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"Clades Candor - The Destruction Luster (Colossus 14)"



I just mean that their engineers / designers / whatever can probably think of ways to improve the controller.

My point is that I don't think they should stop looking for ways to improve the controller because people seem to like it. I liked the SNES controller, but was glad to see analog sticks implemented in the new controllers. I doubt there will ever be such a big improvement again, but R&D should always be trying to improve and never just... #1.10.2
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IMO they should try to do a redesign that makes sense and then just release a "Classic" controller that is essentially identical to the PS3 controller.

I don't have a problem with the traditional controller, but I don't want them to not improve it just because people seem to like it.

Controllers must have a pretty decent profit margin so I think this would be a win-win. If you despise the new design you can buy the classic.

... #1.10
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I do not have internet where I live (nothing decent enough to pay for anyway) and there is a spot in Anor Londo which I cannot comprehend being able to find without help. I would have literally scoured every inch of the area for hours and never found how to get to the next area.

If my someone who had already played this part didn't happen to be watching and then tell me where to go I would have been SOL. I love the game, but that experience has me worried for how possibl... #2.1
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He's not really shown dead though. He just disappears as he is dragged away.

We assume he is dead but I think it'd be awesome if he came back. I've been hoping for that since the end of UC1 though. #6.1.1
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The only mystery I care about is why they haven't brought Eddy Raja back.

It would be awesome if he made a re-appearance with scars/no eye or something, and was extremely pissed off that Nate let him die. I loved the dynamic from the first game and think his reappearance would be fitting of the genre. #6
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I don't think he needs to grow up around Francis Drake stuff. IMO that would make less sense since he would essentially be pretending to be related to Drake and not actually related.

I think the assumption is that he traced his bloodline back to Drake somehow, or a relative revealed this to him when he was young. Then he got wrapped up in the stories (he was specifically looking for the ring at the beginning) and became an adventurer. #3.1.2
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That doesn't even make sense...

You basically just said "Sony will sell more but they lose". Did you not notice that when you wrote it? #1.4.4
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Doesn't every NPC you shoot become hostile?

I find myself worrying about shooting a friendly and killing them, so I usually walk up to people. Then I get swarmed by 3+ enemies and die.

I don't know if I'm in the wrong areas or something, but I've found this game to be a lot harder than Oblivion. #1.3.1
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IMO Blops was miles better than MW2. MW2 felt extremely cheap and kill streaks happened every 10 seconds. They over did it with all the extra crap they threw in and it was out of control.

Blops had better balance and features like Split Screen multiplayer, which was awesome. I haven't played MW3, but I honestly haven't been too excited for it because I'm pretty sure it's going to be a lot more like MW2's uncontrolled chaos.

That being sai... #3.1
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I hope you aren't talking about the auto aim. I hate it. It takes away any challenge and makes both games a lot less fun.

I know you can turn it off, but when the game is designed around auto-aim it can cause issues.

It is especially irritating for their multiplayer. The gameplay is basically "see who has the best gun and locks on first." I hated both multiplayers because of this (as well as GTA's huge lag issues). #1.2
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@John Madden

"Persuing Girls is Easier"

That would probably be the most effective military recruitment marketing campaign ever. lol #1.1.4
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"And I forgot to press the tape recorder"

That was hilarious. #4
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PS3 Exclusives do not sell poorly. They sell LESS THAN multiplatform games. Just because they sell less doesn't mean they are not making profit.

First party developers cannot go multiplatform. Insomniac would be considered Second Party because they have a relationship with Sony but do not have to make games for them exclusively. They just do it because they have established an audience there, only have to master PS hardware, and I think usually g... #1.1.9
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Support is useful too. I usually choose support. With the C4 you are able to take vehicles down, making it way more useful than assault when a tank drives by.

I forget which map it is, but the raining map where B objective is in the middle of a street, the support people basically hold that point. I get a 200 round clip gun up on a bipod there and unleash a crap ton of covering fire. The people that pop up just see a bit of muzzle flash before their brains pop out the back o... #1.2.1
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Why would you be convinced the 360 has superior performance after playing Forza 4? It doesn't even have anything to do with your argument.

I could give you a laundry list of PS3 exclusive games that look better than multiplatform (and most 360 exclusive)games too. And then you say PS3 graphics are sub-par? WTF are you even talking about? #3.2.1
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I have always kind of wished that Home had taken Little Big Planet and rolled it out into a community rather than make similar-to-real-life world.

People would still make community levels to play and share and Sony/MM could make additional costumes and special levels. Other companies could still release areas for their own game in a Sackworld rather than an alternate real-world setting.

I would much prefer being in and exploring a world full of Sackpeople.... #2
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If he's top of the leader board it doesn't matter. I think it's almost impossible to get to the top if you don't get objectives.

I also frequently hit the top, but one person can't make your team win if the last half is being cut to shreds and not getting captures/etc. If you get stuck on a shit team, prepare for a losing streak until you quit or some of the players are finally replaced by better ones.

I do find that sometimes when I try... #9.2.1
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I do spot people, but I would do it a lot more if I could more easily reach the button.

I play support most of the time, which relies on mounting the gun on something. As soon as you touch the left stick you become unmounted. This happens frequently when holding L1 and reaching over for select.

I wish I could switch the Up D-Pad button to spot, but for some reason Battlefield does not let you configure buttons to your liking. <... #1.1.10
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I'm getting into the re-selling business! #1.2.1
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I had so many complaints about GTA IV.

After 1 trailer and I'm totally sold again.

Dammit, I'm such a sucker. #4
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