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" At the moment, the class system seems to heavily lean towards the assault class due to the weapon loadout, with a big difficulty curve when using other classes like the medic."

Um... What? The assault class IS the medic.

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I also plan on getting both and never thought about running my ps4 through the X1. Hmmm interesting... Very interesting...

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Now I'm curious what the disagree is for. Is it someone who likes playstation and disagrees withe liking my 360 and wanting MS to get their shit together. Or is it an Xbox fan who disagrees with me getting the ps4 at launch instead of the x1. I must know! Lol

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While that does alleviate some of the issues I had with the lending games to friends, it still doesn't solve my main issue with the console: the 24 hr Internet authentication. I just can't bring my self to pay $500 for something that essentially turns into a very expensive brick if my Internet goes down.

I love my 360 and would really like to see MS turn this around, but as it stands now I'm going PS4 at launch and I MIGHT get an X1 sometime next year (but they...

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You mean "Riiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer!"... Followed by silence.

I like Sony, but i still remember how painful, yet hilarious, that E3 was to watch.

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I was thinkin the same thing. I've never seen a game announced at E3 that was scheduled to come out over two years later. There's no point. Especially with The Last Guardian, they've already been workin on that for 4-5 years and have pushed it back multiple times. Sony isn't gonna show it off again until it is done (if it ever is)

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I was really hoping we would be playing as the helghast in this one. It's always felt like neither the ISA nor the helghast were "good guys", the Helghast with there nazi-esq feel and the ISA with their douchey characters (seriously, I've never hated an ally in any game more than I hate Rico) and the fact they blew up an entire planet. I would even settle for dual lead characters, one on each side, and switch back and forth throughout the story.

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I wish they could just do away with the whole present day/alien stuff

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I would really like to see them make the combat tougher to add more importance to stealth. As it stands now, you could sneak around (or walk, since they is no crouch or sneak, another annoyance) but there is no reason to due to how easy it is to fight large groups of enemies.

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I agree about the boss battles. If they wanted to keep them in the game they should have come up with different ways to beat them for stealth players.

Still one of my favorite games from the past few years.

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This article makes my brain hurt...

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It's not the difference in graphics that I hated about the console version (the game still looked decent, even on older hardware) It was the fact it was only 12 v 12 on consoles when the maps were clearly designed for more. That alone made me go with the pc version. Hopefully bf4 allows more players on the next gen consoles so I can play it on there since none of my friends have pc's.

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Cool feature but ill never use it, since I always use headphones

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Finally, this was long overdue

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Good to see Sessler doing something after leaving that train wreck that was G4

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The Labyrinth one looks fun and different

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An actual controller. I love my Xbox but if the next revolves around Kinect or some stupid ass motion controller, I'm gonna pass

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I loved the N64, but this list is highly questionable. The fact that Mario party is even on the list was a red flag, Pokemon snap was another. Even the ranking order was a little wtf, Banjo-Kazooie was an all around better game than Mario 64.

A couple personal favorites I would add: Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Diddy Kong Racing, 1080 Snowboarding, Star Wars Shadows of the Empire (I really miss the days when they made good Star Wars games)

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The only game the creator of Conker's Bad Fur Day should be making is Conker's Bad Fur Day 2.

Seriously, this needs to happen.

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That's pretty much exactly how it played out for me. Loved COD 4, thought WaW was ok, MW2 was fun for about a weak until everyone started using all the exploits and unbalanced weapons, Black ops 1 was ok but I was gettin burnt out on COD (really military shooters in general), I liked MW3 more than I thought I would considering how much I hated MW2, but again got burnt out pretty quick. And then we have Black ops 2, I didn't buy this one but my brother did, and after beating the campai...

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