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As a consumer I would have liked to see a bigger price drop but it certainly isn't necessary to have a price drop. It sells fine at the price it's at now. I can't see myself dropping 300 on the ps4 after already investing in the Xbox one. There isn't enough difference to justify having both yet for me. Unless the price was hard to pass on. But it's not. Not yet #1.3
If it's anything like the other trials you have 10 hours to play the full game. You instal the entire game and play it like you own it. Once your time is up, it's up. At that point you either purchase a digital or physical version or don't buy it at all. #3
I knew it. I'm so glad I didn't rebuy this game. Coming to the vault sooner then I thought though. #6
Come on zero!!! #9
Cmon Zero from mega man x!!! #6
N64 was easily one of the best consoles to ever be released. Too many games that changed the industry to call it a bomb or anything close to that. #4.1
For me, I think hate would be a strong word for the current dashboard. I don't like how it hangs up some things but that's about it. The look doesn't bother me. However, there's nothing like getting an entire new UI for your Xbox. Feels like a new system. #1.7
Yes. That game was shit last year and this isn't looking much better. You can't remove match types that have been in the games for year and expect a positive response. Yeah there's 120 different wrestlers to choose from but who the hell wants to play as Brian Pillman, or Stunning Steve. Seriously? Then nix up and coming wrestlers like the four hoursewomen. 2k should just give up. #1.1.1
Not sure what your talking about with the whole armor lock thing. Yeah I saw it used a lot but it wasn't anything I couldn't overcome with tactics and skill. Sorry you had such a hard time with it. Reach was a really good game. #1.1.2
I remember going over a friends house and we played dbz:BT3 on ps2. Never played this version, only BT2 and against a computer. He waxed me pretty good. It was a fantastic game so I bought a ps2 and the game so I could play. Played him one week later without telling him I bought it and beat his ass like he owed me money. He was so piss confused and sad all that the same time. He actually wanted to fight me over it Lol. He then kicked me out lmao. We played a couple times after that but it was... #9.1
Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox is the only game that made me rage to the point I quit playing it. Truely the hardest game I have ever played. I couldn't get past Rachel's sister. Fucking pillars.... #17
So true. Couldn't save back then either... I gotta say I don't miss that. #6.1
That's the point of the beta. To fix issues like this. Overall it has been a good experience. The servers aren't bad. Although, I think azure would have been the best choice. #2.1
Being a "whore" doesn't give someone the green light to rape that individual. Fucking moron. Do everyone a favor and Jump off the nearest cliff. #4.1.1
Legend or not coming off an inactive season his relating should be low. Until he proves he still has it. That's why there's updates. With that said I'm thinking a 80-85% should be a fair rating for him. #1.2.1
I'm hearing the opposite about this one. You sure your not just hoping for a blops 2 remake? #4.1
Wait, so is dedicated servers only on ps4 and pc? #3
Couldn't agree more. Knowing the system is key.

@tears I too worked there and I didn't really save money til then. I've saved of $800 with the pro membership and there is no way I could have done that without working there. Good program from a good company but it's a terrible company to work for if your running a single store. #1.10.2
Preparing for holiday season. Happens every year. We can probably expect some buy 2 get 1 sales and sales in general on used games. With no new consoles coming out this year we should have a huge focus on game sales and bundles #1.14.1
GameStop would happily take you games for free. It's a business. That's how you become successful. You take advantage of a situation like gamers having games they don't want and giving them an outlet for getting rid of them. I think they have come close to running their course though.

I still trade games at gamestop but not that often. I find myself keeping my games as I get older and have less time to beat them. Now a days by the time I beat a game it will be wo... #1.16
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