25+ Years of Epic Single Player Gaming


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Because the game that they actually made has sold millions.

Selling millions of copies to people who want what they've created is > what you're asking for.

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Fair enough....but "great gameplay mechanics" is purely subjective. For whatever unanimous consensus there is on the game, poor or even mediocre gameplay isn't what it's known for, on or offline.

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Because a sequel was just announced? lol.

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Then why even bother making this video.

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I'll take 60fps over a resolution hike. The game already looked amazing.

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No more 8 frame delays, wiffs, hit-boxes that make no sense and an imbalanced tier list? I gotta check this out....

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Lets not forget the fact that the gameplay is actually broken. Yes I have over an 80% win rate. Just because I'm good doesn't mean the game is. lol. Those 8-Frame memes said it all. lmao.

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The shooting in Mass Effect isnt stellar. The graphics only look good standing still, and yet it is one of the greatest award winning series' in gaming.

Telltale Games? Quantic Dream? Their games are ENTIRELY focused on story and they are award winning as well.

If you think that EVERYONE needs to have AAA gameplay to enjoy video games, then you're incredibly detached from reality. lol.

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SO its humanly impossible that they didnt like the game? lol.

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The only deciding factor for me to buy a game or not is if it's any good. Was the first one good? Yes. Is the second one good? According to the general consensus, yes. Since I only play on Sony consoles, I'll be getting it. Why? Because it's a good game.

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If there is a difference, that difference is negligible. 480 tube screens to 720/1080p HD flat screens wasn't negligible. This is.

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C'mon people. We've already seen photorealism on PS3 with games like Beyond. And that was with 256 MB of RAM. What are we really paying for here when you could play an original title before it was remixed,remastered and redone and it still looks amazing?

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I'll still be a gamer when those games are finally released, so no.

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What if they just make an amazing game?

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You heard it here folks. It's humanly impossible to get information in the information age. LMAO. The only way to know anything is to experience it for yourself. If there are 500 reviews and 450 of them point out the same exact thing, it's a lie. LOL.

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Yeah...its sooooo wrong and/or impossible to feel bad about people who are oppressed in the world. God forbid you were born privileged and still want justice for people at the same time. lol. Riiiiight.

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I have seen no consensus of critic or gamer reviews that indicates this lol. I beat the first 2 and the stories were great. But no where on the internet are Yakuza games considered one of the best gameplay experiences lol.

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Even if this is true, I'm still not going to find a compelling variety of games on any other platform. Even if I dislike this practice, I still like good games. Guess I just have to suck it up because I sure as hell am not going to switch my gaming lirbary to "FPS every genre humanly possible." No Thanks lol.

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Which is fine and everything...but its going to play like it was released in 2005...just like every other Yakuza game that came before it. lol.

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I have the last one for PS3 and PS4. How does this one stack up?

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