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"I'm crazy. Just not your type of crazy."


*** A year's worth of delay in video game development as per today, simply doesn't require horrible mismanagement or even for major changes to be made.***

It does if:

1. The delay doesn't involve decisions to change major gameplay elements. This is not the case with Driveclub.

2. The delay comes along with a horrible release, whether game-breaking bugs or online features that are relied upon and do not work for more than a day... #1.3.8
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I kind of agree with you. I will say that the only reason they removed Kinect was to get the price down. Exact same thing Sony did last generation. #32.1
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***Oh. Guess my lecturers were either wrong or lying then.

They definitely were if that's what they told you.

As a person who is a programmer, if any of my projects are delayed by a year, I would be fired. Heck, I'd be fired for six months of delay.

*** It's not typical IN IT, but typical FOR IT Projects. Meaning that specifically IT projects have more delays than other projects. ***

I agree that IT p... #1.3.6
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You obviously haven't seen how much profit Sony makes in selling camera parts and similar things to other cell phone and laptop manufacturers. #7.1
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With a different ending though, please? #3.1
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Also hope it goes to XBO and to PC. #5.4
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They're okay, but I'd rather see a more transparent design. And, would like to see it across the whole top and not just over the HDD. #1.5
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Just do it like Destiny, access who is online and who is playing what from in-game. #2.1.6
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Or the option to just disable it all together so I can keep it the way it is. #1.3
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***I wouldn't say bumping up the visuals caused any of the server troubles, ***

This isn't just about server issues. This is about the full on year delay in addition to the notably disastrous release. One can only imagine what the game would have looked like or played if it was released last year when it was intended.

***they just didn't test the online aspects of this game enough.***

There were a lot more failures in the manage... #1.2.4
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Currently a toss up between South Park and Dragon Age for me. I need to finish Dragon Age at least once before I make a final call on it. #5.1
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***C'mon Cgoodno, a lot of those titles are really scraping the bottom, as you yourself even eluded and mentioned. ***

No more so than many of the ones on the competitor's side.

***That was a very weak attempt at proving a point and just proved how lackluster Sony's own 1st party line up truly was. ***

Weaker than your attempt to play the "Sony has no games" card?

***And I also meant no games in the midd... #1.7.3
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***if I walk into any private establishment, let's say burger king, all of a sudden my constitutional rights are suspended in favour of corporate policy? ***

They can be at the whim of the business owner. You are on private property owned by the established business.

They can ask you to leave at any time due to what you say or do that is otherwise not against the law. For example, they can't deny you service because you are gay or of a specific race... #3.4.3
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Your rights to Freedom of Speech as soon as you access the Internet. Each Web page is a privately owned entity and can make their own rules on what is and isn't allowed as far as speech. You have no freedom on the Internet, only the semblance of it by sites that allow you to say what you want. #3.5.1
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Blame the victim, not the attacker. Sounds plausible. #3.2.1
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It's a private Web site, actually. Freedom of speech has no bearing. All that does is the rules that they set on what you can and can't do.

Twitter has decided to not limit what you can say to others as much as other sites. That is all. It's still not freedom of speech. They can still moderate and ban accounts for pretty much any reason they want. #3.4
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@esemce: I wouldn't, actually. I'm a PC gamer as well and tend to push graphics to a point where it's around 30fps. I, personally, get nothing out of 60fps that I'm not more than happy with at 30fps. And, I tend to get better visuals and effects at 30fps over 60fps that I do like.


Regardless, since when did playing a good game at 30fps make it a poor experience? Do we suddenly require all games to be 60fps now or are we splitting ha... #18.1.2
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What? No games to launch this year?

- Second Son
- MLB The show
- The Last of Us
- Natural Doctrine
- Samurai Warriors 4
- Singstar
- LBP3
- Akiba's Trip
- Dynasty Warriors 8
- Bound By Flame
- Le Tour de France
- MotoGP 14
- Air Conflicts Vietnam

There were plenty of games out that weren't on the competition (XBO)... #1.7.1
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No. A whole year delay is not typical in IT projects unless they are horribly mismanaged or major changes are made in the process.

Even Sony cited, though I'm sure it was heavily played down, that Driveclub was delayed due to social gameplay issues. Those exact same issues that caused them to have such a huge issue at launch. I think it was way more than that based on how much was improved outside of social features during that time.

The point of man... #1.3.1
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If you've at all been paying attention to how Square manages ports, you know the only thing Square wants here is easy money on a port. That is where they get a ton of their money now, not on actually making new content. Just suckering people into buying the same game they have on an older platform on a newer one. #1.3
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