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You have an interesting definition of "new"......

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Thanks. Appreciate it.

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He aged?

Happens to the best of us.

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Well, obviously....

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It's not an assumption, it's a stone cold fact. You can deny the reality of the situation all you wish, but the PS4 is, incrementally or not, a more powerful machine.

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This isn't an error. It's an unfortunate leak of future DLC where you hollow out other players and drive them around the tracks.

Dibs on the Kenyans. They have good gas mileage.

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Positive. This is what I see:

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There's nothing here. Link leads to a 404 error.

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History? You're aware Sherlock Homes is a fictional character, right?

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If the line you're referring to is "Elementary, my dear Watson", then it's unlikely. Holmes never uttered the phrase in any of Arthur Conan Doyle's works. If the game is faithful to the novels then I suspect it's been omitted.

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There was no substantial competition during the PS2 era either, but despite this we had arguably the greatest period of gaming since the medium's inception. If Microsoft's failings trigger another golden age then I'm frankly not going to be too upset.

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Blaming the entirety of Destiny's failings on Peter Dinklage's stilted voice acting is a little harsh. As phoned in as it was, I'm not sure he can be held responsible for Activision hacking the game to pieces.

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Bonus points for the Simpsons reference.

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Guess I'll import it then.

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Perpetuating a stereotype or not, tea and scones are delicious. The queen on the other hand I couldn't care less about.

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For mobile platforms undoubtedly. No thanks.

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FROM have in the past aired a desire to return to the King's Field IP. So, who knows?

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That would be for Sony to announce, not Kadokawa.

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Kadokawa aren't going to be announcing a new Bandai Namco property.

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It was, and it suffered because of it.

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