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Do jaw, dropping, visually amazing games come out on the PS4 Pro?


Then why do we care....

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Good devs and not so good devs will always be a thing. But you know how it is......regardless of how many games come out as visual proof that it can be done, people will still rip on the hardware.

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No matter how much power is under the hood, nobody will care if there aren't any devs making good games for it.

Just ask Microsoft.

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Sony be like:

"What are you gonna do about it? Force yourself to play bad games on other consoles?"

Well played Sony....well played.

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What about the people who want it?

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Still looks and plays better than a lot of games I've purchased recently though.

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There are non repetitive games that are terrible and repetitive games that are masterpieces.

You're going to have to do better than that. lol.

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Everybody's crazy but you? Sure. lol.

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Shadow of the Colossus in 1080p/60fps looks WAAAY better than 30fps in 4K.

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Sorry to hear you're one-dimensional.

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Heck...TLOU Remastered on a base PS4 running at 60 already put it there.

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Almost every generation, Microsoft releases the most powerful console, and every time, they release no games for it.

I'll pass.

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And in other news, water is wet.

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Looking jaw dropping is the new downgrade. lol.

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Well yeah I would hope at this point that they know their own demographic. lol. It's just too bad they get such fewer options.

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The article has a link to all the XBox exclusives for next year. There are only 12 games. lol.

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I'm not even done with my PS3 library. Sony really overwhelms people with high-quality options.

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New Spider-Man game on PS4..

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Sony doesn't publish or develop shallow popcorn games all the time though. It's the reason why PlayStation's been the preferred platform for exclusives since forever.

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A lot of these games are good, but I dunno about 10s. Surprised Horizon didnt make the list.

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