiences as it happens. I wrote our Skyrim review - never ran into a game breaking bug. Robert ran into a couple that actually kept him from completing the Witcher. Edge cases or not, we don't score the game based on what it could have been or for the content we couldn't access because it crashed/bugged out, you know? #1.1.2
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It was very frustrating for Robert to run into those major bugs over and over again. He felt it could be game of the year - if the bugs would just get out of the way and let him play it. #1.1
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Overall I tend to agree. Obviously the PS with it's longer life span had a larger selection of games, and the Saturn really made a mistake releasing too early without enough games to support it. I bought the PlayStation when it first came out, and my best friend bought a Saturn, so we had the best of both worlds between us. However, looking back, I do feel like I miss the Saturn games just a bit more. Thanks for commenting - I'm glad you liked the list of games! #1.1
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Agreed. There were some quality RPG/strategy games too, but I think most people best remember it for the fighting scene, since it handled the arcade-style visuals better than the PlayStation did at the time. #1.1
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That Dark Souls comparison does feel quite apt, and I have seen it used by several others too. Brutal at times, and there is a steep learning curve, but the combat is really rewarding once learned. #1.1
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Indeed. Unfortunately I did this just long enough ago that I was impatient enough to try. The data restoration was slow, but I have to say that the process was completely worth it. PS+ is a great little service, but that plus all the mandatory installs? Man that 500GB it comes with just vanishes way too quickly. #1.1
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I have to say that I agree - I've had some PDP headsets for 2+ years now. I've been pretty fortunate though. My only headset to break in under a year was a Triton. I had some internet conflicts with an older Turtle Beach set too. Rest have been kicking around for some time without issue. #4.1.1
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A different person on my team wrote this - but I'm right there with you. #1.1
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Right there with you, Septic, lol. #2.2
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Good article and a fair point - you always have to worry that censoring a game in some fashion may lessen the emotional impact in one way or the other. #1
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The main reason is the online worked great before the release. Fewer people, the servers were able to handle it. The embargos usually lift the day of the game's release - and if I recall correctly Master Chief actually was a day or two before that (unlike Ubisoft's "weaponized embargoes" [sorry, but I loved that term]) Ubisoft employed for Assassin's Creed Unity where the reviews came out a half day after the game released.

We just took a different appro... #11.1
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You know, that's a really good question. I don't believe they did. I thought it was great when Polygon did that for Driveclub because the exact same thing happened. Those of us playing the game before it released had a smooth online experience, but we are talking about dozens of people with review copies, not the droves of players trying to fire the game up day one.

One of the problems with this approach though is that sites like Metacritic only go by the first score.... #9.1
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Wh15ky - well, what we did was unusual. The game's online worked pre-release and the multiplayer was very smooth. There were scheduled groups of times where people who had pre-release access could log in and participate. So for those rushing to get the review out day one as soon as the embargo lifted, all seemed well.

The reason we held off on ours was a nagging concern Chris and I had. We saw the exact same thing happen with Driveclub when it released to the public. Ther... #1.2
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