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On very easy? A breeze. #1.1
No, but there are sure to be dedicated members of the gaming community that will write a localized walkthrough. #1.1.2
Fair enough. I've no intention of selling my PS3 anyway. #3
I wouldn't bank on it. Sega seem to take a perverse pleasure in refusing to localize their best IPs. #1.1
Here's the video if you're interested: #1.3
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Jumping straight to an ad hominem response isn't the best way to get your point across. Just an observation. I really don't give a rat's ass about either side of this tired conflict.

I'm here for the games. #1.1.1
I may have to partake. This looks pretty damn good. #2
So, it's official. A game not coming to the Xbox is now seen as a positive. Fanboyism has officially hit a new low.

There aren't enough palms or faces in the world to accurately covey my dismay, exasperation or embarrassment. #7
Seems fine to me. Been logged in for the past 6 hours of so. #4
My avatar? Yes. Griever, Sleeping Lionheart. Either or. #3.1.1
Don't play with my feeling like that. This is just cruel. #3
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Should be interesting to see what they announce at the conference.

Something from Level 5 seems like a safe bet. Sony seem to have a relatively close relationship with them. Another Dark Cloud perhaps? #1
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Captain Planet, but, yeah. It wasn't great by any means. #1.1.2
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An off-brand Captain Planet? #1.2.1
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Few questions;

Is he our hero?
Can he take pollution down to zero?
Is he our powers magnified?
And lastly, is he fighting on the planet's side? #1
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I assume he means "crikey". #5.1.1
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I'm sure the 1% of us here that can read or understand Japanese will find this very enlightening. #1
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*Sigh* Really? So no body fact checks their stores nowadays?

In case it isn't readily apparent this is fake. The still is from the trial of a 16 year who battered his girlfriends toddler to death.

A somewhat more serious crime then inconveniencing some gamers. #1
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You did, but the article was rejected, and I couldn't be bothered to formulate another. #2.1.2
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*chuckles* Lizard Squad....shows the level of the puerility were dealing with.

Some people really need to put on their big boy pants and grow the fuck up. #2
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