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"How's Your Mother?"


Still sounds like fun. #3.3
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Considering the epilepsy warnings they/ve bee issuing since the late PS2 era and on, I would imagine that's pretty standard.

Any visually interactive experience will usually come with such things. #1.1.2
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It's good to see MS finally pushing a PlayStation type of genre/gaming experience.

If they come out with more of these then I'd definitely get a One a few years from now. #21
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Why do none of the reviews and user scores indicate this? #14.3
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I'm guessing when people were asking for a Batmobile, they were asking for a good one. #1.5.5
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Sounds to me like I spent $4,500 too many. lol. #53.1.1
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My $6,000 PC rig doesn't have any games that look like this. But the games it does have run at 4K.

Granted, that doesn't make any of those games look better...but it's 4k.

:-D #53
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Thats the beauty about exclusive content. Gotta have the console that has the games.

Imagine how Xbox One and PC gamers feel who don't have PS3's. #2.2
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Ah. The woes of negligible differences, barely noticeable to the average person. What a plight. #29.1
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You can progress in epic set pieces with a strong narrative in an open world.

Infamous, most notably 2 and 3, Sleeping Dogs and GTA V all have these. Arkham City and Origins are also another great example. #4.1
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Clearly FFVII has been the most in-demand remake because its the only Final Fantasy that captured majority audiences. Anything outside of VII, cross your FF game made the same impact after VII.

On another note, does anyone else feel like Square should just focus on their Western titles like Sleeping Dogs, Hitman, Tomb Raider etc? These seem to resonate with general audiences so much better than their J-games. #18
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I only remember 7 being Amazing. 8's art-style was awesome but the story was a mishmash of I dunno what.

9....I cant speak to the story, but the elfy art style pushed me away as I preferred the mature, futuristic direction of 7 and 8. #2.1
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Sony actually published the original FFVII so I dunno if that changes the exclusivity. Personally I don't care, so long as it doesnt hamper development and final product quality. #17
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Yes.... correct. It won't be FFVII. It will be a remake. That word you see in there? That word "remake"? That's the thing that lets us know it isnt exactly the original. It's know...remake.

#themoreyouknow. #1.4.1
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The graphical jump in the remastered version of TLOU was jaw dropping.

I hear the GTA V jump was just awesome? I never got to see it live on either system...yet. #17.2.1
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Really dude? They remastered Genesis, SNES and N64 games all over the place during the PS1 era? Na man I was there.

Like i said....during each consoles lifecycle there is a library. Wiki that library for each console. Remastered games will make up the minority. #17.1.1
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All good games are necessary. The end. #29
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Companies only make products people buy. You do know that right?

But hey...if you feel like these companies feel like randomly making remastered games that no one will buy cuz they are bored, go ahead.

That part about companies loving money? Yes. The only way for them to make this thing called money is for there to be a demand for a people will buy.

LOL what grade are you in? #15.1
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No console in the history of gaming has ever had even a quarter of its gaming library remastered....including this current gen.

Someone tell me again why this thread exists since it has nothing to do with anything real?

Thanks. #17
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LOL no where in the mainstream media from reviews, TV shows, ads or anything inbetween indicates this though.
Granted "decent games" is your opinion, but you'd have to be living under a rock if you didn't know the general gaming consensus thinks otherwise.

I hate FPS games for example. Does that mean Halo is only "decent"? Hmmm. The logic is weak with you my friend. #16.1.1
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