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For the people that disagree with you... you're the reason why resolution is a top topic in every discussion for every game that comes out. You're a stain on the industry. Games are about gameplay first. Visuals second. Get your priorities straight.

Also, dont get confused by my statement. I agree madden gets milked every year with subtle improvements but with a game that comes out every year what do you honestly expect? #2.1.3
Go back and play madden 2000 and then tell me nothing has really changed. Everyone says its the same thing every year but if you go back and play madden 2000 or hell even madden 2010 you will be surprised in the robotic feel the game used to have. #1.2.1
Saying xbox go to netflix or watch TV or play ea sports ufc. Kinect is quicker doing things like this. #1.1.4
Remember the "good ole days" when you wish there was more to that game you just spent $50 on? now we want to complain about the OPTION to give ourselves more content... yes, no thanks... #2.2
You lack on knowledge of gamestop business strategy is funny to me. They do things like this to entice people to shop at the store. Sure free $5. Big deal. Some will take advamtage of that and nothing else but most will buy other things. That alone is worth it. #1.2
As I said to people over and over, it got overhyped and we would set the bar too high. The game wasnt bad. Just not as good as we wanted it to be. All the pushed backed dated screwed this game over. #2.9
Its bf4 reskined. Its hard to be sold on this expansion pack. It will have the same problems bf4 did. #1.2
Thanks for elaborating becuase I didnt waste my time opening the article. Still, no real difference between that and saying 187 ride or die and gta san andreas is games black people will enjoy. Im sure white people enjoy san adreas too...Just saying. #5.1.1
They polished up great old games. Master chief won because they delivered. Halo 4 a disappointment in the multiplayer but the story was awesome. I can only hope they learn from their mistake in the multi and capitalize on it. They way the game was set up, there wasnt really a need for a "race to the power weapons" mentality. DMR did enough damage as it is. #1.1.4
Im not even gay and I can see how people could be upset over this article. Refering to labeling. Like that doesnt happen enoigh already. Now theres game best suited for gay people? Really??? #5
I dont think seeing my legs in a video game really makes or breaks me. Just saying.

Whether its next gen or not... its call of duty. Theres only so much left to do this series before they have to change the name because it changed too much to be considered call of duty. #1.1.1
@caseh, the first thought in my mind was a bf mod. This is looks exactly like bf4... why would I buy this? With all the bs that surrounded bf4 you wouod think this would serve as an apology. #1.1.3
The header sets the tone to any article. The header also should related to the piece. If it doesnt then its not worth reading in the first place. #1.2.1
Your post is silly and narrowminded. You have no idea how business operates. #1.2.3
You just said ps4 sells itself. So why do the same promotion for ps4? The only reason they do "promos" is to boost the bottom line. There is no need to run such a promo #1.1.1
Thats what everyone says about sequels to everything. #2.2.1
I know its tomorrow but no idea on a timeframe within tomorrow. My guess is 10-12pm eastern #1.1
The game isnt out yet and hes already talking about ufc 2. This dude is a joke. #6
Monkeyman if this is all true I can on imagine the reason for them to do this is to detore cheaters that jump in and jump out. My bigger point is that its their game. If they want you to commit to online then its their choice to do so. Punishment. Thats ridiculous. An inconvenience maybe. Punishment? The self entitlement gamers have is sickening. Id say just dont by the damn thing but we will and we will enjoy it. #1.4.6
Fox I feel u misunderstood me. I ment hacking is the big appeal to the game. The fact you can hack another player just adds to the atmosphere of the game. Knowing you can be hacked at any moment is thrilling.

Dmd why turn it off other than just to do it? I just dont understand why you would want to shut out a part of the game that is such a focus from the developer? So your telling me that if it was NPCs hacking you randomly you would be ok with it? Its not like u need to hav... #1.4.4
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