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Please understand PC gaming is a long term investment. Whenever you buy a console you must buy the console for 400usd you cant buy it part by part.

However with PC things are different. Once you buy a casing, dvd drive, HDD, SSD, RAM, Mouse, Keyboard etc you dont buy those things again when you upgrade the PC. Hell with the way games dont need high end CPUs these days you could get away using a CPU for 6-7 years easy.

So yes if you make... #7.1.4
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Please stop being silly, why do you want to compare the rolls royce of gaming to consoles. Why not make a fair comparison.

A 200 usd gpu will out perform whatever there is in the Consoles. So why compare a ferrari to kia? just doesnt make sense. #7.1.2
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Negative console gaming is more expensive than PC, since there are too many hidden costs on console.

The reason people prefer consoles is because of all the hype and marketing. Most people have no clue about PC gaming, since there is no company actively marketing the PC. Which is good in a way because where do you think all the Sony and MS marketing charges come from? Obviously from the pockets of the consumer.

Which is why you have:

Pay to g... #7.1
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Check most games released on last gen systems. PC vs console.

Most of the games ran much better on PC than on console. Skyrim, Metro 2033, Battlefield 3, Mafia 2, Fall out 3. Most of the time console versions always had frame rate issues.

I would say history will probably repeat itself again this gen. PC getting the better versions all the time. #4.1.2
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Keep telling yourself that, compared to PC library consoles hardly have any games. In fact console library is so small, i see many of my friends waiting for that next game to release so they can actually play on their new console.

Remember generation on generation PC platform accumulates games, consoles just go through resets and lose libraries.

PC gamers dont just care about graphics, I still play Warcraft 3 when i have the... #1.1.1
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So another way of putting it 58% of the people guessed the PC version correctly, since its obviously ahead of the other 2. This is with keeping in mind the PC was running at 1080p which is now an aging standard on the PC, Graphics hardware today can easily run games in 1440p. 4k should be a reality in the next few years. Running a PC at 1080p today is like running a PC at 720p last gen. So really really 1080p is the lowest end standard for PC these days i doubt most sites even consider bench... #1.1.12
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So is my Kia Picanto in its own little way. #10.1
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Sad 400usd console has so much nickle dimming. Its 400usd on paper. Later:

pay to go online
pay more per game
no mods (must buy dlcs)
game prices dont drop fast
Discounts not as good as the ones on PC
No BC (so need to rebuy games as HD remakes).

Cant do any of the work a PC can. So really its hilarious when people mention 400usd while ignoring all the hidden costs. #7.2
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You tout the exclusives so much, yet i dont see a single exclusive on either console that warrants a purchase.

Deal with most games have gone multiplat over 90% i would say. Last gen no one could have dreamed MGS5 to be on PC, Developers are now developing for all platforms. Since thats where they make the most money.

Unless a console maker doesnt money hat a developer they dont make exclusives any more that is the current reality. #2.1.4
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Cant compare PC to same price PS4, since consoles have too many hidden costs, which once accounted for make console gaming super expensive.

Pay more per game,
Pay to go online,
loose all games at start of gen since no BC,
No mods,
Lack of discounts like available on PC.
Cant do any real work you need a PC anyways.

Consoles just have too many indirect costs once added up, makes consoles more expensive than high end PCs.... #1.2.1
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"You state this is a last gen game. OK sure, well when consoles are 2-3 years old this gen and reaching optimization levels allowing 60fps"

People made the same remarks with the Xbox 360 and PS3, specially all the hype for the PS3 and the Cell. We always heard remarks such as "oh the optimization is going to allow 1080p gaming". A long in the tooth gen later hardly any AAA games with 1080p.

Sure its just the start of the gen, but the games... #1.1.4
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Its a cross gen game designed for last gen consoles, no doubt PS4 version will be close to the PC.

What you need to look at are games designed for new gen systems, how well consoles fair on that. On most of those games consoles can barely hold 1080p.

Yet still on this last gen game PS4 is just doing 30fps, which is not a good sign. If PS4 was so powerful it should have been doing 60fps easy.

Not to mention the Superior PC version can be had c... #1.1
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"You don't get to negate the original cost of your total pc and just compare the GPU cost to a console The comparison would be original cost of your pc (minus the old gpu I'll give you that) + the new gpu."

As you wish, but remember i made my PC during the time PS3 was still in its hay days and cost 600usd. My PC cost me 800 usd.

So cost of PS3 + ps4 (600 + 400) = 1000usd.

Cost of my PC 800usd + 350u... #1.1.12
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Lol no,

I am still using my PC from 2009, just with a GPU upgrade (which costs cheaper than a PS4). For 400usd you can get a pretty monstrous GPU these days (GTX970 costs 350usd these days). PS4 would be no match.

Software costs tend to add up real quick. Consider 2-3 games bought a month, Plus pay to go online.

Console gaming is very expensive in comparison to PC.

Edit: if i bought just 2 games every... #1.1.2
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Add in higher cost per game,
Pay to go on line.

All of a sudden PS4 is alot more expensive than a PC. #8.1
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So the cheaper PC version looks better than PS4. Got it.

Console gaming is so expensive. #1.1
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Witcher 3 ;) now thats a real next gen game and since Pc is lead platform hopefully all platforms will be used to the max. #1.1
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Yet BF4 is still only 900p. #1
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How could the game be free when you must pay for PSN+

Tell me can you get the game for free if you dont pay for PSN+?

You want to see what really is free, go check Steam, Play TF2 or Dota 2 no strings attached. That is what you could call free. #2.1.5
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Since when did PS+ go free? i must have missed out on the news. #2.1
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