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To be clear, Kimishima never went over what the NX would be. He only outlined that mobile and the NX need to work in a synergistic way to make either work at their best level. This could mean anything from the games share IP's to them having a similar feature. Until they reveal more about the NX or Nintendos plans, this sort of thinking is just reductive.

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I would actually play that!

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It is now coming out in December

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Well said! Vivendi does not know how to run with the big boys in the games industry!

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Both were great games! I can not imagine any corporate overlord allowing these sort of games. I am also sure we would NEVER see another Beyond Good & Evil from them either if this were to happen!

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It could mean the Ubi Workshop games like Child of Light never see the light of day though. That would be a tragedy!

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I can't see Konami come out of this one. Kojima was their last great artistic voice!

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Have you seen the rest of the gear though? Some of it is very sharp!

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it took less then an hour. Sorry to hear you missed it!

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I think Nvidia wants to take over Mobile rather then the console market!

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Real question is, what will happen to the consoles if they do go under?

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It helps older cards, but newer cards really do not have anything beyond what Nvidia already offer

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I feel they have been able to fight head to head with Nvidia pretty well to be honest!

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It is a fun experience! Well worth the time to go back!

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It is different, but has a similar feel!

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If they don't do anything with Fallout I am sure there will be many upset people!

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Definitely, Sony has been very accommodating to Indie devs and I think this is a good step in getting this genre fully explored on the next-gen platforms!

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Don't enter sacred Gravity Rush territory!

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I'd sure like this to be a Vita game, PSP had one!

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This year's E3 sure does have a lot of hype surrounding it, I for one hope it holds up!

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