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I agree with you, after upgrading to a ps4 I got rid of all but my favorite ps3 games, and Civ:rev is one of them its proudly sitting next to the last of us, xcom:enemy within, and the me trilogy.

Loved this game and I would think the touch pad on the Dualshock 4 would make this a no brainer to port to the ps4 #4.1
Hopefully a merger with another company, I don't want them to be bought by the likes of Amazon they have all those ip's just for their kindle tablets and their new phone. #13
If they censor it or tone it down it will loose its essence, just play the first one in the arcade in all its decapitation glory and then play the console (censored) version and you'll get my point #22
Why would you kill them, call them as backup they were kicking ass on that demo #4
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@pin....just because this new consoles are easy to develop it doesnt mean that they can churn a brand new game, with a brand new engine in a couple of months.

Red dead 2 is probably coming but id rather wait for it to be perfect than to rush them and then complain that the game sucked or lacked content, just because I was desperate to play something. #7.1.3
GG rpg intrigues me, thats the announcement im waiting for, hopefully with gameplay. #9
I liked it until he put the headphones on, that looked cheesy and it has a Devil may cry vibe to it. #13
Well basically tne story js already set by the first game, wich on my opinion was the only good ghing of it, so I doubt crytek could mess it up just improve the game play and the visuals and continue that interesting story #26
@fluke8..What games dont interested you, may actually interest other since I got mine I've barely stopped playing it, I only stopped to play dark souls 2 and south park.

There are games for it but if you don't like them then the problem is with you. #1.2.4
I just want a RE where zombies dont shoot back at you, the sense of exploration and saving up ammo in case something is waiting for you behind the next door was lost when they went the COD way. #39
Id think its because were not expecting anything spectacular on an indie game, and its always a pleasant surprise to find that moment, on a "AAA" game we are always expecting something new or different, im guessing from those big budgets they have and finish the game and it leaves you feeling like you already played that just with a different skin and name. #18
Completely agree with you, it does have an old school fps feel to it, and to think I was planning on canceling the pre-order, glad I didn't. #3.2
Excellent game, well deserved sales #7
Haven't enjoyed a fps in a while, this game reminds me of the old school, hunt for health packs games of ps1-ps2 era. #3
Im glad it didnt, although interesting and fun to fight it, it looks like something that would show up in Resident evil and wouldnt fit in the game #2
I think a reboot would help the franchise more than adding a character nobody wants.

Just go back to the basics make the game about surviving the zombies and other mutants, this is the perfect time to do it zombies are very popular now and the new consoles can handle hordes of zombies in the screen at the same time. #51
After reading the game informer article my opinion is a big yes, if the 4 person team dont work together and kill the monster fast they'll definitely be over matched once it evolves into the more powerful form, and as a monster you can actually use the environment for your protection, setting traps and ambushes specially when in the lower levels.

They stated that they will be releasing more monster and more hunter types, the monter they've shown is the tank type I th... #12
It's not like they can afford to scrap everything they worked on, they've probably invested heavily on it already. #3
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Yeah 2 billion $$, no explanation needed. #18
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Finished the good side but enjoying the bad side more. #4
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