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Downgraded and still has the greatest visuals ever?


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My bad....I meant to ask, where are all the GOOD games?

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I'm always excluding Nintendo. lol.

Granted, PS3 was more powerful but was harder to develop for. PS4 fixed that mistake but Xbox was definitely more powerful than PS2.

My point is, it never mattered, because they never release any good games. I've never had a reason to buy an MS console regardless of how smart the hardware's ever been because of this reason.

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Where are the games though?

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Every gen, Microsoft makes the most powerful console......and then they finish in 2nd.

The 360 was so ahead of the PS3, that it shouldn't even have ended neck-n-neck, but it did.


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Didn't Hellblade just have massive success?

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I need to feel the power of good games. lol

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They make the most powerful console every gen yet they still never come in first place. lol.

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Whatever looks good.

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My only problem though, is that this isn't even the best looking game on either system. lol.

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Even with that buttery smooth framerate?

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I think once Drive Club came around it set a new standard for PS4 racers as far as refreshment.

Now if it gets the GT polish and car licensing...then it'll be the premier racer.

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So what looks better?

PS4 Pro Hellblade - 60FPS
PS4 Pro Horizon - In 4K

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I've played good open world games and good linear games.
I've played bad open world games and bad linear games.

Just give us good games.

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I enjoyed Beyond and Heavy Rain just the same...but Indigo Prophecy holds a special place.

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People who play David Cage games?

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So far their last 3 games, including this, have been.

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I've never owned an MS console, and that decision has nothing to do with horsepower.

At the end of the day I still have to enjoy the damn thing.

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I dunno about oblivion...,more like the same place it's always been. Number 2.

I prefer Android over Apple. Sure....Apple is more popular, but I'm fine with Android. I'm sure people who play Xbox are fine with what they have too. I hope they keep getting the best out of their experience.

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You can still own movies and music though. Streaming them is an OPTION, but it's not a requirement.

There is actually plenty of streaming gaming content already, and clearly PSNow will be as cheap as Netflix eventually once the library has every title.

Nonetheless, being hooked into HAVING to pay to play would be super annoying. There are games/services where it works (like multiplayer), but I don't see the point in making it a standard.

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