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Yes - just fixed the score.

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A couple of "key problems" in our current web journalism climate:

- reviewers write for sites paid in advertising bought by the publishers of games they are reviewing (conflict of interest, low ethical standards)
- an abundance of reviewers paid only in free games (low standards)
- first!!!! (content is rushed)
- more and more often I'm seeing tech reviewed on its "potential", not what it is delivering. That this is becoming acc...

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I love 'em. So much great stuff can come from developers and teams with lower inertia. We may see big budget cinematics in AAA titles, but innovation belongs to the indies. Hecker, Rohrer, Cuthbert, Blow, Chen and their ilk are geniuses.

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Reports are indicating that it's most likely a tracking cookie (I did not use "virus" in my post).

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No problem, it's a useful point of clarification :)

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No, it is happening to Android users that never visit N4G. With each affected person, however, it does seem to single out one or two sites they visit regularly.

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It did make the final four under consideration...prize-wise that nets you my admiration and a pat on the back. :P

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I think I answered your Q here? Let me know if you have more questions. http://forums.n4g.com/tm.as...

(it was considered in August, as that was its creation time)

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That's what the money is for!!!!


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What the sexualization of a character (male or female) does most, in my opinion, is send a message about who the game is *for*. When I see art for Dragon's Crown or when I get a PR email with the subject line "Protect your wenches!" my gut response is, "This isn't for me". Targeting a male audience is fine, I just wonder that some folks don't realize that's the message they're sending.

Now, when I played Dragon Age II and every female ...

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I believe in a variable price point. Non-disc formats allow this, I think it's necessary.

For a huge, AAA, open world RPG that I'm going to play for 200 some hours I'll pay more than $60 for that experience.

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I love KS. I've backed everything from games to films to products to charity projects - and I've been burned on some of them. I love it because it's my choice (or our collective choice) to back something, so I'm comfy with assuming some level of risk. It's *my* risk. :)

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Sorry, super, my tone was pretty bland on this one (what can I say, I'm tired!). The only one ever in trouble is LostDjinn.


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Your discussion of the world promised and the actual exploration allowed hit home, that's a game element that can...not make or break, but be the difference between "good" and "overwhelming joy". It's something that makes me hungry for all things next-gen, thinking about what could be possible.

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Quit sassing me!

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May winners should all have their prizes now (PayPal issued 3 days ago, and Amazon codes delivered yesterday).

June winners TBA!

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I need better connections.

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There's no doubt that Microsoft's messaging on this topic (and others) has been very confused. The message they're getting across to servicemen and their families isn't "We have a solution for you" it's "This console isn't for you". I'm proposing that what made the difference in their 180 decision is the media picking up on things like Don Mattrick's comments.

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I enjoyed seeing that blog make the rounds on Twitter, anything that kicks up that much dust has "winning blog" stamped on it ;)

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Yep, it's really about the line between "oops, typo!" and "I was typing blindfolded while wearing mittens".

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