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And expensive... Although I feel it's a steal right now, I'm sad they will inevitably raise the price. Hope I'm wrong though.

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Based on this list I'm guessing there a lot of wrestling games you haven't played. How nitro made it on your list is hilarious to me. Here comes the pain, no mercy, wwf attitude, hell even wrestlemania 2000 were all better than nitro. Wcw was short on great games though. Just "revenge" (rightfully number 1) and wcw/nwo world tour were great games.

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I would have been much more satisfied if they explained what happened to your crew. All that survived anyway. Also. Having a more personally ending regarding your choices from 1-2 and 3 even. Hell of a ride just to be let down at the very end. Definitely my number 1 for worse ending just due to the journey being so amazing and the destination being baron wasteland of disappointment.

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I don't see a problem having the weapons in supply drops. I just think they should have it as a separate purchase as an alternative. I like having weapons as part of the season pass but I also understand business. If they committed to more weapons in he season pass there would be less maps or it would be more expensive to compensate the time taken to make the new weapons.

I really just think the weapon drops should be more frequent and an alternate option to just purchase...

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That list is WHACK!

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I'm not saying cod has great storylines, but you can actually got a good story from something other than an RPG. I hope you branch out and experience games like last of us as an example.

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Select GameStop employees are clueless sure but not all. Just so we are clear there. A lot of people that work at GameStop do, because they WANT to be there. It pays like crap. I used to work there and along with myself a lot of employees there were knowledgeable about everything we sold. Select employees don't represent the entire company.

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FYI shamrock was an mma fighter before he hit the WWF scene. I'm picturing a Bobby lashley type career for him. Short lived.

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I think I'll be buying it on my Xbox. My PC is a little out of date. Good to know so many people like the game. The servers are packed when I played.

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The graphics leave a lot to be desired but the game is definitely fun. I haven't committed to it yet and bought it but I think I might.

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Ghost isn't close to the top of the list when it comes to call of duty games but i think we can all agree it's not at the bottom like AW is. Or CoD 3.

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I also own every halo game on Xbox one. It's nice to have halo reach on there as well. I have it on my 360 but it's hooked up to a different TV and mostly used as a media hub. Not an ideal spot in my house to play video games. Not always as easy as inserting the disc. Being a fanboy has nothing to do with anything.

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As a consumer I would have liked to see a bigger price drop but it certainly isn't necessary to have a price drop. It sells fine at the price it's at now. I can't see myself dropping 300 on the ps4 after already investing in the Xbox one. There isn't enough difference to justify having both yet for me. Unless the price was hard to pass on. But it's not. Not yet

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If it's anything like the other trials you have 10 hours to play the full game. You instal the entire game and play it like you own it. Once your time is up, it's up. At that point you either purchase a digital or physical version or don't buy it at all.

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I knew it. I'm so glad I didn't rebuy this game. Coming to the vault sooner then I thought though.

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Come on zero!!!

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Cmon Zero from mega man x!!!

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N64 was easily one of the best consoles to ever be released. Too many games that changed the industry to call it a bomb or anything close to that.

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For me, I think hate would be a strong word for the current dashboard. I don't like how it hangs up some things but that's about it. The look doesn't bother me. However, there's nothing like getting an entire new UI for your Xbox. Feels like a new system.

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Yes. That game was shit last year and this isn't looking much better. You can't remove match types that have been in the games for year and expect a positive response. Yeah there's 120 different wrestlers to choose from but who the hell wants to play as Brian Pillman, or Stunning Steve. Seriously? Then nix up and coming wrestlers like the four hoursewomen. 2k should just give up.

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