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This list is stupid. COD 3 is by far the worst COD ever. Followed closely by advanced warfare.

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This is one of the most ridiculous lists I've seen in a while.

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It's not ruined. Just handicapped. Some bugs were screwing things up.

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This list is dumb. MK:DD is easily top 5 if not 3. MK64 is number 1 here IMO even with its limitations.

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Why remove battery saver mode???? That's my only problem!!

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. Makes me sad to realize I grew up on the SNES and to see Nintendo struggle to stay relevant now.

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I hope they figured out how to stop the freezing.

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Articles like this can be interesting. The big problem with them is when they have every countdown item is on a separate page. So annoying to click through all that and fight ads for this.

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@kai I'm looking the value of savings which is the point of sales. The gaming community is made up of more than AAA title only players. Sales on the lesser known games gets a lot of attention as well. And I'd take 20% off Rocket league over 10% off black ops 3 any day of the week.the title doesn't dictate the value, the amount of money saved does.

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Says you. I've bought a lot of things in between major sales. Their weekly sales are usually pretty good. Just might not be the games YOU want to play.

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And expensive... Although I feel it's a steal right now, I'm sad they will inevitably raise the price. Hope I'm wrong though.

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Based on this list I'm guessing there a lot of wrestling games you haven't played. How nitro made it on your list is hilarious to me. Here comes the pain, no mercy, wwf attitude, hell even wrestlemania 2000 were all better than nitro. Wcw was short on great games though. Just "revenge" (rightfully number 1) and wcw/nwo world tour were great games.

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I would have been much more satisfied if they explained what happened to your crew. All that survived anyway. Also. Having a more personally ending regarding your choices from 1-2 and 3 even. Hell of a ride just to be let down at the very end. Definitely my number 1 for worse ending just due to the journey being so amazing and the destination being baron wasteland of disappointment.

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I don't see a problem having the weapons in supply drops. I just think they should have it as a separate purchase as an alternative. I like having weapons as part of the season pass but I also understand business. If they committed to more weapons in he season pass there would be less maps or it would be more expensive to compensate the time taken to make the new weapons.

I really just think the weapon drops should be more frequent and an alternate option to just purchase...

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That list is WHACK!

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I'm not saying cod has great storylines, but you can actually got a good story from something other than an RPG. I hope you branch out and experience games like last of us as an example.

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Select GameStop employees are clueless sure but not all. Just so we are clear there. A lot of people that work at GameStop do, because they WANT to be there. It pays like crap. I used to work there and along with myself a lot of employees there were knowledgeable about everything we sold. Select employees don't represent the entire company.

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FYI shamrock was an mma fighter before he hit the WWF scene. I'm picturing a Bobby lashley type career for him. Short lived.

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I think I'll be buying it on my Xbox. My PC is a little out of date. Good to know so many people like the game. The servers are packed when I played.

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The graphics leave a lot to be desired but the game is definitely fun. I haven't committed to it yet and bought it but I think I might.

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