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Well... it is free... lol.

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It is pretty thin. Hard to believe there's an entire computer in that thing.

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It is very fun to play! Currently I'm on my second run on a harder difficulty and decorating my apartment slightly differently this time. I'm actually uploading a little 5 minute video of me playing if you're interested! It's embedded below and will be available in an hour or so.

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The article posted is about whether 'Bad Piggies' was a smart move for Rovio or not in terms of economics. It has nothing to do with the quality of the game. The reason we should care is because Rovio sells more copies and is more known than some of the best AAA developers out there. Whether their games are good or not, there a company you should pay attention to for their power alone.

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This mobile game will sell more copies than almost every game you play this year.

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Getting Minecraft certified for Windows 8 isn't bad for him or Microsoft, but I don't think he wants to aid them in what the indie gaming scene (and game studios in general) are seeing as a system that is going to hurt them. I don't understand it all really, we really won't until the day comes.

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I don't think anything will happen in that division. Two completely separate departments. *crosses fingers*

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Good point, I can see Sony doing this down the line if the service is successful.

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