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No not at all. I think the division is following the same road watchdogs did. Great concept but was shown WAY too early in development. It seems like their original idea didn't pan out so they had to adjust. I think a lot of people think that adjustment may have killed this game. Like a lot of other people, I too have hopped off the hype train. I just hope I'm wrong. #1.3.1
@MrDead I don't like getting excited about games coming out over a year from finding out they exist. I'm not saying there isn't room for those type of announcements during the conference. I'm just saying I'd prefer a conference about games coming out the same year they are being talked about in detail. Nothing wrong with a teaser trailer here and there. I don't want a whole conference about them though. #1.3.3
Most of what Sony had to say didn't wow me. I liked uncharted of course but project Morpheus does nothing for me. I couldn't care less about ff7. Or the other FF game that got announced. Nothing wrong with Sony presentation. I thought it was good. But IMO Microsoft had a better conference because they showed a lot of which will be available THIS year. I don't want them to show me what's coming out next year beyond. That's what next years E3 is for. #1.3.1
Microsoft has the power brick systems which I see being a punishment for anyone that does find a way around the block. Doesn't seem worth it to me. #2.5
Just stop... You have no idea what song is about to show. Stop throwing stones in a glass house. #3.1
So what I got from your post is that you are in fact disappointed about these games because there are female characters and the games do what did from the original which make them sequels. That girls are only in the Game so they can check off a box? The dark set piece looked great and felt very resident evil with the atmosphere. #1.3.1
@dirk I like the dark approach they had to the debut. It's felt very resident evil. I liked it #1.1.4
I somewhat agree with you but what company will turn down an opportunity to make millions.... #3.2.1
Can anyone tell me of the game functions now? Last time I played (months ago) I couldn't find a game to save my life. Completely crushed my desire to play halo anything. Would like to hear it's 100 times better. #2
I would have preferred halo reach. Also would have preferred a functioning MCC over a free expansion. Good job MS/343 for making up for the screw up but doesn't change the taste in my mouth from MCC. Wish it did though... So sad *sighs* #16
I really liked the gameplay of RE6 but it isn't true RE. I hope theyy rediscover that franchise. #1.1.1
Like Skulli had frame rate issues during cut scenes. Xbone ver. Overall no real issues yet though. *fingers crossed* #1.1.2
But would it stop you from watching the movie? I think not #2.2
Well on N4G that seems to be the only thing that matters. Resolution and frame rate. I put frame rate ahead of resolution but I'd be lying if I said resolution wasn't on my "important" list for gaming needs. It wouldn't stop me from buying a game if it had a low resolution but it's nice to have high resolution. Not a deal breaker though. Don't get the community on this site started about this though. This post will never die... #1.6
I hate because that's less developers focusing on new systems. Plus deadpoolio is right. Not even close to what you would call a "great" game. 2k15 was awful. #3.3
a previous article posted to N4G said this. Some time yesterday. #1.1.1
Honestly I would would have preferred halo 5 to be the failed game over MCC but that's inner child talking #1.4
GT7 #6.1
Lets hope the game actually doesn't suck this year on any system. Dedicated servers would solve that problem... Let's hope both playstation and Xbox win this year. Not just 1. #2.1
Your so far off base. I'm gonna sit here and say gamestop doesn't rob people blind but they don't need to do unnecessary markups to do it. Get your facts together. They have never discounted something and offset that discount with a markup. That's what mom n pop shops do to stay in business. GameStop has marketing teams for that. #1.1.1
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