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Shame he didn't actually kill something, pretty cool regardless #2
That would be awesome, running around on samurai armor would be indeed epic. #12.1
After watching San Andreas I left the movies thinking the same. #2.1
Dogmeat will be a house pet, like my last one, learned my lesson when poor dogmeat the first became a snack for a Death claw #4
Well it did took forever, but consider how much more time it would take to do a complete redo of everything. #7.5
Horizon is from Guerilla they always impress with the graphic and gameplay.

Team ico is more like and artistic type of graphics it's more like the worlds they create the environments you play in. #1.2.5
I've been craving a game like this and then I get the best news that it's thus game, I'm wishing that we get open world exploration on those ruins.

It'll be a reprieve for my FPS fatigue. #5
To me it was awesome, if it's even half as good as Ico and shadow it deserves the hype, you should give it a try before bashing it.

I'll buy it day one and enjoy, if your type of game is shooting stuff then this game isn't for you. #12.2
Hopefully the lack of any announcement for console versions doesn't mean it's exclusive to any console. #3
Ruin wings and G-horn are the perfect couple, complemented with gear that gives you extra heavy ammo. #10
I use hawkmoon and deviant gravity it has great impact, great stability and slow rate of fire, its always a 2 hit kill #2.1
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This generation of mp games have been mostly disappointing, Assassins Creed unity, Drive club, The master chief collection, and of course Destiny ( those damn servers). So a single player game just feels good to me and this game will be a day one buy for me.

All of these scores where expected, no one will say "I was wrong about all those articles I did bashing this game is better than what I thought".

Of course this is my opinion and I'm not a g... #2
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I got that glass house from the engram he's selling, and a warlock one too. #5.3.3
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My guess by the title is that this is handsome jack collection and he wasn't on the first.
We will probably se a borderlands collection down the road. #1.2
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As any Xbox site praised the MCC, with broken MP release. #11.1
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I think its because these journalist want to pass their opinion as fact, and frankly this game gets a hate article once a day.

As other console exclusives, I'm pretty sure by october or early november the uncharted 4 hate articles will appear.

I do miss the old open zone... #6.2
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Death troopers is an fun read, it has zombie stormtroopers #1.2.3
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I completely agree, I've enjoyed this game a lot and these expansion missions were a blast, doing story missions with a character already the way I like it is fun and playing with friends is even better.

If you don't like it don't play it and let people enjoy whatever they bought with their money. #3.6.1
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The worst part is that everything will one shot you in the whole level, that arc burn damage is lethal every enemy has it. #2
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I never buy a console for a lone game, but if this is open world, exploration and great combat I'll break that rule. #4
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