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"Because donuts don't wear alligator shoes."


Don't trust reviewers. Trust your friends. #2.2
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Note: this comment based on the current video.

It looks worse than AC4, which can be problematic. #1.6
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***Can you conceive of any situation in which a fictional character's sexual orientation is beneficial to the story, or gameplay, unless the game is specifically about sexual orientation?***

Every relationship and the reason behind it is important if the story is well done to begin with. It all depends on the story to determine if it's of value.

You say I'm being "broad" when all I'm saying that the "importance" of it is u... #6.1.6
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My Office PC requires expensive components and is expensive enough as it is. There's also not another room for me. Our townhome gets hot so desktop PCs with gaming equipment go in the basement where my basement and our entertainment center are located. So, I'd be walking 10' to another gaming rig that my wife would kill me over since she doesn't want something like that next to our fireplace or the stand we use for our entertainment devices. I already get in trouble with a... #5.2.1
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***They bring nothing to the improvement of the story or characters and are superficial at best.***

That a massively subjective statement and one that is up to the creator to determine. As I said, people pull from what is important to them in life. To say it "bring[s] nothing to the improvement of..." is a bit myopic in my opinion.

I think you've gone a bit too far in your assumption on importance to the creative mind and are making blanket st... #6.1.4
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Actually, his reason is exactly why I've moved to consoles as well. I work from home and I need to get away from my desk as often as possible or I end up just working all day long. Moving things around helped. Heck, even just putting a console on my desk and connecting it to another monitor helped.

It's not really a sour grape excuse so much as trying to prevent a lifestyle of work work work. Change of environment helps one's attitude a lot sometimes.
... #5.1.1
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***Personally speaking, I don't think sexual orientation, political opinion, or gender identity should be a consideration in game design.***

These things are involved in our personal lives. It's nigh impossible for them to not be a part of story and character development in some way or form.

I see a point in not purposefully putting them in just to have everything in it, but I don't see it being a problem if it's what the creative people behi... #6.1.2
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Totes ;) #3.1.1
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I'm not sure if there's another definition of 1080p, but, I found this:

"1080p (aka Full HD/ FHD and BT.709) is a set of HDTV high-definition video modes characterized by 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution and progressive scan, as opposed to interlaced, as is the case with the 1080i display standard."

So, the ONLY thing that makes 1080p and not 1080i is that each frame shows a fully 1080 image and not an interlaced one.
<... #1.6.3
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***They are using interlacing. The "P" in 1080P refers to progressive scanning; i.e. the entire image is reproduced on screen for every frame. ***

Actually, that does happen. The thing is that 50% of the pixels are created based on software algorithms and put to the screen with each frame.

1080i is alternating frames show 50%.

1080p is each frame shows 100%.

KZ:SF does 1080p, but 50% of the pixels shown are softwar... #1.4.7
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I think when you say "take the forefront" you are putting that out there as to how you see it as opposed to what people actually want/have asked for. People want a more diverse selection of personal relationship options in games, they don't want it to be at the forefront of their games, just a part of it.

If we primarily had just Caucasian characters in games, would you say it would be a "forefront" issue if people asked for more diversity in the ra... #6.1
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People in general are at least slightly homophobic when it comes to people changing things they like.

Imagine if you will that there's this really nice Enchiladas Norteno platter you like at a restaurant. It has just the right beans, the right tortillas, the right sauce, the right rice, and even a nice and properly prepared 6 oz. carne asada on the side.

Now, imagine if one day you went to the restaurant and they changed the beans from what you like to p... #3
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@waljaber: See my link above. The game being played may be at 1080p, but the video isn't. Makes it pointless to advertise it as 1080p when we only see it at 720p, let alone at a reduced quality as it's streamed through YouTube.

When your title says "shows amazing 1080p" you need to at least have a video at 1080p, not 720p as max. Otherwise, you're just showing not-so-amazing 720p. #1.3.4
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Check the bottom right for resolution options.

Now explain to me the 1080p title. #1.3.2
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I'm a completionist in certain regards, but getting all the collectibles, finding all the treasures, completing all the repetitive side quests? No way.

For some reason, people find it enjoyable to use a weapon a certain number of times or find all the most mundane of stuff to get trophies and claim it as a sign of being better at games (not everyone, but a good number think this).

Personally, if I'm not having fun and I've completed the storyli... #1
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... on a 720 youtube video ...


C'mon, people, get a brain with your titles and the like. #1.3
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Total BS if she was forced out. You should never treat creative talent like that, even if you have differences of opinion. Never. Instead, you act like adults and come to an agreement or even help people find project more appropriate for their talents within the "family" of Sony. #1.1.10
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Don't let the fact that others have a different opinion from your own change how you feel about the game.

And, in like, criticizing the opinions of others because you feel differently seems as if you want others to think the way you do.

I enjoyed Alpha Protocol for what it is, but I understood all the middling reviews. I feel the same with Thief. I'm enjoying it for what it is, but I completely understand the reviews, especially in comparison to form... #1.1.2
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Sure, rub in the fact that Ni No Kuni didn't win.

Thanks, Cat!

*goes to cry in the corner... again...* #12.1.3
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@4Sh0w: It wasn't an opinion piece, it was duplicate news as the info it was providing was not "hidden" within the original source. I said if the author had written this issue as an opinion piece (such as citing the original and why he thought it was hypocritical or the like) it would have been fine. It was not written as an opinion piece, though. #3.4.6
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