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depends on the engine I don't think it'll be the case for most games but it should be a closer to hit that where there is an unlocked frame rate.

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I disagree, I think alot people enjoy 60 fps in most of their games. The reality is developers will always want to push visual fidelity over 60fps if that additional head room is available.

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Agreed I don't know why people don't realise this already. 1080p 60FPS in MOST cases won't be an option as a ps4 pro enhancement. The CPU bottlenecks this. 1080p 60FPS is far more demanding than upscaling to 4k 30fps.

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lol what are you smoking. amd will have better driver support this time round?Yeah right.

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the disappearing shadows in the wing mirrors is a little distracting. but i guess not a big issue.

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try this -> PAXEASTFREEFLY2K15

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Cities Skylines is out in 5 days, will hopefully make up for the disappointment of the last simcity.

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I had the closed beta on PS4. The graphics were ugly handling awful and was very dull.

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lol i dont think so.

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AMD cards will always be chasing nvidia. Even amd optimised games like bf4 run better on nvidia.

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I'm sorry but who would be stupid enough to think you would have to leave the ammiibos on top of the gamepad whilst playing. I mean come on of cause you wouldn't.

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doesn't look good atall. doesnt really look like a game yet.Looks more like a unreal map with a few scripting triggers.

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got mine at 10am. got my download code instantly as well.

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I think the old battle mode as dlc would be awesome. imagine some of the set pieces with anti gravity at the core would be awesome.

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Just bought a Wii U only yesterday ready for this game. Also can't wait to see the next Zelda.

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Total War Rome 2 SLI profile I see in the notes.. been waiting for ages for this one.Hope this is true.

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@ Kingthrash360 The point is too many games today especially in the next gen crossover are cashcows. If the focus was on just next gen and pc only I think the game would be closer to its original target render. Developers should be making games to push what they can do and people expectations. So yes I say they are lazy and gamers shouldn't have to put up with so called next games which are just last gen with a bit of gloss.

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Not if you intended to buy it on pc.Just means they were lazy with the pc version and didnt throw in the bells and whistles.

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seriously? im sorry but those graphics look awful such a downgrade from the original e3 reveal.

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I would like a spare pc one.

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