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I really liked the gameplay of RE6 but it isn't true RE. I hope theyy rediscover that franchise. #1.1.1
Like Skulli had frame rate issues during cut scenes. Xbone ver. Overall no real issues yet though. *fingers crossed* #1.1.2
But would it stop you from watching the movie? I think not #2.2
Well on N4G that seems to be the only thing that matters. Resolution and frame rate. I put frame rate ahead of resolution but I'd be lying if I said resolution wasn't on my "important" list for gaming needs. It wouldn't stop me from buying a game if it had a low resolution but it's nice to have high resolution. Not a deal breaker though. Don't get the community on this site started about this though. This post will never die... #1.6
I hate because that's less developers focusing on new systems. Plus deadpoolio is right. Not even close to what you would call a "great" game. 2k15 was awful. #3.3
a previous article posted to N4G said this. Some time yesterday. #1.1.1
Honestly I would would have preferred halo 5 to be the failed game over MCC but that's inner child talking #1.4
GT7 #6.1
Lets hope the game actually doesn't suck this year on any system. Dedicated servers would solve that problem... Let's hope both playstation and Xbox win this year. Not just 1. #2.1
Your so far off base. I'm gonna sit here and say gamestop doesn't rob people blind but they don't need to do unnecessary markups to do it. Get your facts together. They have never discounted something and offset that discount with a markup. That's what mom n pop shops do to stay in business. GameStop has marketing teams for that. #1.1.1
Regarding your additional comment edmix, I agree bf4 is so much better then launch. I too bought it at launch regrettably. Let's face it that game was. The definition of trash when it came out. You couldn't play a full match without dropping. And it lasted for almost a year before it was fixed entirely. Most games wouldn't last that long but BF has been around for a long time and has a huge fan base. It could handle that type of down time.

I'm not so sure SW... #1.1.4
That's how you stay in business. You don't stay in business breaking even #2.4.2
callled a business model... #2.4
It's not about paying for DLC. I got no problem dropping money on DLC. It's about paying for characters that have already been playable in the past. Mr freeze was never a playable character I feel that's a poor example. It's more along the lines of Paying for Ken in street fighter because Ryu is there. #3.3.1

HELL YES delay this game 2 month for more fighters. What kind of question is that? More variety of fighters equal more replayability. That was a stupid statement. #3.2.3
That sub zero skin I can understand people being upset over. It should an unlock in the game. However the rest is just shortcuts. Some people just want everything unlocked right off the rip so it works for them. If they want to feed game developers money in that way so they can continue to support this awesome game then by all means buy all the shortcuts you want. They won't be getting my money for these shortcuts but to each their own. This isn't one of those normal micro transaction... #1.4.1
That was uneventful... #4
Lack of third party support aside, one would think the VC would flourish on the wii U. The VC is a huge reason I got the Wii. Which in turn is a huge reason I got the WiiU. I've enjoyed what they put on there so far but I agree with foxtrot to a point. I would think MORE games would be available then what is now. Not all. It is in fact rather disappointing to have waited this long for n64 games which the original Wii had them so early. #1.1.4
Amazing is an overstatement. The word amazing is thrown around too often. There's nothing "amazing" about this comparison.

Edit: I acknowledge a difference in graphical quality with of being superior. But that doesn't mean it's amazing. #1.4.1
That was pretty bad lol.

WWF No Mercy
WcW vs nWo revenge
WWE 13
WWF In Your House

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