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"How's Your Mother?"


lol I was 4. I remember being around that age and horror shit my older sister would watch scared me for weeks.

TLOU would've made me afraid of the dark permanently. #1.2
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This review brings up a valid point. As long as they keep making T&A a thing in this game, fewer people will take it seriously.

Mind you...DOA has been my favorite fighting game since Hardcore and DOA5 is my favorite in the series bc they actually implemented a true fighting game engine...that they update OFTEN. No other fighting game offers such a movie-like, camera angled, cinematic experience.

But as long as bubble gum kawaii and tits are a focal point... #10
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The title of this article is silly. I've never even played a Gears game and I know it's a flagship title. If you're a gamer with a pulse you'd know people would be excited.

That's like saying "GTA is coming out, why does everyone care?"

C'mon maaan. #31
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I'm all about cutscenes. In fact I'm all about anything and everything that makes a game awesome.

Bad cutscenes? No thanks.
Good cutscenes? Yes please!

Bad QTE? No Thanks
Good QTE? Yes please!

In fact....make your game whatever you want to make it. Just make it a good one. Yeah....good is what I like. #28.3
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Or a game can just look awesome. That's always an option. #26.2
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Different strokes for different folks. #20.4
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Nope. Had zero bearing on its awesomeness. Looked like nothing other than a high-quality, cinematic experience.

I would recommend anyone who doesn't like beautiful graphics to stay away from this game. #19.1.1
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That was one of those games like Shadow of the Colossus where just atmosphere alone makes you feel some type of way. #20.2
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I never played gears since I only own PS consoles, but I watched many of the cutscenes in several. Definitely some emotion in there. True indeed. #2.3.6
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Hmmm....gaming has been around for many decades bro. You do know that, much like books, movies and television shows TLOU is but ONE game that has an emotional aspect to it.

I promise. :-) #5.3
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Meaning? #23.1
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This is really the reason why PlayStation consoles have always been my preference. It was never about who's hardware is stronger than the others. Everyone's been making somewhat comparable hardware over the years.

The GAMES are what sell me, and Sony seems to have this frequency of making games that move you. Heck, if XbOne and WiiU come out with more cinematic experiences I'll check those out too. But you can always rely on Sony and their dev-studio partners fo... #25
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Who the heck is the person up there who just called MGS a cover based shooter? You can cover in MGS, yes. Does that make it a cover based shooter?

Hmm...the logic is weak in this thread. #23
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One of the most beautiful games ever and people are looking at black bars. Wow.

Anyway, I just downloaded the video. Going to pop it in my PS3 and run it on my 46 inch to see if it matters all that much.

Brb. #19
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N4G...a place where u are not allowed to dislike something. Yeesh. #19
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You forgot to throw the word "marginally" in your post in front of the word "better."

;-) #5.6
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Nope. Those were successful attempts. #2.1
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But does it look good. lol. There are plenty of 1080p 60fps games that look like shit.

The Uncharted series is all 30fps and 720p....and it looks stunning. WTF Why does no one here use logic? #24.1
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Bad reply cozomel. You can be a fan of something and still see that it's not for everyone. Me personally, I have played and beaten every MGS on a console and I will continue to do so.

And after completing EVERY experience that blows me away, my brain still works well enough to know "yeah....this isn't for everyone."

SMH... #16.1.4
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Don't understand graphics? LOL. So if you personally like the way something looks there's something wrong with you. hahaha. I love gamer logic. #15.3.1
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