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I prefer new Dante :x There's something insanely cheesy about a guy that strikes an old school disco pose and yells out 'This party's gonna rock!' That isn't to say one is 'better' than the other, just that I don't find the DMC 1,2,3,4 as attractive or aesthetically pleasing as DmC Dante. #3
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This post is nothing more than flame fodder... Give it a rest =_= #13
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Someone get Peta on the phone, 'cause he also murdered those rage demons that looked like cats! CAT ABUSE! #16
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I'm ecstatic with the reviews rolling in on this title. Despite my own hopes, it was getting me down reading countless comment after countless comment dooming, damning, and wishing this game into tanked sales. I'm glad to see the reviews are making those chronic complainers eat their words. Good job Capcom and NT. (Wonder how many disagrees I'll get ;3) #4
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Looking forward. One more day :3 #6
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I think a lot of this focus on looks come from the overwhelming swell of fans still calling the new Dante different things like Donte. Going so far as to change the name of the character in your argument shows your dislike for the design, feel, and attitude of the character and that's what I think a lot of these articles are honing in on.

Unfortunately, the credibility of an argument nose-dives when the delivery of that argument is rife with petty name changes of the cha... #2.1.1
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@Dragonknight - If the leak was true, if it was a word for word walkthrough of the script, I expect there would be a much larger backlash than just Tameem posting a tweet about controlling rumors being a full-time job. If this was the real deal, I'm sure N4g would be full of articles about this guy getting harassed with lawsuits and threats of silence, because you know that would just be an awesome scoop to further destroy Capcom and NT's efforts. I would expect the leak to be essen... #7
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Then may this article never see the light of day, for I fear flaming and burning would set it up to 350o in like a second. #2.1.1
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A new Darkstalkers in the revitalized Street Fighter/MVC3 Style would tickle me in dark places @_@ #6
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While this seems more plausible than the dinosaur leak thing, it doesn't really go hand-in-hand with NT and Capcom's motivation for the reboot. The entire idea of the reboot was to be so far away from the original titles that it didn't interfere with the storylines of 1-4. This leak is a blatant contradiction of that, so much so that it seems absolutely ludicrous. I mean, like I said, Capcom has been stubborn in their claims that if they wanted to make another DMC number title... #2
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Omg :X YES!! #6
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I'm pretty excited for this! #7
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Honestly, even if the creator hadn't left the original DMC series ended before it began. They ended the series with Dante sacrificing himself in 2. Everything afterwards was doomed to be prequels and side games. Sure, they could have made a DMC 5, but what would that have entailed? Finding out who Nero really is, and how he's connected to Dante and Virgil? Sorry, but that's not enough to create an entire game around and still keep the fans happy. You'd end up with hours... #2.1.1
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Mistakes happen, sweetheart. I don't snipe them out and degrade myself as a human being by tearing another down. (: #12.3.2
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Capcom made a comment midway into DmC's development. They said, "If we wanted the same game we would have done it ourselves." I'm pretty sure their entire intentions were to stray as far away from the series as possible while clinging onto the very roots of Devil May Cry. Whether people are blinded by rage and disappointment, I'm able to draw enough parallels between the older games and this new reboot that I feel comfortable and content that it was not turned into a... #2
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Never really got into the MSG games, even on NES to Playsation, PSP and forward. I'll be picking up DmC though. :> #12
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I'm personally looking forward to it. :3 I've played all four of the original franchise titles. They were all very good games, but the writing was a little stiff and cheesy. I'm also not very good when it comes to hack and slashers, so I'm relieved the human level gameplay will be included even though everyone's hollering about broken too-easy gameplay. Man, in that demo I only got to a double s with difficulty. Que several comments about how a crappy gamer shouldn'... #7
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I'm pretty excited over the new DmC reboot. I've been following news feeds and content since announcement and it seems to just get better and better. Like everyone though, I came to voice an opinion that is neither consequential to this game's release, or to the opinions of others.

When it comes to the difficulty of this new game, and I know a lot of people are railing against the supposed lack of challenge, I implore you to remember that not all gamers are skil... #40
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There's a difference between voicing your dismay for a game and attacking a game with a ferocity un-befitting simple dismay. When haters of the new DmC game feel a need to not only attack the title, but also the fans of the title it stops being about voicing your complaints and becomes personal. Complain all you want about NT's DmC. Complain until the tips of your fingers are worn down from typing; but this business about proclaiming that a "true fan" shouldn't buy th... #6
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