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I agree we've had many zombie games this decade, but the action felt so intense with this one, and if this has a good story then this could be one of the best zombie games out there. It has this Last of Us, Walking Dead feel to it.

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The first person view is only for the vr, without the vr it will still probably be in third person. This isn't a vr only game, it will probably also come out on Xbox.

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Wait, so if the PS4 Neo is just an upgraded PS4, then what the hell is an Xbox one Scorpio, a new generation console? Or just an upgrade.

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This game was never meant for your COD or your Maden players, it's a lenier story based qte, just like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. Ready at Dawn did say this when they first announced the game, but that didn't stop people from comparing it to Gears of War and crap.

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That is correct my good sir, Here is a link a

And also He's already given $250,000 to the cause of reforming software patents, and last year he gave the $3 million in Mojang dividends he earned back to its employees.

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Actually the developer made $237.7 million in 2012 and $101 million of licensing fees went to notch alone. In 2013 notch made $129.00 million profit. And there's no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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The problem I found with Ryse is that it's very boring and repetitive. After awhile you just don't wont to play it anymore. The order 1886 is also a linear game but the difference is that it's a story based game. It's one of the main reasons l loved Uncharted so much. The story alone will make you want to complete the game. Can't wait for the sequel.

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Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls are 2 very different games to Ryse Son of Rome. There intierly based on story telling. Like a book. Your not playing it for its gameplay. Your playing it for the story. It was created that way from the star. Where as Ryse Son of Rome was suppose to be the great God of War killer if your memory serves you right. It's constant button bashing, close up shot of screaming face, next level and more button bashing. And that's the thing, your not playing ryse f...

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Your eather trolling or you missed the point. the QTE is only during cutscenes. Not gameplay. The gameplay is still a third person cover shooter. Where as ryse, the entire gameplay is a QTE wich becomes very boring and repetitive.

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I have a Feeling a lot of the game announcement at E3 wouldn't be coming out until 2015 or eventually gets delayed, wich seems to be the current trend right now, mainly exclusives.

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Seems fake. why you may ask? we'll, let me tell you. Watch Dog comes out before E3.

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The graphics are definitely downgraded. I will rent the game to try it out. If I enjoy it, then I'd probably buy it.

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What you say is true, but remember Microsoft is not publishing this game, nor are they developing it. Respawn Entertainment have chosen not develop for the PS4 from the start because they and many others in the industry have predicted that the xbox one would lead this generation and didn't thing it was necessary to to develop it for the ps4 as it would mean more time and money. Remember Respawn Entertainment is a fairly new company and they need this game to do well for them to succeed. A...

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This isn't a Microsofts game, it's Respawn Entertainments game. They already took a gamble by not going multi-platform, there not going to reduce there market by going Xboxone only.

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A lot of people I know just have laptops nowadays like my self. I have a PS4, PS3 and 360. So someone in my situation if wanted to build a gaming PC would still need to buy an operating system, mouse keyboard, monitor and don't for get speakers. Monitor and speakers is optional if your going to connect it to a HDTV. And even then your only getting medium settings.

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Wow! I never thought the day will come. It looks like CG.

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It's not a performance benefit. They would have more performance if they went with 1080p 60fps, but instead they went with 1920*800 with 4*MSAA which is more demanding. Where's all the PC guys when you need them?

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Holy mother of JESUS!

That's what I'm gonna say when i click on the article


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Your comment about there being no multiplayer suggest to me that your only 13 years old or younger. Shouldn't you be in bed. It's a dangerous place the internet is.

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