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Cant compare PC to same price PS4, since consoles have too many hidden costs, which once accounted for make console gaming super expensive.

Pay more per game,
Pay to go online,
loose all games at start of gen since no BC,
No mods,
Lack of discounts like available on PC.
Cant do any real work you need a PC anyways.

Consoles just have too many indirect costs once added up, makes consoles more expensive than high end PCs.... #1.2.1
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"You state this is a last gen game. OK sure, well when consoles are 2-3 years old this gen and reaching optimization levels allowing 60fps"

People made the same remarks with the Xbox 360 and PS3, specially all the hype for the PS3 and the Cell. We always heard remarks such as "oh the optimization is going to allow 1080p gaming". A long in the tooth gen later hardly any AAA games with 1080p.

Sure its just the start of the gen, but the games... #1.1.4
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Its a cross gen game designed for last gen consoles, no doubt PS4 version will be close to the PC.

What you need to look at are games designed for new gen systems, how well consoles fair on that. On most of those games consoles can barely hold 1080p.

Yet still on this last gen game PS4 is just doing 30fps, which is not a good sign. If PS4 was so powerful it should have been doing 60fps easy.

Not to mention the Superior PC version can be had c... #1.1
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"You don't get to negate the original cost of your total pc and just compare the GPU cost to a console The comparison would be original cost of your pc (minus the old gpu I'll give you that) + the new gpu."

As you wish, but remember i made my PC during the time PS3 was still in its hay days and cost 600usd. My PC cost me 800 usd.

So cost of PS3 + ps4 (600 + 400) = 1000usd.

Cost of my PC 800usd + 350u... #1.1.12
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Lol no,

I am still using my PC from 2009, just with a GPU upgrade (which costs cheaper than a PS4). For 400usd you can get a pretty monstrous GPU these days (GTX970 costs 350usd these days). PS4 would be no match.

Software costs tend to add up real quick. Consider 2-3 games bought a month, Plus pay to go online.

Console gaming is very expensive in comparison to PC.

Edit: if i bought just 2 games every... #1.1.2
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Add in higher cost per game,
Pay to go on line.

All of a sudden PS4 is alot more expensive than a PC. #8.1
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So the cheaper PC version looks better than PS4. Got it.

Console gaming is so expensive. #1.1
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Witcher 3 ;) now thats a real next gen game and since Pc is lead platform hopefully all platforms will be used to the max. #1.1
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Yet BF4 is still only 900p. #1
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How could the game be free when you must pay for PSN+

Tell me can you get the game for free if you dont pay for PSN+?

You want to see what really is free, go check Steam, Play TF2 or Dota 2 no strings attached. That is what you could call free. #2.1.5
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Since when did PS+ go free? i must have missed out on the news. #2.1
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"So when sony forces paid services its smart thinking, but when ms does it ms is evil.. LOL."

Shhh.. This is N4G :P We don't hold sensible conversation here.

Go Sony go :P #2.1.3
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"Seriously though, no mp3, no DLNA..

SONY is taking a step backwards"

How so...

It only does everything :P #1.2.2
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Why not just use Sonys paid service instead.. problem solved.

Why should Sony be giving away freebies they been giving away free online all this time. Its only fair they make some profit now. Id say smart thinking on Sonys part. #2.1
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True that, This is a gaming machine i am sure Sony made the decision in good faith.

It only does everything.. oops :P

Edit: Shuhei Yoshida looks real sincere to the PS customer in that pic, no way such a face would be plotting to screw the base over meaningless thing such as corporate profits. #1.1
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"Enjoy your buses and your limited library of games."

Isnt it funny but on the contrary its the PS4 that will be having no BC, and will launch with a handful of games. Meanwhile PC has over 25 years of BC covering about every genre out there. Not only that it can emulate any console ever released (outside of PS3 and Xbox 360). #1.4.7
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No offence but why doesnt Mark Cerny ever talk about the CPU, which happens to be a tablet CPU running at 1.6ghz or whatever it is?

Or why not mention the mobile GPU within the machine. Why focus on something like RAM which essentially does no calculations. Its just a container that holds Data and transports it. How fast that Data gets processed essentially depends on CPU & GPU funnily both of those are never talked about. #1.1.2
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8800GTX was manufactured in 2006, it released before the PS3 did.

1080p is 2x the pixels vs 720p.

8800GTX can easily run those games in 1080p albeit medium settings, consoles run the same games in 720p or below low / medium settings. #2.6.1
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We always here console folks talk about efficiency, however its all just talk really.

Most console efficiency involves cheating via Lower resolutions, low res textures, lack of AA, frame rate drops, smaller FOV, poor AF etc.

If consoles are so effiecient why is it the current gen consoles could never beat a 8800GTX?

8800GTX on paper is 2.5x more powerful than consoles and in real terms it plays games in 1080p, whi... #2.1.4
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Its funny but why did Nintendo even bother selling a model with only 8GB of memory i mean even Cellphones come with more these days. #2.1
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