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Were So close. Hyped for this!

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Resistance 3 doesn't run on 3.55. Resistance 3 runs on 3.6 and up. Oh I forget your just trolling carry on.

1757d ago 3 agree3 disagreeView comment 500gb 2.5 $54.00 . Problem solved!

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"(Please note: The multiplayer servers went up the day that this review was completed. As such, we are unable to provide a review of the multiplayer aspect of Killzone 3 at this time.)" Why review it? If you haven't played everything in the game!!

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Go on and Meltdowns are hilarious.

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Brought this game day one! These type of games you will enjoy years from now.

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Ok sponge bob... I bet Sony is shaking in there boots. Back away from the computer everything is going to be OK!

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sWEEP1212 Joined 05 Jan 2011 (4h ago) Trolls out full force.

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Koei/Tecmo Games needs to make a next gen version of romance of the three kingdoms!

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too good to be true!/XboxS... its only Episode 1

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I had to make room on my 20gig but free is free.

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wow that looks great!

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Nov is going to hurt my wallet! GT5, LBP 2 and black ops.

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damnit sega I enjoyed VC on the ps3. Guess I have to get a psp then.

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You mean US and UK?

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I think thats why SCEA used as a petition to SCEJ HQ, but I guest that hasn't worked. "See, they’re really stubborn. And they have other priorities over there"

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Thats disappointing! Maybe thats holding up cross game chat. There company structure needs to be more united.

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"An independent jury made up of leading European gaming media members announced its list of nominees on Tuesday. The votes were tallied, and the winners were named this afternoon"

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I am going to buy fable 3, but talking to a character on screen is not worth $150 dollars. Right now its a add-on and add-on's don't get the support what comes standard with the console.

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