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"I'm crazy. Just not your type of crazy."



Well, you wanted recognition and you've got it. Probably not for what you wanted, though, since you seem to be about criticizing the writings of others and criticizing those who read and voted on the blogs even though you said you didn't do it with a prize in mind.

I found your blog fairly derivative of the general statements people make every day on N4G. You spend a lot of time over explaining things and focus on the same thing most peop... #2.1.1
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1. Notice how you only came up with search results that involve sexism in gaming when you included the word sexism? Guess what, that's not what people are searching for when they look up games. Your write your blog as if this is the content people will find just by searching for any random game. It's not as prevalent as you make it out to be. Heck, I could make any argument on this sort of thing by searching for it the way you did. If you didn't notice the part I quoted was... #7.2
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@Abizzel said "What exactly are PS fans asking for? The most I've ever seen are sequels to older IPs (Legend of Dragoon), sequels to newer IP's (Ni No Kuni), and a release date for The Last Guardian."

1. Massive improvements to firmware/OS.

2. A freaking western RPG.

3. That stuff you mentioned as well. #11.1.12
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That GPU isn't going to be pushing 1080p60fps on anything that's comparable to consoles right now. You're talking low-quality with everything turned off to reach those levels on new games, if that. The CPU is the biggest issue as well, and it's just as important for gaming as the GPU. #1.5
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***You see people saying that the only way games can truly be fun is if these specific groups are represented in these specific ways and that there is one specific group that's preventing that from happening and have been the problem with gaming for 40 years.***

Please. 99.999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999% of what I read has absolutely nothing to do with that.

Honestly, you exaggerate the meaning of other people's opinions way too much here... #7
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@Lord Maim: While I thoroughly enjoyed Alpha Protocol, from the moment you do the training missions, you can tell there were some design issues with it. It had a ton of potential, but it just didn't get there. It is an example of a game I enjoy, but could never come even close to say that it should warrant winning any awards. #1.3.5
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***I stopped reading the moment you said you never finished it. I'll go back and finish reading your statement AFTER you finish the game. ***

I don't need to play all of a game to know if it's the greatest game in the world or not. I've played plenty of games that I picked up, enjoyed thoroughly from beginning to start. I've also played games like Alpha Protocol where you know from the get-go that it's not going to win any awards. To say that a pers... #1.3.3
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I disagree with your logic that it's okay for Sony to do it because MS did it.

To me, I don't like it when either does this sort of stuff. I say people should make a great product, tell us honestly what it does and doesn't do, and sell it based on that. I don't need or want all this PR crap I see today.

"The best entertainment console."

"Only on Playstation"

That stuff needs to go away.... #1.3.4
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***That kind of loophole is totally different.***

Not to me. That's the difference between stealing a nickel and stealing $1m dollars. To me, it's all stealing. I'd rather not do it at all than put myself into a slippery slope situation of losing my view of what's right and what's wrong.

That's why I made sure to denote that the above statement was my opinion and not a general thought on how I think others should view it.
... #1.1.9
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I have to be honest, could never get into it. The Last of Us, that is. I have it on PS3 and will finish it some day, but it just didn't resonate with me. I know I'll be getting a lot of disagrees for that, but that's fine.

But, best game is so heavily subjective. We're talking about rating games I play now with the games I played 20 years ago and how it takes a lot more to impress me now than it did then.

The one game that has stood out... #1.3
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***Im not saying it's not hypocritical, but i don't blame a corporation striving for profit to exploit a loophole in a creative way.***

I personally do. It's all this loophole finding that leads to all the problems we've had with businesses and how they treat consumers as well as their own employees. Don't get me started on tax loopholes. Personally, I'd rather go for the full on honesty of business. If someone else paid for ad rights, then that... #1.1.6
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@Eonjay said: "You know its not a "real" ad right?"

Depends. If they send out e-mails or hand out similar stuff with links to it, it is an ad. I'm assuming this is something that was 'leaked' onto the Web and not advertised in that manner.

Regardless, it is pretty petty, IMHO. I mean, it's business and all, but just not something I'd do. Also something I haven't seen others do in similar situations. Though, I w... #1.1.11
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No, it exists. MS is just allowed to ignore it whenever they want but enforce it on the developers all other times. #1.7.3
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***Microsoft is putting their customers needs ahead of the competitions. How entitled do you have to be in order to feel Microsoft should place the needs of Playstation fans above their own customers?***

Don't urinate on me and tell me it's raining.

The only reason MS does this is to force the hands of developers. It has nothing to do about being for their customers and all about making their product look better by forcing small development teams who... #1.1.17
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It felt wrong posting just one when they really all go together. #3.1
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In the U.S. it's known for sending brat... errr... kids back to school. #14.1
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***She doesn't directly call anyone. She just implies that people who're supporting games that has that trope have/will turn into one, sooner or later.***

No she doesn't. She does no such thing. She says exactly what she says. You're reading way too much into it that isn't there.

***None of the games that have low age ratings have people yelling "bitch" or "whore" in them.***

And yet most of XBL and... #1.14.4
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***And not only in her video. In one of her recent tweets, she said "game developers should be aware of what games teach to players when it comes to dealing with conflicts"***

And where in that does she call anyone a misogynist? She said "teaching" not "making." Much like how a person learns from those they are around, you don't think that kids will learn to emulate in some fashion what they hear in movies, tv shows, and video games? Heck,... #1.14.2
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This is in response to your comment #19.2.1

Again, the how fast something can or can't process something has nothing to do with how much RAM you have. RAM is used to store data to be processed. With more RAM, you can store more data that can be processed (or not and just removed).

Data can be stored in bulk in RAM and not needed for processing. Furthermore, you can store excess data in RAM if there is more RAM but only use portions of it for processing... #19.3
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***I think devs planned on having 4 gigs of RAM to work with. When you bump it up to 8 but the OS occupies 3-3.5 gigs, it doesn't really change much.***

Actually, they expected only 1-2 gigs, but with the bump to 8 they now have twice that much. It was understood that a lot of it would be taken up by OS operations and certain social features that are always running in the background. #1.2.3
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