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"I'm crazy. Just not your type of crazy."


@FullmetalRoyale: I don't see how including team-based gameplay would change what it is. Many games have single-person focused and team-focused multiplayer modes. #1.3.4
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@SoapShoes: Really?!? I thought it was going to both? That's lame :( #4.1.2
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I didn't intend to make it about you, but I'm used to people reading titles and jumping to conclusions and oftentimes have a habit of saying what I'm thinking as it relates to the article at hand. That can be good and bad. People sometimes just want to have their "pat on the back" posts sometimes and nothing else. Though, it varies from submission to submission, I think this is one of those times.

I will say, people put a ton of effort into semantics... #5.2.1
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***What do you want MS to use in the statement if you think "hundreds of" is clearly grammatical incorrect? ***

Over one hundred...

Still a more impressive number than what Sony has done in the last year.

@mhunterjr: Not at all false. Trust me. Also trust the link I gave you above that specifies the difference between 'hundreds of' and 'hundreds'. But, c'est la vie. I think the point is made enough here. <... #5.1.9
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@Fullmetalroyale: Yes, you're comparing a fantasy game to a game with guns when I'm comparing competitive multiplayer that awards people for teamwork rather than just their personal ability to kill more people. That does in fact look stupid, as far as comparisons go. #1.3.2
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@donthate: You might want to read what I wrote. Meaning actually getting the definition of 'hundreds of'.

From my source:

╦łhundreds of
1. several hundred.

You see, the use of "of" after hundreds is vastly different than just saying 'hundreds'. #5.1.7
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Does it still focus primarily on the gains of the individual rather than working as a team? Does it remove the goal of awarding you points for your individual successes or does it replace it with one where your team is awarded solely based on their successes by working together as a team?

If it still doesn't do that, I'm still not interested. #1.3
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***Most probably disagreed because you went all Grammar Vigilante. I know I did.***

Okay to go grammar vigilante on Dualshockers item, not on official Xbox item. Gotcha. #5.1.5
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Technically, 102 is not "hundreds of." "Hundreds of" denotes at least 200.

There's a difference between 1.75 cups and hundreds of cups.

So, no, grammatically it's incorrect.


Scroll down to the definition of "hundreds of" specifically.

Specificity is important, IMHO. Just a... #5.1.3
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***Guess you missed the part at the very beginning where he's talking about what games said kids can't be allowed to play then right? Yeah, figured as much. ***

Wait... you think kids with mental disorders should be playing violent games intended for mature people? Essentially, should we also be giving them licenses to carry guns? We're talking about people with mental disorders that make them more prone to acts of violence here.

Interesting...... #1.2.9
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Just FYI, this is a ported game, not a new game for the PS4/XBO...

So... yeah, not much here for them to do to push gaming forward with a port. #4.1
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Well, not that many. 102, not 'hundreds of'. And, most of them aren't new features, but updates to old features.

But, regardless, XBO has been killing it with monthly updates.

Edit: @disagrees: you guys can hit that button all you want. My only issue here is on their wording to make it look like more than they even present themselves. We complain daily about gaming sites using improper headlines to not focus on the absolute truth, MS did the... #5.1
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You know it's kinda that person's job to worry about the things you say we shouldn't be worried about. I mean, if you were to ask me about the benefits of new APIs for Web programming, I'd talk about it in a manner that people who just browse a site don't give a crap about. But, that stuff is important as heck to me. #1.1
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***I am merely saying that on a 42" TV at distances of over 10 feet it has been scientifically and medically proven that the eye cannot distinguish pixels as individuals anymore once you surpass that distance. ***

But you're not distinguishing one pixel from another. You're distinguishing a group of a few thousand pixels from another, at the least. The way those few thousand make an image is distinguishable from the image they make on another machine if they ar... #6.2.15
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***The fact that these pixels as such a distance can still be distinguished would baffle doctors and scientists alike. ***

Actually, no, it doesn't. It's just that people don't understand what they're looking at.

For example, in the comparison video from yesterday, I could tell when the XBO was not full 1080p by the less sharp and detail lacking signs/lettering in the game.

Now, does that ruin the game or anything? Not at al... #6.2.4
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Over $60 worth of games for <$5. I can see how embarrassing this is for Sony. #6.2
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Yeah! Where's my $30+ game for something I pay $50 a year?

I want Sony to go bankrupt on this deal! #2.4
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Cherry picking stats to suit your argument. You'd fit right in with politicians. #2.9
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I agree the PS4 can look more washed out, but that's easily corrected by gamma correction (note, what they record isn't necessarily what they see on their TV/monitor since it doesn't take into account monitor/tv configurations). But, you lost me on seeing meaningful detail missing. The detail is the same for both, with some sharper details on the PS4 (you can see it in the many signs in the game).

I'm not sure how much FPS matters to others. For me, it doe... #20.1
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MS gets money from licensing fees for each game sold for their console. #16.2.1
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