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"Because donuts don't wear alligator shoes."


Septic, your situation seems to be a very singular one. The worst thing that happened to me in the game was a DUP truck started to spin and dance around like a ballerina. No texture load in issues or the like at all.

While I get this may be happening to you, I think you are also smart enough to realize by some pretty general searches that you are in the extreme minority for people who experience this issue. You are the first I've encountered with this specific issue. #1.2.27
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Septic, normally I get your posts and like them, but this one is either out of ignorance or spite.

That screenie is a horrible representation of the game and obviously has something wrong with it.

Here are some auto-downsized screencaps I made personally in the game that look way better. And, they look like crap compared to the in-game visuals due to the compression done when you share them.

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Definitely get Dragon's Dogma Arisen if you haven't already.

Good game. #1.4
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Pointless at this time, IMHO. We need more exclusive and new content, not more ports.

Just hope the new games being announced for PS3/360 release later this year make their way to PS4/XBO as well. We need to make sure all platforms are getting the best support and not just ports from games put out less than a year ago and already played by the majority of people who would play them in the first place. #1.13
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When he says "current-gen" he's referencing PS3/360.

The title doesn't do a good job of differentiating between the two and the developer in question refers to those two as "current gen" still. #2.1
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He's French.

Seymour Derriere #15.1
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George Bannedcroft
Brigham Old
Victor Uggs
Ralph Where
George Water
William Harry
Abraham Linsanity
Charles Richardens
Charles Illiterate
Henry Beaver
Russell Idjit
Karl Erasex
Goldwin Seamstress
Grover Detroit
Cecil Streehts
John Huey
Edward Eggshell
Winston Templesteppe
Carl Mudville
Albert Zweistein

Am I doing this right? #7
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@Spenok: Umm... I've played MMOs since the 90s.

Here's how it normally works.

1. You buy the game w/30 days free.
2. You create an account (no CC needed)
3. You enter in your 30-day code.
4. You log in to your account and play the game for your free 30 days.
5. If you want to continue playing, you subscribe (using CC or game card).

So, no, thehitman is not right. Neither the account creation or j... #5.2.10
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@Balcrist: As a resident of Maryland, here's a bit of history. Zenimax was founded by the guy who founded Bethesda. The goal? To publish their own games and the games of other companies they would absorb or make deal with. This also allowed Zenimax to acquire IPs but have their own development companies or third-parties build them while they still make money off of them.

For all intents and purposes, Zenimax is Bethesda in that their company goals are one and the sam... #1.2.5
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***ALL subs nowadays that give you a trial make you use ur card.***

Not with MMOs. Note, a lot of people actually use game cards on these. Forcing them to use at least a month on it at this time when they may play now and go back at a later time to sub and try it out when there have been updates is not how MMOs have worked in the past. #5.2.8
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Did you forget that DDR3 is bad for GPU processing and that is were the majority of the load will be as far as processing load?

Both consoles have their pros and cons, but you can't discount GDDR5 w/o discounting DDR3. #1.4.9
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@thehitman: Because a lot of people use game cards to pay for subs. But, why should they be forced to buy a gamecard and use it for a one month sub when they haven't been given the chance to try it for the 30 free days? And for those that use CCs, why should they have to give personal info and be forced to cancel a sub? No other MMO has required this in the past. #5.2.3
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***So basically the esRAM does has the potential to make the games on par with PS4 as long as a 3rd party puts time in so why shouldn't you believe MS?***

No, it has the potential to improve their games. Read my last sentence on this above where it doesn't solve GPU or RAM issues. And, improvemetns on esRAM are going to be made at the same time that similar data and RAM management improvements are made on the PS4.

***The only difference appears to b... #1.9.4
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Zenimax and Bethesda are one and the same. #1.2.2
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It's not that. You get 30 days of free game time. But, they're not allowing you to use it unless you sign up for a subscription first. #5.2
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This is a piss poor way for Bethesda to handle this. The 30-day free game time is sacred in the MMO arena, especially since people are plopping down $60 to buy the game.

Bad form, Bethesda, bad form. #1.2
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Oh, maniac, you're not talking to an idiot.

Re: esRAM

See the latest news on how they still say it will help them to get to the same quality of games as PS4. But, the problem is that will primarily be on first party titles where that level of effort it put into it. This is the exact same issue the PS3 had last generation. Sony said they had all this potential. They did. But, no one wanted to do all that work and so third-party games look lesser in po... #1.9.2
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All data you send and that is kept is stored in a database on their end. There's no real way to otherwise do it. It's one of the major components of MMOs, data collection and storage. It's also the way that online shooters track people to detect cheating or the like.

There is no other legitimate way to store and access this data..

As far as asynchronous activity, everything is sending and receiving from the same database. So, anything that'... #11.1.2
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You can't just flip a switch. It takes 9 months. #22.1
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If by "fighting back" you mean saying:

- esRAM is totally awesome, just believe us!
- Here's a demo that makes no sense, but the cloud!
- We've got the best games! Just ignore that the best games are from third parties right now!
- We cut our price and here's a free game!

Microsoft needs to stop talking and just show the gamers something that makes them want to buy an XBO right now. Until then, it's just PR... #1.9
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