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The "Nyko power grip" is certainly a must have accessory, not only does it give you at minimum double the battery life, it also creates an amazingly comfortable gaming experience on the Vita. The best part is that it cost under $30 bucks. I think GameStop might have the exclusive on it if your interested in picking one up and if you haven't yet you certainly should.

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Great article. I also took the plunge with the Vita from day one and I have zero regret. Currently I have a back log of games on the Vita as well, especially since P4G touched down last week.

Anyone hating on the Vita or stating that it has a lack of games, either does not have one or can't afford one and the many quality games it has. The biggest gripe that I have is how these other mobile systems (iPad in particular) get such great reviews with games that don't c...

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