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i really wish that hadn't shown it at e3, that so tainted my perspective on this game. prior to e3 i was really excited about what they said they were doing with the game, but they showed it too early and i was completely unimpressed. i'll wait for the demo.

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i understand the right to protect sources, but if the sources are analysts then the word's already out there. the burden of proof lies with the accuser, so let's see some.

...but to play the "so-and-so told me" game, my local wal-mart manager told me they were instructed to hold stock and release it in small batches. who told them that he wouldn't say, and i think it just as likely that they were told this by wal-mart managerial staff who want to make it appear that ...

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it's true that the labels are the ones hurt from music sharing, as that is the area that musicians don't typically see profit in. most musicians would prefer that their music was free -- the more people hear it, the better for them.

legal background kicking in: if they can successfully link cds and music information to software, etc. then they have a whole lot of precedent to work with. there is, of course, a snag in this argument: they would be forced to go back and essent...

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what a bunch of litigious, griping, unconstitutional political fools.

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it's a cute show, and there's more of the nerdiness than PC Gamer.

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maybe if I'd mentioned that the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families is named "Ed Balls" we could get the childish remarks rolling...

Edit: perhaps my low-brow shot at Secretary Balls (nope, doesn't stop being funny) is keeping me from climbing the bubble ladder. ;)

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agreed. I often forget that a number of my co-workers think gaming is like going home and rearranging stuffed animals and playing candyland. it's just bizarre to me that it wouldn't occur to parents that, as he points out, not all movies are for your children and neither are all video games.
i'm remembering an x-play episode where they mentioned an angry letter they got from a mother scolding them for "adult themes on a children's show". sessler was like, "little tip:...

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Christmas list! ;)

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"Dr Byron told BBC News 24: 'The study will be about what industry is doing already to protect children and what more could be done to ensure they have a positive experience on the internet and with games.'"

i'm gonna go out on the crazy branch here and suggest "good parenting". maybe the industry should just throw in the towel and offer classes and instructional videos for parents: "how not to be a noob"

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guess i'm the only one that thinks this looks like a knobbly panda.

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apparently real life looks a lot like GT5, because I only got 11.

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and as part of the Borg assimilation all of your gaming hardware will get terrible and unnecessary mods.

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advergaming is a disturbing practice, something of a new low. like any product placement, it doesn't work if it smacks you in the face, and this game comes with a resounding smack. yaris: save the world with eco-friendly automobiles and battle it out against big oil!

EDIT @ Syko: now a Boston Tea Party game, that I would play! ;)

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super rub a dub. definitely.

i'll agree with Gololo, GoldenEye was the game that caused bloodshed.

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forget Newton's Laws, i feel like this game could answer all sorts of quandaries. like if you're haunted by a guy in a rabbit costume, are you Jake Gyllenhaal?

the game looks fun.

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agree, i don't feel cheated, if we all kept waiting for a new model, or a lower price we'd never buy anything. additionally, I like the backwards compatibility. I've already played one ps2 game I never got around to. plus, i've got a great launch day story! ;)

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LOL that's exactly what I thought!

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no kidding, though with a testosterone drenched voice like his you gotta figure he's got a nice car to go with that overcompensation. ;)

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yeah, while being under the MS umbrella may have had its tribulations, getting to develop for one platform -- and being their star child -- is priceless. #5 asks below whether Bungie will go multiplatform now, and my guess is no. Everyone keeps talking about things being mutually beneficial, and I don't think there's anything mututally beneficial about them going multiplatform -- in that Bungie wouldn't want to, and MS wouldn't want them to. and you're right, Bungie isn't the greatest dev, ...

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yeah! then we can "See the Battle to its Natural Conclusion"!! ;)

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