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Probably since it started off as dlc. If they could this at 4k checkerboarded they would be able patch and do the same for guess it'll be 1440p.

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Not until 2018 and yes there are offline modes.

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Its definetly very battlefront didn't feel hugely different as it is now to the current one but the changes they have made do help a lot. I'm not a fan of the loot crate system though.

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its alright but it definitely feels like an alpha. I think if you haven't got an invite your not missing much. I'm sure the beta will feel a lot better.

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Lol Not really. GTX 1070 6.5 tflops overclockable nvidia GPU with 8gb dedicated video ram. Most owners would be pairing it with eithet am overclocked i5 or i7 processor.

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what a dumb comment. its a straight 3DS port at a higher resolution.

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Its was a mis translation. Capcom never said this.

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no that's no how it works. The upgrade in the pro was in the mind of upping the resolution hence the large GPU bump. the cpu is no where near enough to significantly increase frame rate.

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Rayman Legends Definite edition is coming to switch.

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@MVGeneral. I think you must be blind if you think these are gamecube graphic. I doubt you even have a switch so why are you speaking as if you have a clue about what your talking about. Move along, no one likes a troll.

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yeah it was quick getting into everything for me. day 1 update was quick and seemless. zelda update was the same. lovely little system.

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No issues with mine at all. Enjoying every minute of it. Slightly worried about the apparent screen scratching from the dock as I didn't plan on using a screen protector. No hint of this yet but will probably put one on to be on the safe side.

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I think you have your games the wrong way round. More like I can't believe their comparing Zelda to what will likely be an over hyped medicore game from the developers of killzone. As for graphics their a completely different style and your missing the point.

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I didn't say definetly . But zelda is a long established franchise by developers who have proved time after time they produce a game to such a high standard. And the other developer has killzone. All im saying is the odds are stacked in the favour of zelda being the better game.

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Getting both but HZD is not going to be in the same league as zelda.

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Information from df is still based on an early dev kit. Dev kits were reportedly updated since then so we'll have to wait longer to find out more about the chip.

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would be nice but probably too much to hope for.

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The switch is excellent value and I own both a ps4 pro and Xbox one and gaming pc. The system is very well priced.

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Got my system coming on the 3rd March can't wait.think they should of bundled in a game though even if it was 1 2 switch. That would of made the price more attractive.

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increased battery life, no game install needed, less moving parts... hmmm best decision they could of made.

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