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I would get the console version, but its just too expensive. 60usd vs 32usd on PC. Plus PC version is superior. So why go for the expensive inferior console version. #2.1.3
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Well you need top disable some of the intensive settings like HBAO, Hairworks and maybe grass draw distance (down to high instead of ultra).

Few of those adjustments should enable a GTX 960 to run the game in 1080p 60fps and still above console graphics settings.

Edit so a GTX 750 ti 140usd GPU can outperform the PS4 cool. GTX 960 then should have no problem doing 60fps. #1.1.1
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So how do you manage to pay more for every game bought on console, pay to go online, buy dlcs and buy remasters if you dont have money :P

Console gaming is so expensive. #2.1.4
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Well you are meaning for 4k, which is still not mainstream. Even on PC that will take another few years.

1080p with these mods shouldnt be that expensive. #4.2.1
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Is this the patch where they allow more INI tweaks? or is that still coming. #2
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You wont be needing a monster PC for this at all as long as you limit yourself to 1080p.

There are some settings on the PC version which are very demanding like Hairworks, HBAO, Foliage distance just tweak with those and you can pretty much keep everything else at ultra and have no problems even on a mid range GPU like GTX 960. #4.1
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I have about 150 games on Steam, most bought on discounts maybe at prices of 5-10usd. Its a huge collection. I would agree with T900, you wont get that collection on console to begin with. Since console libraries are too small.

Besides hes sporting such a high end setup i doubt he cares about selling or trading his games library. #1.1.11
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I wouldnt celebrate yet, reportedly PS4 version has the worst frame pacing issue of the 2 consoles, a problem PC doesnt suffer from. Specially when casting spells. Happens even post patch sooo... #4.1
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So thats not really optimization. Thats more like intentionally releasing a better looking game few days before release for screen shot purposes.

Later only to lower its settings. I am sorry CDPR but you may not have released a patch at all and released the end product to the reviewers to begin with.

If this becomes a trend among developers then i would call this cheating consumers. #1.2.1
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@army of darkness

I would buy the PS4 version, but it costs 60usd. PC version is much cheaper. #1.1.9
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How so as a PC gamer i dont pay:

to go online,
Pay for HD remakes (since we have BC),
I pay less for games too W3 cost me 33 usd.
I get better discounts from networks such as Steam & GMG,
Free mods so i dont need to buy DLCs.

And i can get some work done on my PC.

Please include console hidden cost into your consideration. #21.1
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How about not paying to go online then? or maybe demanding real BC(not having to pay for HD remakes) and Mods?

Or maybe asking for discounts like you get on PC. Witcher 3 can be had now at GMG for 43 usd show me the same price on console. #1.1.9
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Maybe after the modders fix the game and its on discount for 10usd yea. Just like what i do with all console ports. #2.1.1
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Pre order cancelled, until i see the PC version running at ultra settings. #2
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Pc gaming has always been about pushing the limits. It doesnt matter how many people have 4k capable PCs. In the long run if there are games that require people to upgrade, then people will upgrade. PC graphics power doubles every 18 months. How much longer before midrange GPUs can push 4k graphics? i would give it few years tops.

If games developers stop making progress. Downgrade games due to consoles, This will end up in a slowdown in people u... #1.3.3
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Fyi Witcher series as of 2013 had managed to sell about 6 million units on the PC(must have sold more by now). Those number are as good any AAA console exclusive.

Even this time around I think Witcher 3 will sell most on PC, not to mention console sales will be dead in few months time. Witcher 3 will carry on sell on PC for years to come, specially it probably will be heavily supported by mods. #1.1.6
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Sorry this is an action based game. Frame rates dropping is a big turn down.

Saying frame rate doesnt impact someones enjoyment of the game is being fanboyish. #18.1
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Good thing i bought the PC version, leave the consoles to their exclusives. Multiplats on PC.

Plus i got the game for a mere 33usd. So cheaper than console and better.


I agree with T900, Why would they release a review version with framerate issues. Dont they know that would create such a backlash?

If they have a patch which fixes frame rate issues, it seems self killing to send the game in for reviews in this stat... #1.1.5
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"MKX really left a bad impression for the fighting genre and i expect this to follow suit."

I agree man, i used to enjoy the 2 vs 2 tag battles in MK 9, i wonder why they removed tag battles in MK X. It just feels like an incomplete product.

Good thing i have MK 9 on PC and can still play it when friends are around. #1.1.2
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Well the console version will set me back 60usd, i can get the PC version from GMG at 40usd.

Ill save money get it on PC. #2.1
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