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Xbox fans accept it, the PS4 is the better console. Its the go to console. we have:

-Best selling platform which means more people to play with,games will have a more community longevity,more games will move to PS4 and devs will focus more on PS4 versions.

-more games and better games

-more powerful console with better versions of games.

-15 minute recording time with built in DVR instead of 5 minutes

these a...

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Polygon will give this game a 10/10 because its fraudlygon and its a xbox exclusive

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PS2 had no competition and look at how great that was

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LOL why?

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You thought wrong.

The way MS can win is

A) Delivering better content which will not happen
B) More top tier exclusives which will not happen
C) Better Value for money which will not happen

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what? sony advertized LBP3 arround gamescom and E3 for like 2 weeks. Theres was no escaping a LBP3 add on youtube during that time. Theres no need to advertise LBP3 right now since they need to start advertising Driveclub soon, then they can advertise LBP3 again afterwards.

same thing with Microsoft, they need to advertise FH2 instead of sunset cuz FH2 is coming out sooner.

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so pretty much PS4 sold 550k+ since these are vgchartz

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Another game to add to the "PS4 has no games" list.

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I dont like microsoft they ruined gaming, this game seems good but i will never support microsoft.i will never buy an xbox.

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And the graphics card needs like 10 other components to work and play games graphics cards dont play games by themselves ya know

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WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT? >:( GAMERS are always complaining about everything game looks insanely good jeez

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This looks amazing the concept is fresh and unique. Just dont mess it up sony, this could be PS4 next killer franchise.

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Lol wow

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how do i make my DS4 work on PC?

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i know i should not get hyped for a concept art but after a seeing that amazing concept art i cannot contain the hype

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They invited me for DS2 beta so i should get one for bloodborne since i plantium dark souls 1

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i dont care just give me games

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xbox live down??? that totally has never happened before *sarcasm*

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Bring back that uncharted 2 multiplayer!!!

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Another price drop so soon? Nah microsoft wont jump on that gun just yet, why take a loss so early? Both are at the same price so the price isnt an issue. But anyways next year PS4 will bury the xbox one, With bloodborne early 2015 the order 1886,the tomorow chilldren early 2014 shortly after,persona 5, wild and uncharted 4 to end the year with a bang. And ys and all those other japanese goodies.

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