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"I'm crazy. Just not your type of crazy."


Pretty much. But, purple items of the right level do tend to be slightly better than crafted. But, crafted gives you a lot of control as a mage as far as damage you deal. #3.1
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I'd say it's half and half. I'm wearing crafted armor but have a purple staff. Pretty much same with all my companions. Either they have one that's crafted and one that's found while exploring. #2.1.1
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I agree it's not as plain as saying one is more powerful than another. IT's all about how you utilize the hardware to see what type of game you get. As we all know, they have their own strengths and weaknesses.

***After a year of comparing games it's pretty obvious that they look either identical or nearly identical.***

I like your enthusiasm, but this isn't true in most cases still.

***If the best excuse someone has to own... #1.19
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How can you claim to have programmed to the full potential of any platform when you couldn't even produce a game that isn't broken or filled with bugs? #1.8
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***They clearly said that devkits behave differently than retail consoles (different hardware)... ***

Part of the issue.

***The devkit should be optimised for the debugging purposes, so it should change a lot of how the code runs (games should run slower, though), etc...***

Some devkits should be optimized for debugging. SQA should not be optimized for this at all. SQA should be running devkits specifically designed to match release product. #1.3.2
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Talk about a horrible testing set up if true. Especially in a day and age where they can compile digital releases of the game at any time to run on devkits. #1.3
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***Fair enough, that said we arent even the Xmas period yet and it's already outselling the PS4.***

Because of price cuts that won't be sticking around... #1.1.26
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Or just buy a used one for $20 and play them all... #1.9
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WTH Septic!?!? Give credit where credit is due! #2.1.1
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@GiggMan: I suck at PvP, so no Thorn yet. But, now... wouldn't even use it. I'll have to look into hawkmoon. Haven't gotten one of those. I do have The Devil You Know, but it quickly got outpaced by Firefly and Confluence scout rifles.

@stevehyphen: Don't think I've seen that one either. Will need to look into it.

Sad thing is I've had to buy the one legendary hand cannon I've ever had. Never gotten another one from raiding, st... #1.2.4
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Grabbed that and the hunter chest piece. Been wanting a good hand cannon for a long while. #1.2
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@MeiMei: As long as Sony keeps delivering games the way we want and don't take away from that, don't care what else they do. Same with MS. I admit I was and still am very much against digital only consoles. I don't care what they do as far as TV shows, movies, or the like. If I like them, I'll use them. And, right now, I want MS and Sony to do their best to offer things that take away from cable companies. In the U.S. especially, cable companies have way too much power... #11.1.2
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***But how would your ISP know if you're watching programs and movies from a PlayStation 4 or a laptop? How would your ISP even know that you're watching television programming and not playing an MMO like Final Fantasy 14?***

Different ports for different data. Also, all they need to do is recognize the source of the data you're receiving and throttle that. It doesn't need to be throttled on your end, it will be throttled on the end that is sending the data.... #1.1.6
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The problem was that MS' option wasn't an alternative to cable. It combined the two. What I"m looking for are more options other than cable.

And this isn't all about 'tv' considering I already watch Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon VOD on my console. It's about advancing beyond just the cable box. #11.1
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Only reason I like this more than MS' option is that it cuts the cable cord rather than combining the two. We need more 'non cable' options for watching TV. Cable TV, as it is, needs to die off. #7.3
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Doesn't matter if they have more time or not. What matters is what upper management forces them to put into the game and how much time it takes to make that happen. The problem is that developers aren't able to decide how long it takes, that's what management does. And management's decisions are based on a need to release at the best time of the year to sell their game, not the best time of the year for when the developers are happy with the quality of the game. #3
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@donthate: That's why I specified 'business monopoly' as it relates to businesses using their software in over 98% of the business markets out there. That's where they have control, over what governments and businesses use for their productivity software. #4.2.2
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***Their financials show almost 1 billion in profit in the division. ***

That's the beauty of the "division." It doesn't just include XBO but 360 and other entertainment gains (such as any app sales from the Win8 store).

By your logic, the PS Vita is doing perfectly fine. The Playstation division is showing great improvements this year compared to last. It has even been one of the very few divisions to see a gain in profit as opposed to a... #2.1.7
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***"A quote from a Merrill Lynch financial analyst today estimated that Sony will lose approximately $180 (or 20,000 yen) for every PlayStation 2 unit sold." ***

And yet made a profit on all hardware in the first year...

***"With a suggested retail price of $499, that would mean Sony is taking a loss of about $307 on each console it sells. The differential for the 60GB model is less, with the cost exceeding the price tag by $241."***
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@ABizzel1: I appreciate the response.

Regarding making up loss, I'm not sure XBL would do that. I do not believe that much of that is at all profit now since it does cover ongoing OS/network costs as well as other features. Essentially the monthly updates MS has been putting out is covered by the $50 XBL subscriptions, and not even every owner has one of those.

I think they plan to make up the losses by the games people buy as well as any digital conte... #2.1.4
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