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"How's Your Mother?"


You forgot to throw the word "marginally" in your post in front of the word "better."

;-) #5.6
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Nope. Those were successful attempts. #2.1
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But does it look good. lol. There are plenty of 1080p 60fps games that look like shit.

The Uncharted series is all 30fps and 720p....and it looks stunning. WTF Why does no one here use logic? #24.1
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Bad reply cozomel. You can be a fan of something and still see that it's not for everyone. Me personally, I have played and beaten every MGS on a console and I will continue to do so.

And after completing EVERY experience that blows me away, my brain still works well enough to know "yeah....this isn't for everyone."

SMH... #16.1.4
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Don't understand graphics? LOL. So if you personally like the way something looks there's something wrong with you. hahaha. I love gamer logic. #15.3.1
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Like you, these are definitely the 2 games I'm most amped for. AAA title FTW! #4.2
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I dunno why developers do this. In-game footage, please. The power of consoles now can give us in-game footage that will blow us away anyway. #46
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Selling out has nothing to do with time. It has to do with supply. I can call a store to order something that's been available for years. And yes, an answer they might give me is, "It's sold out."

Yup, that happens. #1.1.7
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I'm glad to see PS3 still doing well. I have maaad games to play/finish before getting a PS4.

Hitman, Beyond, Bioshock Infinite, Tell Tale's Walking Dead, Deus Ex, Infamous 2....and so much more.

Once they get the hardware/software bugs fixed AND I beat these games...then I'll get a PS4. Either way, gotta love Sony for giving me generations of awesome gaming EVERY time. #18
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The Yakuza games always LOOK good...until people start moving. It's all about animation. What's the point of photorealistic graphics if they move like robots?

The insane graphics has already been achieved last gen. Great. Keep doing that. But please devs...make them MOVE real. Then we're on to something... #32
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Ok so they all look amazing. Great day for ALL gamers. #34
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All of that is fine, but irrespective, even if smoke and mirrors are the tactic, do my eyes see awesome graphics? Any time I play a game it's gonna be yay or nay. And all the times I said yay, it had nothing to do with resolution.

It could be art style, resolution, fps, etc or all of the above and more. I'm not gonna bash an amazing looking game because it's at 720p at 30fps. If it's jaw dropping I got my money's worth. #22.1.1
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People here are making the assumption that a game can't look jaw dropping at 30fps and that no game can look sh*tty at 60fps.

Uncharted, TLOU, God of War III...all 30fps and amazing.

I would rather a development team just give me an awesome game. I don't care how they come up with it.

Most HD channels dont even broadcast in 1080p yet either. At the end of the day, does what you see and play on screen look amazing or not. You're e... #22
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These N. American numbers shock me. As an owner of all 3 PlayStations I just hope XBL folks don't infiltrate the PSN online community now.

Racism isn't cool, y'know? #68
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The TellTale games, and more specifically the Walking Dead, are among the most critically acclaimed games on the market.

They have no incentive to fix this. Wanna vote them into fixing their games? Vote with your wallet. #5
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I prefer DOA 5. I understand that aesthetically it objectifies women, but the FIGHTING Looks like a choreographed kung-fu flick. Love a cinematic experience in my games.

I wish more fighting games did this instead of just having robotic animations. #3
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And by the way, this news doesn't justify that PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One. The specs do. ;-) #115
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I have this game on PS3 and completed 45% of it. I won't be finishing it.

I'll be playing it on PS4 (once mp3 file format is supported and Infamous: Second Son comes out) #114
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Your comment + your picture = Epic. #15.1
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Best game this gen for me. Hands down. #16
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