25+ Years of Epic Single Player Gaming


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True. it just wasn't any good (imo).

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Found that to be the least interesting of the 4 from all aspects, as well as for the entire series.

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I still haven't seen better visuals than this game.

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So is Mario. No one gives a shit about Mario's feelings though. lol.

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Cool? Yes. Interesting?......I'd say the 3rd one was the most well-acted out of the 3...from all characters. But GoW is MAINLY about the gameplay, not so much the depth of Kratos. This 4th one will go deeper though, which I'm all for.

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If it meant playing good games and making them look slightly better, then yeah.

But Microsoft doesn't release good games. :-(

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Games people actually want to play

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@bradfh Sony's not allowed to make their own games because other companies have consoles? LMAO.

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A more powerful Gears & Halo box?


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How Will Sony Compete With Project Scorpio?

The same way they've competed with everyone else for the past 20 years. By making games people actually want to play.

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While I wasn't entirely a fan of how the arrows worked in this game, it was still a masterpiece.

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MK is so far from casual that no one plays it. lol.

Injustice is the casual version of MK.

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You can't 8 way run in Tekken. It's a 2D fighter.

It's marketed as a 3D fighter.

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They're both terrible fighters though.

Tekken remains stale and unchanged since the 90s.
Injustice is a casual version of MK...which no one plays.

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You speak the truth sir.

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Yes...that's what games that aren't finished yet look like.

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So the graphics will look better for games that the majority of the gaming community still doesn't wanna play.


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Yeah but nobody really likes Microsoft games. Whats the point in buying this when all the good games always end up on Sony consoles?

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Imagine if those 2 billion dollars went to games.

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That's the thing. I mentioned this on another thread, but Xbox isnt really meant for deep, intricate, cinematic experiences that push any envelopes. Depth isn't their style, nor does their community care about that.

Some gamers just want to jump in, play, and jump out...and that's fine. I just don't see the point in putting any horsepower into that. Games have been fine like that since last gen.

Everyone's got horsepower, since 2 gener...

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