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"I'm crazy. Just not your type of crazy."


***Sony is actually listening to the core gamers. I can't even name all the new IPs they announced yesterday.***

Sony is doing fine on delivering games, but there are a lot of things they could do to improve the PS4. I hope they are working on them, but it's been 9 months since no music file support, no DLNA, no custom music in-game except through their own service, no UI enhancements, etc. All of these impact how we use their device and many impact how we game. #1.1.3
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Not yet. They say they'll have to see if they can get past the parity clause issue. #15.1
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Both MS and Sony are doing a good job of getting new Indie games out there to the gamers. #6.2
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I think that's true of every console manufacturer. More some than others, but still true for them all. #5.1
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Nintendo didn't 'get' Bayonetta, they saved it. MS and Sony didn't save it.

There are definite nuances here between Bayonetta, Destiny, CoD, Far Cry, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Things here are not as comparable. And, while it's hard for a person who loves CoD to see people on XBO get content before PC and PS4, it's different when you see a huge fanbase affected in such a new way with such a long lasting IP. #2.2.1
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I know them when they are alive. I remember them when they are dead. That is the way of life.

There is no way that I did not know him and his work as he lived. I will remember him for the rest of my life now that he has passed on. #13.3
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Then invest in one more new IP... Don't waste money on timed exclusives. One gives every gamer a reason to buy an XBO, the other just a very small percentage of people who are impatient or were going to get an XBO anyway. #1.3.1
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***The point is and what this article is stating is that people are going way over board with this whole TR being exclusive. And what I and others are telling everyone (sony fans and fanboys) is "CALM DOWN". It's just Tomb Raider, it's not breast cancer. ***

That logic doesn't work here. This is a site for discussing gaming news.

My analogy works. Here we have fans of one game discussing how they don't like a change. Someone said... #3.1.6
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There's already a Pathfinder MMO in development. I'm not sure there's that much money in working on two Pathfinder games at once. I'd love to see it, but it seems unlikely to me. #2
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So, because he owns all systems, he can't speak out when they treat people like idiots.

Interesting. Maybe that's why I should get an XBO now. Not only does it not have Kinect, but then all the crap that businesses pull on their customers just don't matter.

Man, having more money and spending it on things I don't necessarily need is totally the answer to life's problems. #18.2
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***Yeah they're going to break contractual agreement and come out and say it's a timed exclusive.***

You missed the point entirely. His rant is that they are still treating us like idiots by not being honest with us. We know what the truth is, but they're just lying to us when they should be respecting us and attempt some form of honesty. #13.2
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***I think it was a needed move & I dont blame MS for this because with Uncharted 4 on the ps4, MS needs some kind of game to compete with such a JUGGERNAUT.***

Heaven help them if they were to use that money to make such a game on their own rather than paying to exclude the game they would already get on other platforms...

I get Microsoft did this as a business decision, but, IMHO, it was a bad one. The only thing they do here is limit an IP (timed or n... #12.2
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Nah, this is more vocal. At least Bayonetta 2 was saving the IP as a whole. People are truly confused here. This will go on and be discussed for longer than the ending of ME3. #6.1
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***I have a gut feeling the deal was made not only for money but what they wan't to do with the game, with Azure and DX12 etc and MSFT's experience with solid social features. ***

They would have said as much if this was true. That would have moved thoughts away from it being all about money. #4.4
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Thanks. Saw that a few minutes ago. #4.1.1
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***jesus, a slap in the face? Really? Its a video game. Time for some people to grow up. ***

Time for some people to get off gaming Web sites if they don't want to discuss and realize the issues in the industry and just call people children for expressing their opinion or discussing a topic.

If that's all you have to add here, how about going to a topic that you actually care to discuss?

Discuss the topic, not the people.
... #4.1.3
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Is it weird that we've grown into a community that's been told lies and half truths for so long that we don't know when we're being told the truth or just part of it?

Anyway, I hope driving fans are able to get their hands on this where they can. #2
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***Hence. it's not that big a deal. ***

Well, less people die from breast cancer each year than car accidents. I guess that it's not a big deal either?

You see, I'm saying the point is that just because there aren't as many fans as other IPs doesn't make it less of an issue. There is no 'you have to have this number of fans in order for your game to be important enough to talk about' line. Fans are fans, and treating 100 fans of... #3.1.4
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*** I don't believe really for one second that the TR fans are the ones spewing this hate, but rather console fanboys.***

Oh, I agree with that entirely. I'm a TR fan, especially the new one. But, I'm not going to go and attack people, let alone people who aren't even involved in this decision. That's all upper management, suit wearing people. Not the people who are actually making the game. #3.1.2
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I think the fact it's bad business and a slap in the face to fans is why I'm so bothered. Especially since it's the customers being treated like idiots all over again.

But, I'm not going to attack SE. I'm just going to discuss it to death here on N4G :P

Edit: I will say one thing, though. That PR letter from CD on why this was happening? That is definitely an offense to fans of the IP. I can see how people would get angry over being... #4.1
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