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"We just can't have nice things."



Just to be clear, you cannot delete portions of firmware. But, unlike what others have said, it does take up space but it's space that's automatically allocated to the firmware (aka OS) already. So, say there's 5GB of firmware space allocated, you may only be using 3GB of it now and the other 2GB is reserved for future updates but unused at this time. #2.3
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@OpenGL: Still a pain and we shouldn't be dealing with the upload compression at all. But, yeah, I could do that. #1.7.2
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One item of note, caseh:

***which will eventually give me access to everything EA release***

This is not necessarily true. There may be games that never make it to this service. You may have to buy them. Furthermore, you need to play the games when they are available as EA will be adding/removing games from the list on an ongoing basis. #1.2
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***I don't think the cost is that high to operate, once the initial investment is done to the infrastructure. ***

I think you are ignoring the fact that they have to pay off that initial investment before they start to cut prices based on operation costs. And, operation costs are much higher here than standard multiplayer servers. Add onto that the need to make a profit, it's actually higher than you would think.

***Why is EA on-board with EA Acces... #1.2.2
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It's a Trojan Horse concept for getting more people to buy digital. The 10% off is nothing compared to the fact that it's one less person who will be selling the game to GameStop or giving it to a friend.

Also, another user mentioned and I think it will definitely come to fruition, but it's yet another way to sell DLC. I definitely see EA giving certain DLC away for all of their games if you subscribe to the service. Yet another manner in which content will be... #1
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Not in North America :(

Edit: Well, not in the U.S. at least. I think one carrier is going to finally get it in September. #3.1.2
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To stay that way when MS cuts the price of the XBO this Holiday season. #2.3.1
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You can thank the retailers for that, not Sony. #1.7.1
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It is and it isn't. It seems Sony offers certain pricing plans and the publishers chose between them. It's not like Sony is going to offer a price plan that won't make them a profit in comparison to the resources you may end up using for the specified amount of time.

So, doubt you'll see $0.99 4 hour gameplays or the like anytime soon. Not until the price of the service is greatly reduced. #3.1
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I agree that you should be paying for gameplay time and not real time. That would make the whole service a lot better. But, I'm betting if you paid for gameplay time, the costs would be higher on certain ones since you could beat it in 4 hours or play the whole game 3x in 24 hours. #2.1
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Beta or not, I would consider the pricing to be expensive.

I understand this is a service that isn't tied to a single piece of hardware, but most of the games I can get on disc or PC for a lot less than what they are offering.

The problem is that I don't think they can get much cheaper since the service itself costs a lot to get going.

I don't know what solution there is for this, but it's likely a service that very few peop... #1.2
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***Now here's another big what if, what if they start locking DLC and other downloadable content for their games behind this additional subscription? ***

I actually see this happening and is my only worry with it right now. EA is king of putting DLC in so many spots. But, with their own plan on a console, I can totally see content being held hostage for just those who are EA Access subscribers.

This can only make the issue of DLC worse in the long run... #1.8.1
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I didn't see that anywhere in the article or the original tweet they posted. #2.3
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1. Sony didn't pass on Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive, they just didn't see eye-to-eye with what the developers wanted initially and MS was a better fit. That's not passing on, that's losing.

2. I agree, Sony should have given gamers the choice here. I said it before, but I think the reason for denying it is twofold: a) infrastructure work to get it done is more work than they can deal with right now and b) they don't want competing elements to PS+/PS... #1.2.13
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Everything Neonridr said in his first comment above. #1.1.26
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What I want right now:

1. The ability to have a 'games' folder instead of a huge bar of games I played in the last 9 months. I know I can delete them, but some of them I want to stay around, just not in that manner.

2. The ability to either hide apps I don't have or want installed or at least an option to go between two category tabs for 'installed' and 'not installed' apps (navigate between the tabs using R1/R2 or the like). T... #1.7
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@XiMasterChief: They are coveted, but I wouldn't say popular in that many people have them. An extremely small percentage of the population own their own PCs or their own iPhone. Seafort is correct in that the majority of Chinese PC gamers do so out of gaming cafes or share one PC among a large group of people. #8.2.2
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@redwin: Why would there be an import tax on something manufactured and assembled in China?

Serious question.

This is why MS is able to keep console prices so low in Brazil. They do similar work there and they don't have to deal with import taxes (but there are other taxes) the way Sony does. #1.1.2
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***You're becoming defensive against criticism about IndieMonth by equating it to criticism against the people behind IndieMonth.***

I'm not defensive of criticism of IndieMonth. Yet. I am wary of overly critical elements, though. Which, IMHO, you have a tendency to do on this sort of things. I will admit that and I hope you realize that your past blog posts give a credence to you being overly critical.

***There are instances where a work is criti... #6.2.7
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***You may not enjoy criticism, most people don't, but I'm not talking about your first born child here, I'm talking about a month long idea that has pros and cons.***

I'm no more defensive of my opinion than you are.

***To be so dismissive of a member of the community, ANY member of a community, discussing pros and cons of such an event is really completely antithetical with the base idea of what N4G is.***

I am a person and... #6.2.5
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