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"Visit my blog for info on how to win a PS4 and other prizes!"


This cuts to the core of why I avoid most online mp - I don't want to be in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of selfishness, I want to experience a game *with* ppl if I'm playing with ppl. #2
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You have the rest of the month to enter... :D #2.2.1
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Always happy to deliver good news: We will not be using any external login such as FaceBook for comments. :) There will not be bubbles. #4.3.2
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You and coolbeans should be studied, of the members I think I see you guys cropping up as lottery type winners waaaaaay more often than should be possible lol. #2.1.2
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You can buy me a lotto ticket any day! #2.1
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This submission approved by Admin. ;)

@rhcpfan, a the risk of derailing the comments here: the current comment system's days are numbered as we move ever closer to the Big Update.

And for the blog itself, it's true...I've been on N4G (originally "just a member") since 2007 when N4G was a "360 site". :P

I've been told I'm every kind of fanboy/girl under the sun (often in such rapid succession I got whipl... #4
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Especially when you think about how many blogs there are every month #11.1
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I'm grateful that's the only error lol #5.1
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It's true, your invisible blogs aren't doing very well in the competitions. #4.1
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Was kinda hoping this blog would just read, "Because I wanted to."

Don't think justification is necessary, and I felt that way last gen with why I bought a PS3 sometimes. I wanted it, I loved it, it had the games I wanted with few exceptions. I still had a launch 360, but I played more on my PS3. So it's a little apples to oranges.

DragonKnight mentioned taking the long view with games, and I think that's fair if you can really only choo... #15
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Answered via PM, but for everyone that is curious I think the December winners are good examples: #6.1
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Yes. It's encouraged. #3.1
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I'm with you, cgoodno, I avoid MP at all costs. The joy of gaming, for me, is in people leaving me alone.

But... I theoretically answered A to every Q except #3. That bastard deserves D.

Theoretically. #2.2
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As V12Mercedes mentions, the approvals are at 4, rather than 10, because if a submission sits in Pending long enough without reports the number of approvals needed decreases.

There was, however, a problem with the degrees (now corrected). #4.2
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Oh, man, I thought the only good part of Bioshock Infinite was like the last 1/10... But yes, the ending was fantastic. #19.1.2
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Edited to include the number above!

Total ballots cast: 2,681! #13.2
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Frustrating, I'm sure, and I feel for ya and your disappointment.

I can't make the blanket statement that "it's not in the nature of Kickstarter projects to offer refunds", because I did once receive a refund (Elevation Dock), but I do think a refund is a rare occurrence and certainly not an obligation. It may be an opportunity to create goodwill, but if it's not practical for the outcome of the project then that's that. As others mentioned abov... #6
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There are currently 9 (half the categories) that very close. #21.1.2
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Very strange, but I'm glad you were able to vote! #9.1.2
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Answered in PM but I'll answer here for other curious folks:

Your votes are tied to your account, and DF, Dusty and I are able to see poll results, voters, and so on. #17.1
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