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Sadly it was also the last time Nintendo did anything truly groundbreaking for a major game. #12
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It's hard to imagine how they could actually slim that design down. It's so compact already. I'm guessing there will just be a few internal redesigns to lower costs for now.

Probably see PS4 slim a few years from now with an SSD or maybe a disc-less slim version selling alongside the current type. #46
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If it's slightly better than the DK2's then I'm inclined to agree. I have a DK2 and it's really just almost there in every aspect. Obviously higher res in future releases is always better but they've got to release something already. And imo if anything the thing to perfect a little better would be the lenses. Can't ever seem to get it so all edges are clear at the same time. #2
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Half fighters.... not a very good list imo. #7
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Awesome. I kinda hope they do a next-gen edition of RDR and finally give us a PC version as well. Went back a bit ago and RDR actually looks surprisingly dated in some ways compared to how amazing it was at launch. At least I'd personally love to play it again updated before a Red Dead 3. #26
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When "of all time" is less that a year, you have a really stupid premise. #9
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I hope they make it Oculus compatible. It's really the perfect game for full VR immersion. #2
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Polygons are pretty meaningless at this point. #7
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I'm all for HD remakes. Those of us that own every system and play all the big games don't benefit much. But most people don't play all the top games and it gives them a chance to play them on a modern system. #10
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Notice how it doesn't say "gamers".

I think the remastered PS3 exclusives help target Xbox gamers more than anything. Hardcore games they never got to play. #11
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Over $48 million in crowd funding.... we damned well better be getting the exclusive god-like PC game everyone is paying for. I wouldn't object to a console port later that's paid for with additional profits, but everyone is funding a game with the understanding that it is designed from the ground up to utilize top of the line hardware and kb/m controls. Dumbing it down to console specs and controller would be a huge slap in the face to supporters. #43
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I bet the next gen will come within 5-6 years. Now that Microsoft and Sony are using a pretty standardized architecture they should be able to create backwards compatible systems that run everything at 4K. Likely more of a cross-gen hardware upgrade where games remain compatible on the old and new systems. #23
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It would also be very stupid to hold back a system launch just for software features that can easily be patched later. #16
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That just does not belong on consoles. #9
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If there's parity, it just means they didn't utilize PS4. #34
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Nintendo will never do it. When's the last time they put out a major game that wasn't an established franchise? Let alone an MMO that would cost orders of magnitude more. Face it guys Nintendo is never going to make this kind of effort and investment when their standard rehash franchises rake in so much money. #17
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Bit overpriced for any consumer use. I'd love to pair it with an Oculus though. #17
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They are when I buy them a few months later on sale for $20 or so. But for someone who hasn't played the game at all yet it's definitely worth it. TLOU is a must play and I'm glad we're getting it enhanced and out to a new generation. #13
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They'd have to work some real magic to get PS4 any smaller. It's already a miracle they were able to pack the system and power supply into that box with adequate cooling. Only thing I can think of is disc-less and/or SSD model for shrinking it.

Xbox One on the other hand has major room for improvement. Starting with making the damn PSU internal. #10
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Haha good to see a fellow HOI player on here. I doubt many on N4G would agree. #13.1
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