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"Maternity leave! :) Contact cgoodno"


yeah, while being under the MS umbrella may have had its tribulations, getting to develop for one platform -- and being their star child -- is priceless. #5 asks below whether Bungie will go multiplatform now, and my guess is no. Everyone keeps talking about things being mutually beneficial, and I don't think there's anything mututally beneficial about them going multiplatform -- in that Bungie wouldn't want to, and MS wouldn't want them to. and you're right, Bungie isn't the greatest dev,... #1.3
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yeah! then we can "See the Battle to its Natural Conclusion"!! ;) #4.1
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it's coming. this has been rumoring as hard as the rumble controllers. #27.4
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“Her attendance lends further weight to the opinion that the government is continuing to recognise the huge cultural and financial impact video and computer games enjoy.”

I don't know about anybody else, but the government "recognising" anything too much gives me a nervous twitch. #1
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i always new the Left Behind guys were a bunch of crazies, but I didn't know they were a bunch of litigious crazies.

@ Dmack79: "crazy" is perhaps misleading, b/c I actually think they're very deliberate in the what they choose to spew. and I'm not much for dispensationalism, so the Tribulation is...well, it's a thing of the past! ;) #1
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whatever they come up with will be art. the new writers guild game award was designed for games like Ico and Shadow. #1
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@ sega

i have 360 and a ps3, so i guess i'm allowed to talk now? i like my ps3, count me among the satisfied customers and I bought it on launch day. i also like my 360, in case that needs mentioning to meet your stringent criteria.

so now you know 1 person that likes their ps3, AND i own a 360 so i have all the perspective in the world to "know better". do i need to tell you what other systems i have and what i've played on them? ;) #9.6
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ugh, i don't know how anyone could stand to listen to the english dubs. plus, with subs you get the funny translations of the songs! #8.2
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i'll go ahead and jump in front of the bus on this one. quality control wise, it seems like they've gaffed. here's the hit and miss in the aftermath for me:

Hits: replacing systems and discs, extending warranties

Misses: Not owning up to the cause of RRoD, therefore offering no definitive assurance that future hardware releases are void of the problem. Length of time to get a system back.

Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed every time I fire... #3
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pretty sure the US release date is still TBA 2008. #9.1
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yeah, I'm kind of gobbling up information on this game. When I played the first demo I thought it was all a bit strange but it really gets under your skin (in the good way). I wish more games flew under the radar like this and then surprised everyone with their awesomeness. #1.1
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are the batteries fresh?

EDIT: exactly. fortunately, if it were a controller v.controller battle the sheer weight of the 360 controller would guarantee victory. #4.1
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he made the tie. and then wiped away his tears with the silk-like microfiber. #3.1
2675d ago by Cat | View comment this list supposed to be comprehensive? or just single-minded? cuz you nailed one of those. ;)

c'mon, i love a lot of those games, but a bunch of them haven't even been released yet! or given titles.

@syko: it must be that they're all AAA. #15.2
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ThinkGeek makes Prada look so last season.
"very silk-like microfiber" LOL #1
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i have to wonder how people are defining "violence". if it's the manhunt series, okay, they mean "gratuitous violence". but if it's the ability to slay a deer and rob it of its venison, or ww2 gunfights, or blowing someone up just to see the explosion, well i want that violence to stick around.

@dub: agreed, and you're right that desensitization plays a role as well as graphic realism. i think you just have to be comfortable with the line between reality... #3.1
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cooler perhaps, but not so awesomely jam-packed with duct tape! #6.1
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yeah, there should be a blanket moratorium on lame hollywood ripoffs of video games. they just want a piece of the action since video game sales are crushing the box office. #17.1
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Okami's art style is awesome in general. #2.1
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i disagree, but still an interesting read. Sony knows how to play the console production game, they are familiar with taking losses this early in the game. Those losses won't take down Goliath. #1
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