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"I must be here 'cause I'm not all there. :)"


We have a preview of the game going live tomorrow. I will say this - if you are a fan of the series, this game has not disappointed me one bit. #2
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I have noticed that trend as well, and honestly - I think it's going to come down to personal preference. If you are offended by this type of humor, it's definitely going to be a game that rubs that person the wrong way. If the gamer doesn't mind or even enjoys that sort of humor and is willing to check their serious expectations at the door, it appears people tend to enjoy it. #2
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MysticStrummer - I don't think you are the only one who feels that way. Given how quickly they turned around last year on topics (prompting all those 'Xbox 180' jokes) and now the decoupling of the Kinect 2.0 from the Xbox One, fans have to wonder if Microsoft has a clear direction they intend to take - and stick to - or not. #2
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I definitely adored the art style Lukas - it was incredibly creative. I initially really dug the mind reading and the way you interacted with the environment using the 'hand' as well. I would say that over the chapters however, the game began to feel a bit repetitive to me. Not bad, but certainly in need of a couple more surprises to keep things fresh throughout. I do agree though - when I first saw it I really figured it would not amount to anything, so I was pleasantly surprised on... #2
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I actually was thinking the same thing myself. #2.1
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I am right there with you, ritsuka666. I have been saying for over a year now that I would love to see the trilogy get an HD remake and a proper sequel outside of Japan. #2
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Hi there, Dedicatedtogamers!

I think you make several excellent points. I think this goes back to how these consoles are turning into the focal points of living rooms. I also agree with your final point, that many devs probably do just want things updated for that reason. Thanks for the comment! #1.1
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Luckily Caseh, it is a PSN+ title. There are definitely things in the game that reflect back on earlier games in the franchise, but there is no denying that Neon is a different game than its predecessors - for better or for worse. One thing I like is that the 'platforming' parts are a bit more forgiving. Falling off of a ledge or missing a platform or getting sucked out of a vacuum door (like in DD 2) doesn't cost you a full life, but a hefty chunk of your life bar. #3
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Thanks! I find that rather frustrating myself. I enjoy the game, and the mechanics - but I really think they need to update their engine to include deck editing next time. #1.1
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