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the exploit is related to the tegra X1 chip itself nothing to do with Nintendo (as detailed in the article if you had read it) and secondly the exploits been patched since October so only effects 3.0 or earlier firmware.

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except no one is still on firmware 3.0 unless its been kept offline and in that case the exploit thankfully won't work.

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There's far more than 800 to collect.

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Express always has ridiculous click bait articles.

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Same here.

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I love the 4k hdr mode.absolutely stunning. 🖒

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£10 On ps4 store while the summer sale last.

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Agreed I really wanted this as well.

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Up to 16 players can meet. Currently shown as orbs but will replicate movement And have proximity based voice over up. And they said it is just the first step in coop.

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And me

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Probably since it started off as dlc. If they could this at 4k checkerboarded they would be able patch and do the same for guess it'll be 1440p.

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Not until 2018 and yes there are offline modes.

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Its definetly very battlefront didn't feel hugely different as it is now to the current one but the changes they have made do help a lot. I'm not a fan of the loot crate system though.

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its alright but it definitely feels like an alpha. I think if you haven't got an invite your not missing much. I'm sure the beta will feel a lot better.

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Lol Not really. GTX 1070 6.5 tflops overclockable nvidia GPU with 8gb dedicated video ram. Most owners would be pairing it with eithet am overclocked i5 or i7 processor.

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what a dumb comment. its a straight 3DS port at a higher resolution.

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Its was a mis translation. Capcom never said this.

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no that's no how it works. The upgrade in the pro was in the mind of upping the resolution hence the large GPU bump. the cpu is no where near enough to significantly increase frame rate.

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Rayman Legends Definite edition is coming to switch.

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@MVGeneral. I think you must be blind if you think these are gamecube graphic. I doubt you even have a switch so why are you speaking as if you have a clue about what your talking about. Move along, no one likes a troll.

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