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please don't let the special kids write game reveiws anymore.I mean a 6 come on maybe killzone 2 is not your cup of tea.But a 6,this site is just trying to get attention.Or another person that hates ps3 cause everyone says its games better than whhoo boo whoo,You are a mindless numbskull.If you bought a ps3 and not a 360,then your article would say how killzone 2 is better than gears 2.Just a bunch of idiots that follow their game machine not as console but as a trend.Get a brain enjo...

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Since everyone here likes fps shooters of some kind.Do you guys get tired of the run and gun.I love the single player fps.But the multiplayer is like everyone is a kamikaze army on both sides.Just run shoot kill die repeat.It sucks there is no strategy at all.Some games you find the people that think and plan attacks more.That is fun as hell like a chess game kind of.But the run and gun I hate.What is a good fps that has less run and gun and more strategy.Please give me some info.

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I found the controls in this game to be very frustrating. Particularly the part where you have to shoot the space monkeys. I couldn't get the lazer beams to shoot from my eyes in the right direction.

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what a load of crap I mean 50 cent 2 might be ok.But better than killzone what are they smoking at maxim magazine.

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God when will this immature fighting stop.Look the truth is the console wars is the greatest thing to happen to gamers this generation.It is forcing microsoft and sony to dish out great quality for both sides.And if one is more powerfull or not they are both awsome.Is halo better than resistance or gears 2 better than mgs4.It doesnt matter they are all awsome games.Both have a great base 360 over 20 million and sony will be soon even a year behind.neither one is going anywhere and will make a...

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I mean why buy a 360 in a diffrent case.Because it has cool blue lights kinda pointless.But what I want to see is both systems working in the same case so u could switch in bettween the 2.Now that would be awsome.Probally impossible though plus the 360 might kill the PS3 when it red rings.

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