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This is the PC argument all over again:

Amazing hardware comes out. No good games available for it. No one buys it.
Average hardware comes out. Games appeal to the masses/mainstream. Everyone buys it.

People dont pay for potential. MS will continue to make the same kind of games, so it doesnt matter how powerful the hardware is. SMH

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They'd be much more successful....way more than Sega has been for going the same route.

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Bribes? You spelled "business deal" wrong.

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Sega CD games have returned, now without the overly pixelated video quality.

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What does that have to do with the gameplay? lmao.

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MKX = mash? lol. I don't even like's my least favorite fighting game, but even I know that isnt true. lol.

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Nobody plays it anymore though. lol. SF didnt sell anywhere near as many copies, but it's being played.

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Once they make a Tekken that no longer uses the same animations since 1997, I'm in.

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I love SFV........but the story mode is anything but "great" lol

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SFV's story is a great thing? lmaoooo

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Close to photorealistic graphics is considered a bad thing? All of the reviews I'm seeing of this game call the visuals one of the highlights. More digging and apparently that's a big part of this studio's design style. What am I missing?

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While you are correct, the gameplay is still terrible. lol.

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No more 8-frame lag input and whiffs????

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How is 8-frame lag and whiffing awesome?

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What sucks is that there is a complete fighting game underneath the stupidly over-titted skin. LR is by far the most cinematic, deep, BALANCED fighter. But......bubblegum kawaii nips hurt its reputation.

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Rolling around a game as a camera on wheels is more immersive than seeing my character jump, flip, shoot and dodge? L-O-L.

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Why does everything have to be first person

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Stiff ass hack n slash animations. Why is God of War the only game at E3 that moves so terribly? I know its early but damn. Everything between the QTE's looks so robotic. As a looong time GoW fan, i can support the new gameplay, but I cant support new gameplay being shown as rigid and un-smooth as this looks.

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It isnt though lol.

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