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Rolling around a game as a camera on wheels is more immersive than seeing my character jump, flip, shoot and dodge? L-O-L.

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Why does everything have to be first person

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Stiff ass hack n slash animations. Why is God of War the only game at E3 that moves so terribly? I know its early but damn. Everything between the QTE's looks so robotic. As a looong time GoW fan, i can support the new gameplay, but I cant support new gameplay being shown as rigid and un-smooth as this looks.

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It isnt though lol.

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lol. Why wouldnt they be? They're racists. That's like saying dogs like food...of course they do.

Breaking News: Racists are Racists.


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It's not a Dudebro Shooter?
I can actually see the character I'm using throughout the game?
No mindless fragfest and an actual story?

I'm in.

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That voice acting has a bit more cheese than I'd like. I wish Naughty Dog didnt spoil me with voice actors that sound convincing. Otherwise....I'll wait for more actual gameplay footage.

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You like slow, clunky, unresponsive gameplay?

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Garbage is a strong preference, esp here in the States. Remember, the US is still the only territory where Microsoft does better than worse. Add the current state of hip-hop, the election cycle, and the relatively domestic popularity of bad movies like TMNT and there you have it.....American taste at it's finest. Most RE5 buyers (not all, but most) will be from here.

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The ending was really cool I thought....the boss fight could've been executed better, but I appreciated what they were trying to do with that fight. Really wish those cool cinematic moments happened more often. The lulls of puzzles n climbing & driving got a bit repetitive for me.

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My bad....I forgot gamer logic = no room for figurative language.

Yes, UC4 had action....but there were loooooooooooooong periods of puzzle solving and climbing inbetween the action. Roaming around the jeep, running around with Sam. All beautiful, but a bit on the boring side.

Story wise, I think it has the best story out of all 4, and usually for me, story makes a game better than anything. Nonetheless....Google it. There are plenty of threads about th...

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Uncharted 4: Climb, Puzzle, Climb, Puzzle, Climb, Puzzle.

Uncharted 2: Explosions, buildings falling, helicopters shooting at you, jumping in between trains....

You may want to switch 2 and 3. lol.

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There was an explosion, fight scene, or incredible Hollywood blockbuster moment at every turn in UC2. IN UC4 there were like....three. The rest was climb, puzzle, climb, puzzle. SMH.

Best story out of all 4 UC games....but Im disappointed that the action took a backseat for loooooong periods of climbing and puzzle solving. :-(

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Lol. Don't pull a muscle reaching. It's 2016, not 1996. Making a game "smooth" is no longer rocket science for basic development.

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After 10 years of dev time, I still have no idea why it moves no where near as smooth and fluid as all 650,000 hack & slash games that came before it. And that includes RPGs. SMH.

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LOL. Street Fighter V's gameplay is broken, AND the game came out incomplete. Plus you do have to purchase characters without a season pass. Zero comparison.

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I don't even disagree with some of the things the reviewer says about the game. Only difference is, I found what they created extraordinary and amazing.

You can make a rails on shooter bad, good, or award winning.
You can make puzzle solving bad, good or award winning can even make standing around, being bored in the game doing absolutely nothing one of those three.

In the end, you either made a product that resonates wit...

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Man....that's too bad to hear. I guess Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us remain the pinnacle of Naughty Dog's work. Still a great game with great performances nonetheless. 'Preciate it.

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So far me too. Is it one of the best games I've ever played? Sure. But so far 50% in has just been climbing, puzzles and climbing.

I demoed TLOU Remastered for a few friends the other night to show them what it was. The first 45 minutes of that game sent more riveting, emotional, and glued-to-the-TV content than the first half of UC4. And we all know that game gets exponentially better than just the first 45 minutes.

I love Uncharted as much as the ne...

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I'm 11 Chapters in and there has been more climbing and exploring than there has been action. While I don't like Douchebag Mountain Dew FPS style games with no there going to be more action for the latter half? Would be nice.

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