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Time to Wake Up People
The Sound of Silence: #31
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Wake up
Biochip anyone? Imagine using this technology for the upcoming biochip. This will be implanted into our bodies and then we WILL be screwed and Big Brother WILL be watching us. With information about all our activities, 24 hours a day. So yes, 15 gigabits of data per second surely sounds great! #3
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Where are Far Cry 2 and Mirror's Edge?
This list is a joke. Where the hell are Far Cry 2 and Mirror's Edge? And what about EndWar and Street Fighter IV? And FIFA 09 may have better graphics and more features, but PES 2009 will crush FIFA 09 in terms of gameplay. #16
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PS3 controller > Xbox 360 controller, Xbox 360 online > PS3 online
I've played both versions of this game for many hours in the last 2 months at our office and both look stunning. There are absolutely no big differences in the graphics between the two versions. The PS3 controller has a better DPAD, the Xbox 360 version will have better online play. It's up to you to decide which version you're going to buy. Don't forget to buy the Hori SCIV fighting stick if you're really serious about these kind of games. With this fighting stick, you will also have great c... #16
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How about first using our own intelligence?
First of all, this preview is from a month ago.

Second, it's more than logical that the PC version has better graphics, as PC hardware is not fixed and you can run the game at ultra-high settings and resolutions on the latest hardware.

Third, have you seen the latest Xbox 360 and PS3 builds? There has been a presstrip to Ubi Montreal last week and journalists were freakin' amazed by the quality of this game, including the console versions.

Fourt... #23
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There are 16 million people living in Holland
Dude, do your research. There are 16.4 million people living in Holland (stats are from november 2007). #2.12
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There is a jump button for sure, but it's optional. I played the game and not having to worry with jumping is a huge relief. It gives you more freedom, because you can focus on where you want to go and how you want to do it. If all gameplay mechanics stayed the same, we would never have innovation and gaming would stay the same, except for the graphics improving. This review was way too early. Why would Empire have the world exclusive review? The fact that is's been removed from the website j... #43.1
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The review is removed from the site
Stop whining people, the review has already been removed from the website. Empire is a reliable source, but this review was NOT. Also, these guys are not the gaming experts. They'd better stick to reviewing movies. Let's wait for reviews based on the FULL / gold version of the game, from better sources like eurogamer, gamespot, 1UP, EDGE, Game Informer and other gaming sources. #42
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