25+ Years of Epic Single Player Gaming


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LOL. Street Fighter V's gameplay is broken, AND the game came out incomplete. Plus you do have to purchase characters without a season pass. Zero comparison.

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I don't even disagree with some of the things the reviewer says about the game. Only difference is, I found what they created extraordinary and amazing.

You can make a rails on shooter bad, good, or award winning.
You can make puzzle solving bad, good or award winning can even make standing around, being bored in the game doing absolutely nothing one of those three.

In the end, you either made a product that resonates wit...

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Man....that's too bad to hear. I guess Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us remain the pinnacle of Naughty Dog's work. Still a great game with great performances nonetheless. 'Preciate it.

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So far me too. Is it one of the best games I've ever played? Sure. But so far 50% in has just been climbing, puzzles and climbing.

I demoed TLOU Remastered for a few friends the other night to show them what it was. The first 45 minutes of that game sent more riveting, emotional, and glued-to-the-TV content than the first half of UC4. And we all know that game gets exponentially better than just the first 45 minutes.

I love Uncharted as much as the ne...

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I'm 11 Chapters in and there has been more climbing and exploring than there has been action. While I don't like Douchebag Mountain Dew FPS style games with no there going to be more action for the latter half? Would be nice.

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I'd much rather that power be used for DOA6.

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The Last of Us highly disagrees with the subject line of this article.

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It's not that serious. Not everyone likes everything. There is no such thing, even something that is universally praised, that has a 100% "everyone loves it." Some people like Android, others like Apple. I'm a die hard Naughty Dog fan, but the fact that there's a petition for this is the reason why other countries want to blow us up.

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All this game does is whiff. It's like X-Tekken all over again. Moves and combos that dont connect....hit boxes that go through each other. Unfinished indeed.

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This game is so broken. Almost everything whiffs.

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Let's not forget that The Order was equally as gorgeous. Uncharted just happens to be 100000000000% better of a game in every way imaginable lol. But graphically and only graphically...definitely comparable.

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For the most part though, you could full sprint in almost any wide open location in TLOU.

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Yes...the game is everything you just said. And some people find all those things fun.


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Years and years and years of buttery smoothe hack & slash gameplay in so many titles....and then we get this.

How in God's name after 10 years of production did the combat end up being worse than KH is beyond me. Slow, clunky, with a shit camera.

Outside of their Western franchises, I'm done with J-Square.

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What different will it make if everyone's going to buy it anyway?

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So nobody here is gonna mention whether it's actually any good or not?

Thats what I need to know. Gamer opinion.

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There's an option for Single Player during download. When is that going to be avail?

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Much more excited for Wildlands.

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Whatever the reason. It could have been someone at ND's birthday. My point is that they'd rather delay than have something go wrong with their product. This is why I respect them as developers.

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I hope its as long with as much content as TLOU. Part of what made that game great is that it wasn't short. Much longer than Uncharted games with a story that felt like it took a lot out of you once it was over.

I hope they approach this last game the same way.

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