25+ Years of Epic Single Player Gaming


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So the graphics will look better for games that the majority of the gaming community still doesn't wanna play.


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Yeah but nobody really likes Microsoft games. Whats the point in buying this when all the good games always end up on Sony consoles?

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Imagine if those 2 billion dollars went to games.

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That's the thing. I mentioned this on another thread, but Xbox isnt really meant for deep, intricate, cinematic experiences that push any envelopes. Depth isn't their style, nor does their community care about that.

Some gamers just want to jump in, play, and jump out...and that's fine. I just don't see the point in putting any horsepower into that. Games have been fine like that since last gen.

Everyone's got horsepower, since 2 gener...

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That's nice, but does it support games that anyone actually wants to play?

I'm glad it's going to be the most powerful beast and all, but if the usual lineup continues to be the same old generic games that MS keeps pumping out.....then what's the point?

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They don't play games like that though. Xbox is the best console if you don't care about gaming on a deeper level. Storylines, pushing graphics,'s just not their thing.

Jump in, shoot em up with friends, jump out. Thats good enough for them. These game-changing cinematic experiences are just not for the demographic....and that's ok.

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Rising and MGSV are bad examples to hate on Kojima.....he was literally forced to make 2 games he didn't want to the midst of almost coming to quits! And for an unfinished game, MGSV was still super polished and super praised.

Outside of that, almost everything he has done is gaming gold.

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Like...5 new PS4 games just dropped...they are not perfect....everybody loves them.

Andromeda just drops....its not perfect either....everyone hates it.

But we're the problem?

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I won't even play it. I can't do 100 hours of mediocre when games at the caliber of Horizon exist in spades.

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Sleeping Dogs on the other hand was amazeballs.

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I think he means that, according to the general consensus, it sucks.

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RIP SSX, RIP NBA Street, RIP Burnout, RIP NFS....and now RIP Mass Effect. :-(

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The stiff animations extend beyond just their faces....unfortunately. :-(

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It's not the best Mass Effect...but let's give it a 9.8. lol.

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Yes, let's.

Mass Effect went from being a BioWare game to being an EA game. The reign of it's awesomeness is over. Better off sticking with PS4 exclusives for a higher probability of a polished title.

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Sometimes frame rate drops affect a game. Other times it doesn't.
This is one of those times where it does.


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You went out of your way to play all those hours just for that? lol

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Not liking things that are universally loved is edgy!

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You're right about everything you've said. It was antiquated even by the time ME2 came out...

Thing's like all the mediocre pieces sum up to a masterpiece of a whole. It's just one of those things.

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