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I played this on Xbox preview. Really disappointed. I loved the old game but whatever this is, it doesn’t not remind me of that. Bummer.

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I haven't been able to get into matches to really test myself against a human but from what I can tell, its a pretty simple fighting game. I can see how someone can get crushed super quick when playing against someone that knows how to play. the game feels like you can button mash and have moderate success but not really. I like the game. I'd like it a lot more if this matchmaking problem wasn't a thing 2 weeks before launch. More to your point, you get on any fighting game with a...

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It’s kinda already in place from ufc 2.

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Man, if they find a way to implement a big roster that isn't full of turds d useless characters, DBZ will be golden. I really hope we don't get disappointed with a 12 character roster or something along those lines. The DBZ universe is huge and with DB Super taking off, there is a huge number of potential characters that can be included. I just hope they don't hold off on adding characters and "save" them for later versions of the game. Which I'm sure will happen.

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The time it takes to earn enough keys for ONE box is ridiculous. I don't blame them at all.

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Once it's sold separately it will probably be at full price so buying the bundle when it was $60 would have been a good time to get invested. One way of looking it was getting IW for free then.

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These games are whack

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FYI, according to their q&a, if bought digitally IW doesn't need to be installed to play MW. For those that read it, it was already known it could be played as a stand alone game. But you do have to purchase IW in some way shape or form to play MW. it just sucks you have to keep the disc of IW to play MW.

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I see your point here but people have to buy a game they don't want to play in order to play a game they want to play. So from strictly a money value standpoint, yes it's a deal but if I have buy something I don't want in order to have something I do want, the value in the deal is nonexistent.

I also feel people would be a little upset if MW remaster was a stand alone game for $60. No matter what people say about being ok with that. No matter how excited I actu...

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This list is stupid. COD 3 is by far the worst COD ever. Followed closely by advanced warfare.

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This is one of the most ridiculous lists I've seen in a while.

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It's not ruined. Just handicapped. Some bugs were screwing things up.

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This list is dumb. MK:DD is easily top 5 if not 3. MK64 is number 1 here IMO even with its limitations.

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Why remove battery saver mode???? That's my only problem!!

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. Makes me sad to realize I grew up on the SNES and to see Nintendo struggle to stay relevant now.

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I hope they figured out how to stop the freezing.

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Articles like this can be interesting. The big problem with them is when they have every countdown item is on a separate page. So annoying to click through all that and fight ads for this.

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@kai I'm looking the value of savings which is the point of sales. The gaming community is made up of more than AAA title only players. Sales on the lesser known games gets a lot of attention as well. And I'd take 20% off Rocket league over 10% off black ops 3 any day of the week.the title doesn't dictate the value, the amount of money saved does.

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Says you. I've bought a lot of things in between major sales. Their weekly sales are usually pretty good. Just might not be the games YOU want to play.

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And expensive... Although I feel it's a steal right now, I'm sad they will inevitably raise the price. Hope I'm wrong though.

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