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"Visit my blog for info on how to win a PS4 and other prizes!"


And mobile and board and D&D, Farmville? It's time for Theo to give in and embrace his inner gaming-for-charity gnome. #2.1.1
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Woohoo, 300 comments and counting! #287
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"-While Go Commando Day is September 20, we're giving you until September 27, 11:59 PM PST to enter."

You just get bonus points for going the distance? ;)

(We're running the contest around Go Commando Day but concurrent with GameStop's promotions that run through Oct 3) #7.1
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The perspective, rotating the world, and even the end-gates to solve a puzzle reminded me of Echochrome, as well - but less lonely, and really nothing is like Echochrome! :D Another game I'll write about soon, Fez, played with some Echochrome ideas, definitely! #2.1
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Exactly! #1.1
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@TrophyWhore I know :) I just don't think it's about numbers, and this is one area I get to wield ultimate power!!

@gamesmaster Reversible boxart, remastered in HD, Trophies, just to name a few ;) #1.1.7
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Yeah, it's pretty daunting. My play through for the review was just over 5 hours, so I could see paring it down to 4, but I don't think I'd enjoy trying to get to 2!! Be yelling at Yorda the whole time, "SHOW SOME HUSTLE, WOMAN!!" #4.1
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Don't blame yourself, we typically focus on previews and interviews! But for the ICO/SotC Collection...can't just let that go by!

Now read it! #1.1
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The N4G Filter/ranking system is based on votes that the users cast on submissions and URLs. If you haven't voted yourself, you can see on each submission link there's the url with (+) that you can click and vote. The system is dynamic, and so votes continue to be cast and can affect URLs as well as individual submissions.

Users cannot view vote tallies on submissions, but can view the SourceRank, and the number of Approved and Failed submissions from a Source. #7.1.2
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Thanks for the feedback! FYI, there's a Site Suggestions (and Help) section on the forums suited to this sort of post: and there's already a few posts in there you may be interested in!

As we move forward with N4G we look to user feedback (and hard-won experience ;) )! #3
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Nice write-up, Columbo, but you left out the part where they made you their king!

"everyone seemed to focus on story related questions, which obviously 343 were not going to answer, so it was a somewhat wasted Q&A."

Really drives me crazy when people ask those, or similar - like the obligatory "release date" Qs to a team that has just declined comment on release date 5 times in a row. You're not going to trick them into slipping up! #4
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I think it's part of the collective gamer unconscious ;) #2.1
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They definitely care about the guns! If you check out my interview with Art Director Jeramy Cooke ( ) he chats a little more about them there - their big change in 2 is the manufacturers' unique styles.

Edit: By "change" I mean the focus is there 10-fold - new manufacturers, amped up personality - they're try to make each manufacturer's gun *more* i... #1.1
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Agree, the art style is fantastic - and critical to the game's personality. #2.1
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Because now you know about cerise and my evil! #3.1.2
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Bummer - I do think the charm lies in whaling on enemies with a buddy, and I know my preferred buddy isn't always available! #2.1
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Try not to alienate my audience ;)

Agreed, it can be harder to get a good co-op game going and that really is the best way to enjoy this one!

(I did get to play Trine 2...<---teaser?) #3.1
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Good idea, I'll add that to the post! #2.1
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Yes, this is a post to the N4G Blog. #1.1.1
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Not rude at all - I think it's great that you won and are a truly loyal N4G reader - so much so that you weren't even logging in every day to enter the contest :D #6.1.5
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