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"I'm crazy. Just not your type of crazy."


***Looking at it, Microsoft are doing right by THEIR customers.***

Actually, this does nothing for THEIR customers. Their customers were already getting the game.

This is all about potential customers. And, why would a potential customer want to go with a business that has a habit of holding games hostage?

Even with the recent clarification, I'm still not sure if the game is timed or flat out exclusive. But, the way it's been handl... #4.1.4
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Actually, Sony made it exactly clear which games were exclusive and which were timed. It was nice.

It still sucks that so much of the business is tied to exclusivity (timed or otherwise), but it's at least something when they can tell you straight up what is what without any confusion. #31.1
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Marketing 101: Don't treat your customer base like idiots by attempting to lie to them when a precedent for what you are doing has been set and they will likely know you are lying. #39.1
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It's the Internet. 50% of the people on it obtain new levels of immature almost daily. And, let's not act like only certain fan bases are immature here. People on all sides are immature all the time. #45.1
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Actually, they might not. The amount of money it would cost to do that versus what they could otherwise do with it is something they would consider. Nintendo could probably make 3 games with that money instead of buying an exclusive third party IP. Sony could make at least one game.

Personally, I'm annoyed that MS spent so much money on just this when they've been telling us they're all about bringing the gamers the games they want. They didn't do this h... #2.4.1
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The only thing I will say is that Sony is honest with how they spend their money. During their conference, there was no question about what games were exclusive, what games were timed exclusive, and what games were just multiplatform titles.

Yes, they are both businesses and both about profit. But, how you treat your customers says a lot about the company, their goals, and what they think of their customers. #2.1.7
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I played TR2 on my PC.... #1.19
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Umm... dumping the stock helped SE... They gained more control, lost any control another publisher had. They weren't even financially affected since buying the stock was done at a low point when they were claiming that they were in dire straights since Tomb Raider made no money for them. #1.2.8
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***Then we just have to let business happen. People buy the game, and an XB1, if they want. ***

Disagree. If you have a problem with something a business is doing, speak out and let them know. #1.1.16
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Really confused by this. The only thing I can think of is they don't want to manage their own servers for PS3 (but are fine with doing it for PS4). But, even then, that's a good portion of the market share you're cutting off there. #4
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***Did anyone think that MS was going to drop trow and take it like a good boy.. Didn't think so ***

No, but would be great if they treated consumers fairly. Right now, they're holding a long standing multiplatform IP hostage in order to get more sales. How is that telling me that they respect the consumers?

The way you do business speaks a ton. And, so far, MS hasn't learned anything. They'll trash Siri in commercials. They'll build... #4.1.2
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This is a unique situation, though. This is a long standing, existing IP.

And, so far, they are adamant it's not even timed. It may be, but they are insistent that it isn't. That's not being upfront with the fanbase that they are making wait in the first place. They're treating us like we're idiots. #7.1.1
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I wouldn't say MS did nothing wrong when they could take all that money and put it towards making a new IP for their gamers. As it is, their gamers get nothing out of this since they would get the game anyway.

I get the business decision. I just don't think it was the best thing for their gamers. I do agree it was the best thing for Square. The problem is? Square messed up by not telling us it was a timed exclusive out of the gate. They were fighting so hard to... #4.1
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@Volkama: Such a myopic view on life and how businesses make decisions.

An ignorant consumer is the favorite meal of the industry. #1.2.4
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***Why?..seems odd that you or anyone should worry about any gamer who literally would buy a console for one game.***

These businesses are designed around how people chose to spend their money. If they see a trend where people are perfectly fine spending $460 for just a single game, you know what they're going to do? They're going to adjust their business to take advantage so that they can get more money from people who have no problems spending this amount of money... #1.1.4
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I worry about people who don't worry about how people spend money and how that affects them. #1.2.1
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***No one complained when Square jumped ship from Nintendo to Sony.***

I doubt that. But, there was also but a fraction of today's market for video games then. Not even close to what we have now for one IP (GTA) for a single console each year.

***No one should complain now. Their are still fans of Tomb Raider on Xbox One and Square is providing those fans a new game.***

And saying to all the other fans that if you like our game, you nee... #1.2.7
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@lelo: what does that have to do with the comment to which I replied? polow said it added value to his xbox. It doesn't. You're bringing up something entirely different. If you want to talk business, see my comments closer to the top of the page. #10.1.4
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@Gantsta_red: Also, businesses work the way their customers let them work. If we keep letting them treat us as nothing more than paychecks, they'll keep doing it.

We need to make sure these businesses understand what is important to us. Let them know what we do and don't like. And we need to do that with our money sometimes.

Don't just accept it as how business works. Businesses work for us, not the other way around. #1.2.4
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***And that is how business works. What's the point of owning a particular console if they can all play the same thing? ***

What's the point of playing any third party game when they can go console exclusive at any point?

This isn't just about MS, it's about Square. This is about the fans.

You obviously don't care what the fans think, but the answer for fans isn't just to pay more money to play games. The answer to t... #1.2.2
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